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Sorority Stories?

I've always felt that the voice of experience is the better learning tool than any amount of reference books and internet research can provide.

And since starting and maintaining a sorority can become a soap opera on its own, I'm curious to hear from the voices of experience about trials they went through with their girls or funny anecdotes about their antics.

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I don't have one but I hope someone will show up.

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A must read!
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well i had two sororities but they both died from dropsy and fungus

i bought two at tthe same time, one was bigger than the other so i though the bigger female was going to attack the small one. when i put them into the the the little one was a mean sucker, then like a weeks later i added a third one she would stay with the big one i called sapphire, but a couple days later the 3rd one called flare stood with the small one called scarlet (even though she was blue XP), i added my FIRST CT female to the tank. all the females rejected sapphire =[[

sorry can't remember good stories right now

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I have a 23 gallon long, with 2 female bettas. They occasionally chase each other, but thats it. They live with black phantom tetras and an angel fish. I've had them for over a year, and they are both thriving (: I love sororities for sure!
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I had a 14 gallon with 5 females. Added a sixth, and everything went crazy. Suffice to say, I have 2 females left, the new female having killed the others. Sororities are literally ticking time bombs. The smallest things can set them off. You HAVE to be ready to separate them if things aren't going well. They can be SO very rewarding when they're going well, but honestly I don't think mine was worth it. I'd do anything to have my girls back.

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My sister and I started out with 1 10 gallon sorority and planned on putting Frog and the 3 girls we bought in it. Frog got sick before we could introduce her, so she was out for a little while. We qt everyone and when Frog was better, we introduced the shyest girl first (Lyra). She was good for the first 15 minutes until we put Sycamore in.

Lyra and Sycamore are eternal enemies. Any reintroduction with the two of them leads to constant quarrels and bites, which Lyra eventually spreads to everyone, because why not share aggression with everyone?

Frog, Elm, Oak, and Sycamore did well, but Frog was bullied a little for her size (She was stunted), so we started a second sorority for some smaller girls and retried Lyra. Turns out, docile little Lyra is a massive jerk. We bought a few giants from Walmart along with another tiny girl to try out, and the tiny girl did ok in the little sorority, but did good in the other one.

We put one of the giant girls in the 10 gallon sorority and the blue marble giant in the small one. Unfortunately both giants fell ill and passed away despite our best efforts of treatment. So we were left with a 4 girl sorority working well, and a 3 girl sorority with 2 jerks named Hester and Lyra.

We tried Hester in the big sorority, but that didn't work out well multiple times. Frog didn't work out because she kept getting sick (immuno compromised or something. Lyra didn't work out because she's a jerk.

Unfortunately, the little female that was working so well in the remaining sorority managed to get tangled in some plants while my sister and I were away and drowned. We got another giant to offset the aggression. That giant was named Tokyo and she became the alpha. She also passed away too soon, by way of a cat.

Unfortunately Frog, Oak, Tokyo, Chocolate, and Hester have all passed away. Lyra has to be kept solitary or in a divided tank with a barrier over the top because she likes to jump.

We added Sabino after Tokyo passed to try and offset the aggression once again and it has definitely worked, although there are still only 3 permanent girls since Oak passed unexpectedly.

We've bought 2 more girls from Petsmart and are slowly introducing them to sorority life. They're young, so I think they'll work out perfectly.
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I was worried about my girls, Pappion looked like she was being bullied, but while watching three of them swarming the betta log... she chased the other two, flared her pretty gills out and chased the other two away from the log, claiming it for at least a short while.
That betta log is the prime property, sometimes my rescued girl, Venus will go in there, she can be mean and nippy, but she's still small. However she has grown, she's longer than two weeks ago, amazing what a bit of good food will do.
Raven is my apparant alpha. She is massive compared to the others. As big as my boys. She's a copper combtail, when I had my new boy bobbing in his bag in the girls tank, she went nuts flaring at him.... Hmm, guess it's a good thing I have no plans on breeding her, or any of them.
Then there is Isis, she's my dragonscale girl, she's also the star of the show. She will be front and center, if there is someone in the room, she's wiggling for attention (and food). Oh yes, she will pose for anyone.

What's even funnier is when my cat sits on the chair and watches.
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I started a sorority not too long ago, and am massively surprised at how well it's gone. I haven't seen any bullying going on, though Fleur seems to be prone to bloat, and when she does get bloated she gets picked on. But after I've pulled her out and treated the bloat, I can put her back in just fine. I'm still walking on eggshells, because I know this isn't normal for a sorority (I haven't seen ANYTHING that indicates any sort of dominance chain has been set up) and also because I recently lost one of my girls after she jumped out of her cup during a tank renovation. I'm planning on buying another girl or two, but I'm not sure how well that will go over... Definitely not looking to add a girl and have everything go haywire :/ I'm keeping an eagle eye on my girls though, and having my ex keep an eye on them when I'm at work, so hopefully everything will continue to go well. It's awesome to watch my girls playing with themselves and their non-betta tankmates! They especially like to play with my platies. Toxic and Stormcloud like to swim to the bottom and play with my albino cory cats XD
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I am planning to start one using a 40 gallon breeder connected to a 20 gallon sump. I dont know how it will work but im hoping for the best. Im going to get all the girls at once (basically all the females they have at petco at the time) and QT them and introduce them and see how it goes. I know its a 50/50 shot but its worth a try. I feel like having 40 gallons of wide, ad long space (hence the breeder tank) will help since everyone will have room :) My girlfriend has a 3 betta sorority in a 10 gallon, and so far...all is well. Its been set up for 2 months now I believe.
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I started my sorority with 5 girls in a 15 gallon. Had so many hiding places you couldn't really find the fish until it was dinner time. Added a sixth, everything ran smoothly for a few months.

One girl got egg-bound and literally exploded :( Nothing really to prevent that though. It happens.

About 3 months ago I bought a 55 gallon tank and moved them all in there, along with about 3 more that I had in jars. And when my spawn were old enough, they also went in there. Currently there are about 30 girls and many snails. I have had 2 deaths, one from old age and one was mysterious.

I won't lie, it's not all peaches and cream. The girls get their fins a bit tattered, but it's to be expected. As long as no real damage is being done (whole fins ripped off, biting at scales/body) everything is fine.

My advise is put as many girls as you can into the biggest tank you can afford, and jam pack it with deco and caves and plants.
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