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This is a weird question... but...

... I'm going to California to visit my fiance this Halloween. One of the betta fish (as long as he says he can still take care of one) I actually want to give to him. Sort of half a late 3-year-anniversary gift. Anyway...

I've searched around my airline's website and I didn't exactly find much on it...

Basically, I want to take a betta fish on the plane with me.

I have sort of a plan... take the fish in a bottle that's the maximum... uh... ounces of liquid I can take. If they let me go through with it, I run through security (not literally, lol) and go buy a water bottle at the store thing they have there. I've got a tiny bottle of water conditioner... use that for the water bottle's water, go to the bathroom so no one looks at me weid when I stick him in the bigger bottle (as long as the temp is about the same), and yay from there.

If they don't let him go through... not with water... I try to literally run through security as fast as I can, holding him in a damp paper towel, quickly buy a new water bottle and put conditioner in and stick him in so he doesn't die. D:

I'm going to call the airline and ask, but...

Here's my weird question.

Has anyone traveled with their betta like this before? I managed to do checked baggage with Northern Lights, she made it fine. (Only an hour flight.) This being from FL to CA... it's a much longer flight and I'd rather know how badly the betta's getting thrown around, 'cause it'd be me holding him. :V
And do you think I can pull this off? >>

Edit: I don't fly there until the 27th of October. I don't want him to sit in the cold checked baggage... but then again, I don't know how cold it gets where he is in Cali. (Near Los A)

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Well I live pretty close to LA and I've got to tell you - it doesn't really get cold at all. The problem would be the temp of the baggage when its in flight since the air. Also the paper towel thing seems potentially like a really really bad idea. Who knows how far the nearest bathroom is from the check point and I can't imagine them just letting you take a fish in a paper towel across.

Why don't you just overnight him into LA?

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I don't know about American airlines, but in Canada you can have one Liter total of liquids (1000mL). BUT no more than 100mL per item.
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Which is why I didn't want to do baggage... I fly a lot, and I remember it being -16' F in the air when the ground was 36' F. Sure it was December, but...
The paper towel thing was hopefully more of a really sour joke.... Long time ago, betta fish used to be shipped to pet stores directly from Thailand, and they'd all be wrapped in wet newspaper. Still alive... but of course that's been changed as it's really inhumane. Sure the paper towel thing is inhumane, but I figured it's better to do that for 5 minutes at most than the days the bettas suffered from Thailand to USA stores. : x

I know my airport very well... It's a small airport. Only four gates. Right after security, there's a store that sells stuff, water bottles included.
I ask for a bottle that hasn't been refrigerated yet (done that before), buy it, put conditioner in, and dump him in.

Once I get him through security at me home airport, I won't have to go through anyone else as far as having him.

Overnighting him to Cali... was an idea, but I'm honestly seriously short on cash. Sure I've got about a month and a half to get money for it... mostly I need to get bills paid than anything, though.
Basically I'm saying that I'm being cheap about it.

As a note, I can't see how they'd make me dump out his water and carry him through with me. I'll look crazy if they do let me... I won't care, but blah... it's so horrible to.

Seeing as it's a small airport, I might just ask them to test the water to make sure it's water, and see how it goes from there?

And yeah, as I said... get the largest amound of liquid I can carry, see if that'll work.... I think it's 6 oz. Possibly about the same amount as Canada?

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Airlines that take pets will have temp controlled areas for them, but you may be able to get him on. Check first, of course. If you get to security and they say no, you will not be able to sneak him through. They will take him from you.

I don't know what it is now, but the most liquid allowed as carry-on has been 2oz (1/4 cup.)
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Oh right, 2 oz. I never felt the need to carry liquid-anything with me on the plane, so I wouldn't be up to date with that.

I planned to call them tomorrow (as they're closed right now), so I can get something on my ticket saying I'm traveling with a pet, or... whatever they plan to do.

Never planned to sneak him on for the risk of exactly that, him getting taken away.

Edit: ... Definitely bringing water conditioner with me, if 2 oz. is the max. That's so little....

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lets just say it was 90 deg's today here in LA .. tomorrows weather says it will be 95 ..

basically the time period between mid-august till early-november is what us so cali peeps call indian summer .. it's the summer after summer .. that's 3x as hot as summer .. and usually doesn't start to cool off till november .. it's also what we consider is fire season .. because it's extra hot and dry .. so i would be more worried that if you decided to mail ur betta .. he'll be in super hot conditions ..

and you can bring 3oz not 2oz

the problem with the 3oz of liquid rule is per container .. and your liquid containers all have to fit in a 1g plastic bag .. and that bag it has to go through the xray ..

here is the tsa link for liquids

here is the tsa link for prohibited items

no where on there does it say you can't bring a live fish ..

BUT .. i would still call and ask .. since department of fish and wildlife will have their own regulations on what can be brought into what state .. for example .. it's illegal to bring ferrets into california are they are not allowed to be pets .. so .. you'll defiantly have to find out about those kind of regulations as well ..

i mean you don't want to get the OK from ur airline .. then get the OK at your airport security in florida .. just to be stopped by customs here in LA .. granted most domestic flights don't get checked by customs .. but it could happen .. and i'd hate to think that after all those travels he gets taken away =( .. that would be too sad ..

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Thanks Mistress. That really helps a lot.

I didn't think about the whole "can't bring this animal here" deal. Mostly because I didn't think it'd apply to fish, much less the fighters. I suppose it's possible, but I'll check anyway.

As much as I've travelled in this year alone, I doubt I'd get stopped by customs. But then again... I've also never travelled to any state further west than Illinois. (Or is Mississippi further west?... In any case...)

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Oh also be careful of the magnetic strips(like at store exits) and such. I was told(not sure if it is true or not) that the magnetic can give fish concussions. I practice better safe than sorry on that. I am not sure if it does or not but I find it best to be safe.

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Mind if I ask why this certain Betta? Would it be easier to just keep him, and buy a new one for you fiance while in Cali?

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