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When The Name Becomes The Betta

I'll be brief about it, as unfortunately, I'm a bit busy tonight. But while sitting at my desk, I came to the realization that my bettas (and my other fish too, strangely enough) become what they're named for or after.

Jade was named so, as I wanted him to have a name related to Thai culture. Jade is a precious mineral in the country, so... there you go. His name. I nicknamed him Thai Boy, too... ... sure enough, a month later, he marbles from being all white to the literal colors in order of the Thai flag.

Revenant wasn't with me but for a week... He arrived from Thailand with SBD, but I didn't know what SBD symptoms were, so I couldn't treat him for it obviously. Then one day, I went out to the store to get some things, came home... to... a crunchy-looking ccellophane HM on the counter next to his bowl... and I came to the conclusion that the cat was toying with him. >:V Revenant was too lethargic to jump, and the water line was low enough... and I found little white cat hairs at the crime scene.... Agh. Anyway...
Revenant is a synonym for "Ghost." (I found out after I got home that day how to treat SBD, too.) He was the first of my bettas to leave me too soon.
(Gyarados was a betta I had when I was... 11? So yes....)

Bandit looked like a cambodian girl. She was just a flesh-bodied girl with red fins... and after my 3 week trip she colored up and had stripes.
Her full name was Bandit Raccoon. Bandit was another name I called raccoons. And she formed stripes, like Uncles... ... not stress/breeding stripes either, mind you. But stripes... remind me of a raccoon's tail. :P

Ember Dragonsfire was a sick female I bought from work and took her home. (She arrived from the supplier sick... The store I work for actually knows how to care for bettas, as the owner is a loon about it like all of us on this site, lol.) She had fin rot (still has it), possibly some other diseases... internal parasites maybe, now. But I only took her as I felt bad at how sick she looked, and how tightly clamped her tail was. Worst I'd ever seen on any fish, Ever....
I'd been losing a bit of heart over bettas lately. I love mine, but I've had to concentrate more on getting ready for the Air Force. It stresses me out. I'm still grieving over the loss of Leliia, and it's been five months now. (Wow... that long? It feels shorter....)
After treating Ember for a while... she's perked up a lot. Sitting on my desk, she sees me a lot, I see her a lot.... And it's not just food she gets excited over. It's me. I've had her play "follow-the-finger" lots of times from outside the tank. She swam circles around my finger when I put one in, too. I start dancing in my seat to music, she spazzes with me, simply because I'm moving like she would and am looking at her.
In short... she's sparked a new fire in me.
And as a side note... for a female, she has a very tall dorsal fin. It looks a lot like a candle's flame.

Those are my stories. I'm interested in hearing yours, if you have any. ;D

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Dante was named after the main character from Devil May Cry.... and he acted like Dante, too. ladies' man, flirting with Caroline from ACROSS THE ROOM(no lie! xD), picky about his food....

Scout was named after the class, Scout, in Team Fortress 2. the Scout is small, thin, fast, and kinda annoying, and that's Scout in a nut-shell! small, thin, quick, a total show-off.... he's just like the Scout in the game!

Spy, was also named after a class in the game. She's secretive, hides in her floating plants alot(i've LOVE to get her some duck-weed or other floating plant ,so she's not in the plastic plants all the time), but.... at the same time, she's NOT like the Spy....

Mister Auron was named after Auron from Final Fantasy 10. his colors matched Auron's exactly, and he was quite the handsome veil. sadly, just like Auron in the game, Mister Auron died far too soon for my tastes. while you were with Auron over half the game, Mister Auron died the night i got him...
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My Betta's name is Betta. I win, lol.

1 DT Copper (green/purple) named Gamma
1 ST Red w/ white fins named Spade
1 DT Blue w/ orange named Nova
1 DT Pink/Blue Unnamed
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My new Betta's name is Cozmo. He's named after Cosmo from the Fairlyodd Parents. He's very shiny and spazzy. It fits ^_^

Delta Betta
2/4/12 -

Crowntail Betta

R.I.P 9/12/11 - 2/2/12
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@Lui, that's so cute, about Dante and Scout. Sorry about Mister Auron, though...
...and isn't a spy not a spy? 'Cause when he's not a spy, he's someone else... like Heavy... or Medic... or Pyro..... >>

@Vaughan, :D pwnage

@itoshiixhito, That's cute! Yeah, Cosmo's quite the spaz... Does your betta happen to have a bit of green on him too?

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Originally Posted by BlakbirdxGyarados View Post
@itoshiixhito, That's cute! Yeah, Cosmo's quite the spaz... Does your betta happen to have a bit of green on him too?
Yes he does have some green in the caudal peduncle area

Delta Betta
2/4/12 -

Crowntail Betta

R.I.P 9/12/11 - 2/2/12

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Ratchet was named after the grumpy 80s version of the Autobot medic. Turns out it's quite fitting because he's extremely grumpy too.

Mirage was named after the 80s transformers character of the same name (he can turn invisible). What made me want to name him that is because he was blue in the store, red when I first brought him home, and now he has a very strong light blue iridescence that covers the red completely... and because sometimes he can be right in front of my face and I don't see him.

Moonshoes Potter (Wheeljack) was named such because I couldn't think of anything when I first brought him home. Then my sister and I watched 'A Very Potter Musical' and Draco's insult to harry just stuck. So he was known as Moonshoes Potter for a few weeks before I realized that he was the same colors as my favorite transformer, Wheeljack. So Wheeljack is his official name, but I always call him by his nickname.

Starscream was named for the 80s version Starscream. My Starscream will flare at himself and then swim away as fast as he can. He also has the deep red of the 80s character's color scheme as well as being purple/green depending on lights. He's my only boy named after a decepticon, but that's ok.

And finally, Sabino was named because she was completely white with clear fins. And I can't stress the was enough. In horses, sabino is a color trait where white can appear even if the breed doesn't technically allow it. the amount of white appearing doesn't matter and can even include a completely white horse. My sister and I found this fitting for her, but she's quickly turning purple, blue, and red.
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Spoof means paraody....My Spoof always makes me laugh by spazzing when hs neighbour, my HM calmy greets me. He seems like a paraody of my HM, dark in colouring while my HM is white and red, is a little spazz when my HM is calm and he s a CT so their fins are the complete opposite. He also always makes me laugh, just like a parody. :)

~Please Call Me Caiti!~
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