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I'm surprised they gave him a refund after pitching such a fit. If he was so intent on all his fish being HMs, why didn't he know what an HM is supposed to look like? Even most novice betta enthusiasts know the difference between a VT and an HM, it's a quite obvious difference. IMO it's easy to tell the difference between delta and HM as well, even without flaring. It might be hard to tell between a super delta and an HM, but many super deltas end up stretching out to HM eventually. I hope atleast a few of those fish got good homes.

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The corporate offices gave him a refund it looks like, and they normally would anyways whenever someone complains and it's for such little money like that (for them at least). The stores themselves could not refund since apparently he brought some of the fish to the wrong stores, and nothing being wrong with the fish, etc.
Just a sad loss was all it was.

Breeder so I have too many to count and too many named to list here!

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All the fish left behind got flushed or frozen. They don't resell them.

And, if he can't tell the difference between a HM and a vailtail it IS his fault.

How does he heat,filter, and have appropriate sized tanks for 40+ male halfmoons to start with? especially if you could 'sort' them?Not saying it's impossible, just sounds very unlikely from what you've said.

if they didn't refund him, he should have taken the fish home and adopted them out at least, since he just signed their death warrant(that is NOT caring for their welfare).

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there's nothing wrong with deltas and super deltas. they're STILL HMs, just don't spread all the way 180. i've even heard cases of deltas/super deltas spreading full 180. i've gotten mislabeled bettas before, and don't care. if it's a fish i love, i don't care about it's tail type. Ichi wasn't even labeled as a HM/Delta, but was labeled as a veiltail. score for me. Dante was supposed to be a, HM, but was a delta. whatever.

often, it's not the store that mislabels bettas, but the people they get the fish from.

and, it's hard for someone who doesn't know bettas, to tell the difference between deltas and halfmoons.

it's nothing to get huffy about and doom so many fish to an early death, just because they're not Halfmoons.

just my two bits.
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Friends and members, first i would like to say that we do care about betta, specially me. I have close to 200 betta in my room, males and females together.
My friend, he is completely new to betta. Those fishes that have been return to their stores have been put back on the shelf for sale not as hm but delta. They are not even super delta. Their tails when spread are a little larger than the veil tail.
Most of his hm, he purchased at petco and $14.99 each. So that amount times 15 = a lot of money spent. I'm really sorry but if someone i know want a betta hm, i will help him to make sure he will get the right product for the right price.
That was my idea to leave all the fishes to petco manager hands, because the way he was talking to us. He said the fishes we brought were not from petco and he also said that we were trying to get easy money, like those fishes were from another store. He just piss me off, specially when my friend has all the receives with him with the betta containers. There was few customers there that day and they were not happy the way the manager was talking to us.
I know how to make difference between the hm from petco and petsmart. Petsmart hm are 99% of the time young fishes and skinny, maybe just 3 months.
Petco hm are older and more healthy, i'm sure most of you agree with me on that.
I help my friend build some shelf on the wall just like mines and he bought some 1g jar for his fishes and his room is warm. He do water change 1 time a week, i told him to do that. And, all his betta jars have a piece of indian almond leave inside.
Like i said, my friend is a newbie and still learning from me. I'm not an expert in betta but i know something.
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The only thing I have to add is re: cherry's comment on keeping many bettas (who can keep that amount properly?)

I find that a little offensive, mostly in the way it was written. I have a 55 gallon sorority and it alone houses 30 female bettas. In addition I have 15 males in divided heated tanks. I have had over 100 bettas at one time, from my spawnings.

If you have a good set-up for water changes like I do : 45 gallons of heated, treated R/O water and a 30 gallon waste water bucket, 30+ feet of hosing so you're not carrying water back and forth in buckets; water changes on a large amount of jars and tanks will only take you about an hour each water change day, so maybe 2-4 hours a week. Not much time at all.
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There are so many things wrong here... I'm unsubbing. I suggest going back to those stores, I bet all those fish were magically sold in 24h. *sigh*

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cajunamy- we were going with the assumption all were male. Sororities make it easy to house many females, and large divided tanks help with males. but housing and heating 40+ males is different then jarring them to be rehommed where a smaller and more sparse container is acceptable.

I like that he does have a betta set up,i do wish he has some less...mass breeder type though for a new owner who should be focusing one a couple and giving them a good,full environment while he learns about their care.

My wishlist:
-duckweed- -black and white marble, anything but VT-
-javamoss- -koi marble, anything but VT)
-hatchable brine shrimp eggs-
-indian almond leaves-
-Melano Halfmoon male-
-steel blue or royal blue CT or HM female-
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There are many people who can keep that many properly. Good quality breeders do.
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Originally Posted by vilmarisv View Post
This is completely untrue. A person who has at least studied betta basics can tell a VT from a Delta from a distance, no need for the fish to flare.
Now, if you had said Super Delta from HM, then I would agree with you... you have to look a little closer and maybe make them flare.
This is kind of what I meant. I wasn't including VTs since its easy to simply count their rays and look at their overall form. I was talking about Delta, SD and HM. All are determined by how much their caudal spreads in full flare. If you cant see them in full flare then you cant know the angle of maximum spread and therefore cant know their type/quality.
Since HM finnage is a factor of both environmental and genetic traits, it may have been possible to train some of the SDs to reach HM.

It is very possible to have a large number of fish and keep them very well cared for.
Just because someone is new to bettas doesn't mean they don't know how to look after fish. I think its wrong to assume that this person can't adequately keep or care for bettas simply because he bought a large number of fish, some were not what they were meant to be so therefore took them back.

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