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nope he died. :(
BUT Thanx anyways!

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Suki -Means beloved in japanese

Po- Short for Posiedon, greek god of the sea

Spoof -Means parody cause he always makes me laugh

~Please Call Me Caiti!~
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Originally Posted by caitic10 View Post
Suki -Means beloved in japanese

Po- Short for Posiedon, greek god of the sea

Spoof -Means parody cause he always makes me laugh

you should name your unnamed one mystery ^,^....O.o

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Oi, I have too many fish lol.

Bouffon - french for jester (huge Joker fan) and also comes from a latin verb meaning 'to puff' which he loooves to do. I usually call him Boofy Pants though :D
Loki - Marvel character. He was white but seems to be getting blue/red in his I might rename him Captain America (can you tell that I'm a geek yet?)
Rex - my sister's old betta. He was so ill when I got him that he looked like a dinosaur
Boba Fett - Uuuh cuz he's awesome?!

Sparrow - she loves the pirate ship in her tank so I named her after Jack Sparrow. Would have gone with Elizabeth but the name seemed too docile for a nearly all black CT
Squirt - she's tiny and always off doing her own thing, disappearing then popping up randomly
Starshine - needed a super pretty name for a super pretty girl
Sally - she's the same color grey as the boyfriend's beloved Mustang by the same name
Lucy - same color turquoise as the boyfriend's beloved Rambler (if I named a betta after my automobile it'd be a "Mr. Car" lol)
Lady Gaga - I really don't know... Poker Face was playing and she was moving her gills in tune with "mau mau mau mauuu" and it just stuck
Pachuca - named after one of my favorite songs by Minus the Bear
Pebbles - was white with 3 black spots, and now has freckles all over the top of her body
Peekaboo - her petco cup looked empty sitting on the shelf, I couldn't find her til I picked it up. She's a teeny girl
Dr. Frank-n-furter - I can't tell the gender, so I renamed him/her after the tranny in Rocky Horror

Fishy Mommy to:
The boys! ~ Loki, Thor, Blue October, Rex, Robot, Captain America, Bruce, Harvey, and Dr. Frank-n-furter
The girls! ~ Sparrow, Pebbles, Beebop, Peekaboo, Sheenie and Jenny
Also owned by 3 cats, 2 birds, and a rat.
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Brutus - A big pk who had banged up silver dragon scales and looked like a war hero and brute!

Vega - A word meaning sky, named for his black and dark blue marbling with red dots and bright aqua and white luminescence.

Salvador - Named after Salvador Dali. Why? (Terrible art joke ahead) BECAUSE HE'S SO SURREAL! But seriously it was surreal I found a giant purple hmpk at petco for 15 bucks!
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Mr. Bubbles - He was my daughter's grade one class pet and the class named him. Her name was picked out of a hat at the end of the school year and she got to bring him home. That is how we became Betta lovers. Mr. Bubbles died in August, he was about 2 1/2.

Rusty - We got him after Mr. Bubbles died. He is a lovely rust colour.

Poly and Lilo - I got them on October 1 which was Walt Disney World's 40th birthday. I am an avid Disney lover so I named Poly after the Polynesian Resort (one of my favourites) and Lilo because she is a Disney character and the "official" character of the Polynesian.

Lilly - pretty white female. She was the smallest betta I have ever seen at PetSmart. Barely an inch long!
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Baldwick got his name cuz a lot of my friends said he looked like a grumpy old man and sure enough he acts like one so i started a random name search for old sounding names, he also goes by Bal

Ra got his cuz hes a yellow which reminded me of the egyptian sun god

Capt Nemo (siamese algae eater) named after the captian of 25000 leagues under the sea because he stays at the bottom of the tank most the time

Misty (ferret) because my bf wouldnt let me name her Mimi for being mini and pandora was too long a name for a mischief lil thing like her and we didnt like shortening it to dora

Chum-Fu (RIP) got his name cuz a lady i worked with said to name him chum after shark bait and my friend said to name him fu like kung fu so i put them together to get the japanese warrior name i wanted but everyone associated him with nemo's nickname Shark Bait (hoohaha)

Baldwick male (VT)<3
Nem (Bombay) & Bert (tabby)

RIP: Chum-Fu (betta), Gary (snail), Misty(ferret), Capt Nemo (algae eater), Ra (betta), Nikee (ferret)

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Wilfred- i saw the tv show Wilfred (US version), and thought i would name my fish that :)
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Charlie- I was in third grade and named him after my Beanie Baby rooster.
Flame- He was red. 'Nuff said.
Indigo- He was blue. I was good at giving my fish super original names...
Juliet- She was my first girl. I don't know where I got the name, but it might have had to do with Shakespeare, or an old Green Day song.
St. Jimmy- Green Day's my favorite band, and he was black (with red and green) so I thought naming him after one of their characters in American Idiot was appropriate.
Reese- He was originally Risa, but then he grew up and was a male. It took forever to name him.
Unnamed- He doesn't have a name yet...
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Bruce! - Everyone named Bruce is awesome! Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Lee, Bruce Wayne... Need I say more? :)
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