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Talking Bettas are so weird.

I've never ever ever ever owned a fish THIS WEIRD. Tilly seriously does the strangest things. I've been watching her for 20 minutes... she's attacking the suction cups on the tank's PH/Ammonia tester. It's really sad that she's so easily amused. It's also sad that I've been watching a fish for 20 minutes. I KNOW that some bettas are reallyyyyyyy lazyyyyyyy... but they still have the greatest personalities :). My boyfriend's fish (a guppy and a silverdollar fish) are scared of everything. All they do it eat and hide if someone comes up to the tank. But bettas? If I'm trying to test the water or change out some of her toys, she seriously won't get out of my way! She swims right over to wherever I'm TRYING to do something and... well, she's a nosy little brat! I put in a new filter today, and as soon as it hit the water, she was trying to climb on top of it and investigate. These fish are crazy. But then again, if I wanted my life to be boring, I'd have a goldfish, wouldn't I...? :p

ANYWAY, tell me about your fish! What are your favorite quirks? What do they like to do? I just wanna hear your stories :)

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Ahh, yes...for some reason, its such a common misconception that fish(bettas especially)are just boring creatures who sit around or just swim lazily, with no personality or anything of the sort.
I'm completely puzzled as to how this has become such a common belief myself(I suppose it must have to do with the fact that its also common to keep bettas in tony bowls where they're cold and have no room to move or be active)

Bettas are such naturally active, curious, personable, and unique fish, each with their own distinct personality(I've had a lot of fish, and a lot of bettas...never have I had two that acted the exact same) when kept in the right conditions; its adorable and so fascinating to watch isn't it? :) This, on top of their gorgeous colors and finnage is what makes them so attractive and addicting I think.

Out of the boys I have currently...
Robin is my puppy, he constantly has watch me and know what I'm doing/has to investigate my hand whenever it goes into the tank for any hint of food. He is also a total ham; he loves posing for the camera(as you can see in my Avvy), flaring and showing off. Hes a stunning boy and he certainly knows it.

Batman is my big, chill sweetheat. Hes on the larger/stocker-built side and likes to spend his days lounging in his silk plants, flaring at Robin when he feels the need, and occasionally playing with the filter bubbles when the mood strikes him. He always comes to greet me and wiggle for food of course when I come up to him, though he could probably care less about the camera ;P

Anaklusmos is rather shy; at least when it comes to the camera, sadly....but otherwise hes a nice sweet boy who, of course, always comes up to beg for my attention. Hes not quite as curious as some of the boys I've had before, hes more of a 'laid-back-sit-there-and-watch-you' type of guy. His tank is on a little table by my door and he likes when I keep my door open so he can watch the family walk by and see the goings on in the house.

Alois is my new boy, and so far hes proved himself to be quite the adorkable crazy spaz(like his namesake, actually). He has to make a point of investigating every nook and cranny in his tank over and over, loves to swim into his plants and peek out like hes playing 'ninja', occasionally will come over and wiggle for food since he sits on my desk(where I am most of the time), and has made enemies with his 'evil twin' that appears at night when I turn the lights off in my room.
He is just the funniest thing to watch <3
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I agree, bettas are fascinating little things eh? It's been a few years since I had them. Got Laki in May and has been constantly amused ever since. We got him for the desk since we 're always at the desks doing papers or reading or whatever. And Laki watches us, 'waves' and 'dances', and responds to us looking at him! He flares and 'attacks' the bubbles in his bubbler. I think he thinks we're his tank mates bc he always wants to play!! lol Betta's don't know we live in air and he lives in water! For all he knows, we're all underwater!

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goldfish aren't lazy fish at all. the ones at the pet store are active, and like puppy dogs, wiggling at the tank wall at me! (or, maybe i'm a fish magnet? that Arowana was eyeballing me that one time.... scary!) makes me wish i had a 30 gallon tank, cause i want a pair of pearlscales....

but, i agree. bettas are such curious fish!
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my Betta Baron is very friendly with me and swims up to the top of his tank when I come in the room but if it's some one else he flares. Baron also does tricks: swims through a hoop, follows my finger, flares on command and blows bubbles.

Tera a betta I had for about three weeks before she died. She was very preppy and girly she was always looking for something to explore and bug. she shared a tank with dwarf frogs and always followed them around and stole their food.

Baron (gaint VT male)
empty 5g cycleing
Tera (female round fin) R.I.P.
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Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
Makes me wish i had a 30 gallon tank, cause i want a pair of pearlscales....
Oh lord, you and me both...
When I worked at a LFS, the goldfish were on the wall closest to our desk(the only thing closer being the betta shelves). I discovered I had quite the fondness for the little chubby pearlscales...if only I had had the room...
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they are so lovable!

I Had fish when i was a kid...but i never had a betta...who knew a little fish can make you laugh so much!! i can sit and watch my little guy for hours..hes so active always finds new ways of entertaining him self. At night when i tern off the lights in his tenk and in my room its like he knows its bed time...he will sit on his lily plant for hours..its abut half inch from the top so its easy for him to come up for air. As soon as i wake up in the am there he is doing his happy swim hehe.. i only had him for hew weeks and it seems like we bonded really fast..always swims up to the tank when im near by, he even let me touch him a little... i love that little guy and i hope hes gonna be around for years to come :)
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I have the most mischevious Pleco in my 50 gallon. He seems to find it funny to uproot all the plants and mess with the gravel. And whenever I come upto the tank to catch him at it he shoots back into his cave. He's been like this for 6 years. The only time I get to properly watch him is when I feed the fish cucumber. He loves that stuff.
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Oberon spends a lot of time lounging around on his plants, the heater, under the marble stones on the bottom, on top of the thermometer - anywhere and everywhere - but as soon as I walk up to the tank he is there wiggling and looking for food. I was worried he didn't have a cave to call his own (none of the fishy ornaments I've found have been suitable) so I bought him his own melamine beaker but he isn't the slightest bit interested in it. I've also tried putting floating "toys" in the tank but he's not bothered with those either. He seems very happy, swimming around in between the lounging sessions - just a bit laid back, nothing seems to stress him out. He's great - I would never have believed a fish could have so much personality :)
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While I've had a lot of bettas with their own little quirks and stories, one that's sticking out right now in my scatter-brained head (I'm still sleepy, lol) is what happened yeaterday as I changed the water in my 10g.

Like every week, I siphon out whatever nastiness hides in the gravel... and it was extra dirty yesterday because of the lack of water changes during my 3 week trip. (This is the second time I've changed the water in the same week, by the way, to make up a little for what was missed.) Usually while I do water changes, the other girls in the sorority would avoid the siphon... All of them. Except yesterday, Northern Lights the cellophane decided she was going to fight it. Literally. xD
She followed it everywhere I went with it... I hoped to scare her away from it by letting her feel the suction, but nope! She got sucked up. |D So I took the end of the tube out to let her fall back in the water, then started the siphoning again... and she went right back to the tube again! I lol'd as she started to try biting it, too. Either she didn't like it trying to "eat" her or she saw the particles it was sucking up and tried to get at them. Still, I found it funny, though I'm sure she got frustrated. x)

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