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When did one gallon become okay + side rants

Seriously guys. It wasn't even a year ago I started out on bettas. I've lost several, through mishaps and just purchasing stock that turned out to be sickly.

But when I fist joined 2.5 was the MIN that was acceptable. Heaters were 100% needed and people weren't sliding without them without taking a lot of flack. Not I see people posting that 1/2 gal is fine as long as you have water changed. Uh, these fish need to swim too, guys.

And ugh in general willful ignorance about bettas is making me angry. not here but just on places. People asking for help and advice, saying they researched. ALL the top hits suggest +2 gallons at least, most suggest 5 min. And yet people are willfully going for the 'easy' info. Any you try to correct them and of course they know someone who's mom knew someone who had a fish that lived in a shotglass or something for like six years so obviously it's fine.

I love my fish but I find it just seriously frustrating and infuriating to see these things going on.

Misc side rants:
Brown algae for like +6 months now. Everyone says it will clear up. It doesn't.

No matter how much I feed, how often, what, ect, my fish seem to remain teeny. I rehome one with an aunt who honest to god feeds it mostly goldfish flakes. it doubles in size and is gorgeous with beautiful looking finnage.

My Zariel, the dragon I was so excited to pick up, is never active. He has no other signs of illness, I've treated him for everything I thought was possible. I'm starting to notice an indented line in his side starting at the tail about 1/3 from the bottom up that looks like a muscular issue. He's always had a slight lump on his tail and I'm starting to think it might be a skeletal deformity that prevents him from using those back muscles properly.

All my plants are brownish. 8| Nothing looks pretty even though it's not dying.

In my rush in the start I purchased more fish than I want to own now. It's hard rehoming. It's hard picking ones to rehome. It's harder looking at a divided tank that's not what I want it to be because I saw stars when I went out shopping, and told myself I could take home just one more.
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i never use a .5 gallon, unless i pick up a new, tiny girl and that's ONLY if my bigger tank needs to be cleaned. otherwise, Lulu has my smallest tank, at a gallon, and that's ONLY because she doesn't like larger tanks. i've tried her in a 1.5, i've tried her in a 2 gallon, and in both, she hid for a week straight, and only swam out of her hiding spot when i fed her. i felt bad, so i put her back in her one gallon, and she became active and happy again. *shrugs* to everyone else, i always suggest 2 gallons.
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Some people struggle raising humans, so it's understandable fish can be neglected.

Not saying that .5 gallon is best, but anything beats the cup in the pet store especially if it's getting regular water changes and is being heated to a proper temperature. In the end, to each their own. Much like people, fish are not given choices on their parents/caretakers. It's just life, stressing over it or feeling negative will not change the opinions of the masses. Most people who are reading this post are here because they want to do better for their bettas so lead by example and show how you do it... share your knowledge... your research...etc... It's all we can do as a community. I've expanded my betta knowledge greatly using this forum.

I've know a betta that lived 6-7 years in a vase on receptionists's desk that had a plant in it and received daily water changes. He was quite active and kept bubble nests regularly. It was not heated but the room was kept at 78 degrees.

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Seriously, not everyone has the space for 2.5 gallons especially if they're keeping more than one betta in a small room or dorm, and sometimes it's a choice between saving a couple of fish from the petshop and taking good care of them even though it's smaller than 2.5 but they are cared for then to be left to die there if no one buys them.

And anything is better than a cup like Marauder says. If you have all the space and trimmings and tanks to go big, by all means go for it, but even humans irl have to make do with smaller spaces sometimes, that is life.
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my view is, females are okay in smaller tanks like a gallon, but Halfmoons should NEVER have less than 2.5 gallons. x: males otherwise, depend on the fish...
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I joined a little over a year ago and I agree when I was asking for advice I never once heard anything under 1.5 'if I super super must' but really 2.5 + would be a good idea.

I think anyone has room for a 2.5 even in a dorm room. The footprint is hardly larger than the .5 gallons to begin with. As far as fish keeping goes 2.5 is a tiny little thing that can be shoved in a corner or counter with ease. I have one shoved under my sink dry for hospital use and I had two 3 gallons that I gave to friends so I've had smaller tanks recently. If you don't have the space for a 2.5 I have no idea why you are keeping a pet. This isn't going to make me friends I know that but it always sounds like an excuse to me. [At least say you’d rather the 1 gallon or its cheaper?]

