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Originally Posted by Pitluvs View Post
Ours get some human food now and then, but we feed lab blocks so they get all they need with fresh veggies daily. Mine go nuts over popcorn! I'm really picky with my rats though, so ignore me :) I wish they lived longer, by the time you get to really know them, its almost time to let them go :( Same with bettas. All my other pets are getting up there in age :(
Mine get Harlan Teklad as their staple, and then small rattie sized portions of what we have, mostly veggies. My boys actually don't like human food much, veggies included. The girls love veggies though, and brown rice, stuff like that.

Mommy to one spoiled betta, Sapphire.
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My boy prince that i lost a week ego was def great therapy fish for me. i lost my job and fell in deep depression, i was sick..then went out and got a betta...i spent most of my time watching him, talking to him..it was like the best therapy ever!!now his gone.but i got a new boy name romeo he is def like a little fireball so active i just love him! his tank is near my bed when i sit and do my stuff on my laptop and watch tv hes right there just watching , as soon as i move he swims up and down does the "betta dance" he lets me "pet"him and swims thru my fingers, he will nip on my fingers and always gets in the way when i need to move things in his tank.....My best friend thinks im nuts cuz i talk about romeo like hes a dog or a cat,i made her go with me to get the heater for his tank she was like do you really need all of that for one little fish??she said if it dies you get a new one thats all....i was so mad!
I had a dog named lexie she was a black and tan mini pincher..i got her when me and my ex(fiance) moved in together, she was 2months old fit in my hand so cute and tiny!..well she was like my baby but things when bad between me and my ex we broke up and i had to move back home(with dad and stepmom)but they said you cant bring Lexie...i was devastated i had my dog for 3 years...my ex still has her but i haven't seen her in 2 years now, i still cry when i think of her

No matter how big or small the animal is they can all make a huge difference in our lives.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."

1 new betta vt boy..Romeo
1. Ghost shrimp-Oscar
R.I.P Prince(my 1st ct betta)
4-cats- Mike,Lucy,Tina,Sam
Video of romeo my happy betta boy :)
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Peta is my golden child, although he's the most beautiful shade of red <3 I LOVE feeling like he's happy, especially since he was so limp and dull in his little petsmart cup, where he didn't even have the room to turn around. He's grown twice his size and his fins are always spread like he's excited to be swimming. He swims up to the wall when I come say 'hey' and blows bubbles and makes me smile :) He's just so chipper and lovely to watch. My home life isn't ideal and it's really calming to watch him swim and change his water, rearranging the whole set up to surprise him! Right now Edward is kind of a project. He's not very healthy looking (just got him) and I'm taking it as a personal challenge to make him healthy! Plus I don't think he likes me very much, yesterday he bit my finger as I was trying to pick up a plant :/ Oh well.

I love my Betta babies!!
Peta <3
And now we welcome Edward! I promise I'll take good care of your baby, Elise, I know you didn't want to give him up. <3

Breeze Man - RIP, best 16 years of my life
Rambo - RIP, Miss you
Skeeter - RIP, You were too young

Boogie - RIP, oldest, coolest cat ever
Michael - RIP, I miss your furry face

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I love all my bettas, past and present, although I was more attached to some more than others. Buddy was my most special boy. He always watched everything I did and when I'd lay down for a nap so did he. lol He was the one I rescued from a cold, heartless neighbor who refused to take care of him properly.
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
I love all my bettas, past and present, although I was more attached to some more than others. Buddy was my most special boy. He always watched everything I did and when I'd lay down for a nap so did he. lol He was the one I rescued from a cold, heartless neighbor who refused to take care of him properly.
wow thats sad question is buddy still alive

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Jalen is level with my cats in terms of how much I care about him. I don't try to play with him like I do with my cats, and I know that he can't reciprocate affection as well as cats can, but I do care for him a lot, and there's not much I wouldn't do to ensure him a happy and healthy life. I feel like he is my responsibility, especially because he would die within a week or two without my care, whereas my cats could probably survive outside on their own.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, he's not the most important thing in my life, but he is important. Of course, if I had to choose between Jalen and my family or friends, it would be no competition. But I do have an emotional investment in him, and I would be sad for a few days if he died, especially by my hand.
I try not to become too emotionally attached to something with a maximum lifespan of four years, but when he lives a few feet from my bed, it's impossible. :)

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13
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I wasn't joking when I posted somewhere else and said that bettas are a sort of mental health hobby for myself. Watching them gracefully swim about, doing partial water changes, trimming the plants, hand feeding them bloodworms, are all very relaxing to me. They help me feel like I have someone that relies on me (which they do...).

My newest fish, Kamehameha, was named by my boyfriend. Being 200 miles from him after spending the last 3 years living with him, seeing him every day, it has been really hard. I feel alone a lot, but I can look at my fish and think about how he helped me name him (after a frustrating hour in the store before I finally decided which fish I wanted).

However, I don't really get sad when my fish die. I know that I did my best by them, and they got to live happy lives with me. Not that I think my fish will die any time soon... But when they do, I know that another fish can come live with me and be happy. There is happiness in that, more happiness than sadness in the death of a well cared for fish. Plus, as attached as I am to them, they are kind of accents in my little ecosystems. Just like a plant, I don't expect them to live forever. It is actually kind of more tragic when a plant dies. It could have lived such a long time (decades).

Remember that the tank your fish lives in is his or her's whole world. Ask yourself this question, and answer it honestly: would you choose to live there?
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Originally Posted by betta dude View Post
wow thats sad question is buddy still alive
No, Buddy isn't with me anymore. He died about 3 years ago.
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I love all my pets equally. From the snail to the dog! :3

I get so attached, I love these little critters. Without them, I seriously would have no reason to live.

I live for animals.

*2 Bettas (for now RIP Ryu) *2 Goldfish *9 Guppies *1 Gourami *2 Chinchillas *2 Budgies *2 Dwarf Frogs *1 Dog *1 Cat *2 Hermit Crabs *2 3gs *1 10g *1 Pond *2 2gs
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Originally Posted by Indyfishy View Post
Also, I'm sorry about your break up, that stuff totally blows. I know it's pretty much the last thing you want to hear when you've broken up with someone, but it does get better =)
thanks, and yeah everyone keeps saying that but it's yet to start getting better lol

and it's nice to see that i'm not totally crazy here lol. my dogs are also so important to me, like many of you mentioned. i've had nightmares about my dogs being killed in a fire or something and i've woken up in cold sweats, i love my boys (dogs and fishies)


"Just don't tell 'em I've gone crazy, that I'm still strung out over you..."
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