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lolol, Jade's fine. I kinda worried about it, but I kept my eye on him. He's still acting like the old fart he always has been. xD
And uh... maybe not a wolf spider. Lol. From the body that was left (before later on when Jade ate the rest) it looked like the spider was maybe... 3 cm in diameter, including his legs? (Or her.) And I really had no way of telling what kind of spider it was really... y'know... since Jade already ate most of the thing... and I dared not to touch what was left in order to see the pattern on its back.... Guh... Dead bugs... X__x

And yeah, most of the time they just kinda tickle a bit, but Lizzy, she's... nearly bit a hole in my thumb. |D;; At least it felt like it.

Edit: Also, I'm not sure the spider would be able to bite bettas... unless it was a water spider, I guess. But the betta can hide under the water away from the spider's bite... and I really don't think this kind knew how to swim. |D

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ohjeez.. one of my betta caught and ate half of a fly once.

cutest thing happened recently.. indie jumped his divider and got into caesar's section of the tank. no harm done, but when i discovered he was over there they were both asleep.

also thor wiggles his tail like a sassy little thing whenever i come over to feed him.
and ichabod still flares at my fingers in the water!

Boys: Ichabod, Canary, Perseus, Louie, Cherokee, Rojo

Girls: Marie, Hilda, Pixie

Rest in Peace: All of my former fishies. <3
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My new fish Zipper LOVES to flare and shimmy around the tank! Hes such a show off! :D he doesnt flare at anything in particular...he just flares :)

Something he did today that was ESPECIALLY cute was when he hide in his Skull cave for the first time..and after 5-6 mins of hiding in there, he darted out flaring like no other as if something horribly scary was waiting for him X) soo cute!

"my my zipper, Arent you a pretty boy!"
*flare flare*
"OOO i must take a pic!"
*comes out as soon as i put the camera away and flares like no other!"

rest in Peace Zipper and goregeus boys :(

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I actually just got Nero to jump out of the water to get a pellet from my fingers. :D He's been a lot more active and is exploring his cave more since the water change and removing of the filter.
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Smile Cute things bettas do

Originally Posted by ManInBlack2010 View Post
I purchased my first Betta about a month ago. I bought him, and i'll admit, as kinda an impulse buy. I actually got him the day before my ex broke up with me. My Betta Cash has helped me get through that and i've spent a lot of my time making him happy and distracting myself. I upgraded him from the 1.5 gallon bowl i got the day i bought him to a 3.5 tank with a filter and a heater and i rotate his toys and plants around so he is never board.

I love it when i come home from a long day at work, i flip on the light to my room and he will rush out of his house to the edge of the tank, flare up and dart around like he's happy to see me :) it's like having another dog.

and today i bought him a new plant. while i was setting it up in the rocks he was swimming around my hand like an excited puppy, he would nip at the leaves and i then had to cut some off cause it was too tall and stray pieces would float around and he would chase them.

do your bettas do cute stuff like this? whats one of your favorite things they do? :)
My fish swimmy is always Happy to c me when i come home from school. When i turn on tha lite he shakes his hole body and it sparkles!!!!! But lately i think he's looking 4 a girlfriend so u know where i can get 1??
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Originally Posted by Rachel Keithley View Post
My fish swimmy is always Happy to c me when i come home from school. When i turn on tha lite he shakes his hole body and it sparkles!!!!! But lately i think he's looking 4 a girlfriend so u know where i can get 1??
a girlfriend for your betta? Its recommended not to keep a boy and girl together unless they are divided. They should be only put together for breeding, and only after conditioning them and being prepared for lots of babies.....
if they're divided, that would work. You should be able to find females at the same store you got your male from... :)

My bettas: 6 boys and 8 sorority girls
Making it my mission to have all natural planted tanks!
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Yes!! *giggles* Mr. Bubbles always does his little happy dance when he sees me come in the room ♥ And then he'll watch your every move. Like, if you wash your hands, watch him, walk around, whatever, he'll watch you like, "Hey! What are you doing? huh? huh? huh? Can I play? Will you feed me? I'm hungry. *flare* AM I PRETTY!? OH I AM SO PRETTY AND I KNOW IT!" XD
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Curlin flares at me once a day to remind me that he hasn't forgiven me for letting him slip out of his cup into the sink, whereupon in my panic to shut the drain, I caught and ripped off most of his anal fin. *down on knees* I'm so sorry, Curlin, please forgive this clumsy oaf. *bows repeatedly* Please forgive me, the guilt is overwhelming every time I see your poor ripped fin. *flaaaaare* T_T
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Apollo once jumped out of the tank during cleaning to attack my face. I jerked back and the poor boy landed on the floor. Since then, he's been somewhat less aggressive. :p

My sorority girls are a constant delight to me. When I come in the room they all shimmy up to the front of the tank to beg. My favourite thing that they do is this: when I drop the quarter cory pellet in for my bottom feeders, the girls will chase it down and grab it. The girl who catches it will swim around with it her mouth unsure of what to do, since she can't swallow it, then regretfully lets it go with a head toss so it gets thrown away. Another girl will catch it and take her bite, and so it gets passed round all the girls til they get full and let it sink to the bottom. Then my cories have to fight off my RCS to get a meal. :p Poor little guys.

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At least your girls finally drop it. Mine carried the wafer around until it was soft enough to eat and then gorged. They looked like someone inflated them with a bike tire pump. I finally had to remove my poor cories to their own tank so they could have a meal. That or my girls would have exploded. That said, I love my boys but my sorority is my favorite.

Wow, Apollo sure was feisty! But that must have been startling to you, too. Imagine a fish flying at your face!
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