On the note of not having room for 2.5 because you are keeping more than one betta - that's horrible logic. Don't have room for proper care? Don't get more fish. I know we all want to save them all. It kills me leaving them behind but we just can't do it and the more we buy from them the more they are funded to make more fish.

I know there are certain fish that really do have problems with larger spaces but on most of them I feel just need to be given more time. My fiancées girl was all stripy for several days when introduced to a three gallon so we got her more plants and hiding places. Now she’s fine and enjoys zooming around the tank.

My view on the matter is quite simple. Yes there are ways to properly water change and clean a smaller tank but it’s very stressful on the fish [constant full changes from tap can just one time have a huge param swing which can be problematic] and it's reduced their entire world into something tiny and proses the threat of creating boredom and neurotic habits in the fish. I, for one, can survive and be healthy just in my bedroom if I was provided food and a way to dispose of waste, but the lack of stimulation would drive me nutters. [Yes yes humans and fish are very different but even still it's easy to tell how they are feeling isn't it? Even if they are basic emotions like being tired/happy/interested/hungry/anxious]

Really to each their own and it’s impossible to force the hand of others through a computer screen but at least in my personal life I have never recommended anything under 2.5

Disclaimer: I know there are a lot of users on this site that have fish in one gallon tanks. In no way am I seeking to insult anyone rather I’m just stating my opinions on the matter. Which are, as stated, opinions.

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I honestly think it depends on the fish. Dolson (my little guy) lives in a gallon bowl, and seems like a happy little fella. In fact when I woke up this morning I noticed his first-ever bubble nest :)
1/2 gallon though...? seriously?
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Aw cute - hope you took pictures :D [sorry for the topic derail lol]

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Personally, I agree with 2.5g plus. I feel horrible that my guys are in 1.5g tanks. Sure they are heated and filtered but its not enough space. But... in my defence, 2g tanks here are 50$+ each. Our stores promote 0.8g wall tanks, or divided 0.5g tanks for Bettas. 2g+ tanks are aquariums for children's rooms for regular tropical fish. Yuck. But I'm not happy with them staying in these tanks! I spent $150 on the tanks and I have no problem upgrading once I find suitable tanks, which I think I have online!

Anyways, I think the minimum for bettas has dropped due to a new wave of owners who want to justify their cruelty, so they make up excuses for why its suitable to make themselves feel better other than just going out and spending the money to give their fish what it really needs. Also a lot of people are younger and controlled by parents who refuses to spend money on a proper tank. That's what blows, cause those people would actually get a proper tank of they were allowed.
Not to step on any toes. I am happy when a betta is taken care of. I just wish when people take in a pet, they realize there are costs they have to spend. Of you can't afford it, you shouldn't have.bettas. I mean, you don't get a puppy and feed it Cherios because you don't want to buy dog food right?

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I had my first betta in a goldfish bowl... But I kept everythng positively cleaned, never used harmful chemicals, used tap water conditioner and ended up getting a (slightly smaller... 1.5 gallon) tank which I added a heater because winter was coming up.

Now, I got female bettas from the store. They NEVER grew in those little half filled litre bowl things. Their bowls were filthy, they didn't move much, they had no color... I bought two, brought them home, fought off ich, and now they are fluctuating their colors, the bigger girl is growing fast, the smaller one I BEG not to be stunted, and both are swimming fast, actively, healthy, and love being in a sorority in a 20 gallon (it fits JUST on my dresser xD ). If I lacked room for anything bigger than a 1 gallon I would have tried only having one betta, have a heater, and cleaned that bowl/tank all the time. (this is if I were in a dorm, and wanted something living lol)

There are some bettas who are "blah" in a small tank or bowl, and would rather (and live longer, happier) in a larger tank while some don't like the bigger spaces (lethargic, hiding all the time, colors not so pretty) yet do so well in a 1.5 gallon. My friend has my 1.5 gallon tank, for her genetically blind betta. No filter, but a heater and he is the happiest little guy :)

haha cheerios to a puppy... That's basically what HERE is like D: I even feel the urge to save up everything I can, collect enough tanks and such, and even rival this pet store. I would of course, be doing everything properly and basically never sell a single bowl in that store, and have all bettas in 2.5 gallons or more. But, that won't happen for a long time, but I am sure going to eventually - and I'll make sure to properly care :)

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.

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