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How do you walk away?

Most of you may know that I haven't bought a Betta since early August (well, he was a gift really). I did get my breeders stock in early Sept but those were planned since May. So I have been to the pet store countless times in the last two months, always finding a Betta I love but never leaving with one. I mean really, my 6 males and 5 females is enough for me. That's 11 fish I'll have to say goodbye to someday. Mostly we have red and blue veiltails, which makes it easier since I have a few that look like them anyways.

But tonight, I saw one that just blew my heart away and I was in near tears leaving the store without him. A yellow and white dragon HM, something I have never seen in person until I got Spidey from the breeder. HM are never in stores here, but I guess they started selling more than VTs.

My question is, for those who have this Betta addiction under control, how do you do it? I thought I was doing good, I guess I still am since I still only have my 6 boys, but I have been up all night upset cause I want to go back and get him. He's not doing to well either, clamped and at the bottom of his bowl. But I know my 6 tanks are more than enough for me to handle. It's just not smart to get another fish. The $20 price tag through me off as well. But alas, I am here heartbroken and wishing I had just one more spot for him :( How do you guys cope when that ONE Betta that totally spins your world around, and you can't take him/her home? Sigh. Sorry. No one locally know what I'm talking about. They don't understand that pull towards these fish :(

This Betta looks exactly like the one at the LPS.. which I oddly posted on the Aquabid thread a while ago.

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I used to buy a new betta once every couple of weeks. It was easy because I had plenty of time and the space and resources to house them all.

Eventually however, I got tired of dealing with the stress of constant water changes as well as the fact that I had a whole lot of tanks with only one fish. They all just started blurring together and I realised that looking after them had become a chore rather than something I enjoyed.

So I ended up selling off around 15 of them, and culling a couple of chronically sick ones.

I decided I wanted to focus on natives and wild bettas instead as they are much more flexible in terms of tankmates and care.

I now avoid the betta section of our LFS and prevent myself from buying any imports from the transhipper here. I just go with the whole out of sight out of mind thing. I may go by and give them a cursory glance, but I try not to look at each one individually as otherwise I get attached and find myself walking out with a fish I didn't need.

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OMG, how could you walk away from that beauty?

I have 1
Royal Blue Crown tail named Flushy von Royale.

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Look at the quality of life yours have and remind yourself that you never know when one more betta will be your tipping point between excellent care and "oh well... I'll change the water tomorrow"

Know what you can and cannot handle and adjust accordingly.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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i have pouted when i couldn't get one. she was a yellow pineapple female. last one at the store. i wanted her SO bad, but had to spend my money on bedding for my bunny rabbit.

honestly, though, the only thing keeping me from getting anyone new, is money. often, i don't have money to buy a new baby. last one i bought from the store, was Scout, but i had money on me, and just had to, because he was so tiny and ugly, my heart went out to him. now, though.... i don't have money to go and buy someone new. not in my pocket, anyways. lol
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There will always be just "one" more betta I know how it feels. I set up my community tank so that I could have a couple (my girls) in one spot and not feel bad about having 8 or 10 betta.

It's just about how much you can really handle, he might spin your world around but he might also spin someone else's world around, at the same time why not see if any of your friends want to get into the hobby? That's how I got a friend to rescue a betta I was agonizing over in the pet store.

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Sadly Shy, I don't have any friends locally. And most are of the same idea that bettas live in small bowls with nothing and no water changes. I can honestly say, not many people here take care of bettas like we do.

It would be much easier if money was an issue, I mean I didn't want to pay $20 for him, doesn't mean I couldn't ya know? I have set ups here that are empty, just sitting there ready for water. I also know that one more wouldn't be a hassle on day to day cleanings or food supplies, as I have gone from 8 tanks to 6 in the last month and will be dividing another 10g which will bring me to 5.

I don't know why I didn't just take him, I have no idea what is stopping me.

It's not a matter of "one" more fish, I have been around many Bettas, I have walked away from them all (even ones that were on the brink of death, and I walked away). There was just something about him :(

I've decided to let this go, push it back in my mind so I don't think about it. I'll reward myself with a breeders pair next summer... or I'll get another if one of my boys sadly pass. It's just so flipping hard having the money, the set up, the time and still having my head say no!

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Something that helped me was constantly telling myself there will ALWAYS be another fish, even though it doesn't feel like it at times there will always be another that you fall in love with just as much.

Now I'm too broke and too busy to afford any fish so that really helps. :p

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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My parents are what stops me. I know I could easily handle another tank, but it's their house, their rules.
Luckily, after Apollo died, my mother eventually agreed to let me get Odysseus (named today after 3 weeks with me, lol!), who looks pretty similar to that boy but is a butterfly, and slightly less yellow. My only reason for wanting him was that he absolutely pulled my heartstrings when I saw him - love at first sight. He was in a good petshop with good care, a litre and a bit to swim in, mental stimulation, clean (if slightly cool) water...but he was so beautiful, and the only HM I've seen in my city. Even his $26.50 price tag couldn't put me off (especially since the lovely shop owner let me have him for $11.50!).

It's the same with rats, though. I see a rat as the RSPCA, and I just think, I could give that little boy the most amazing life, and I know I have the money, time and love...but my parents say no.

Life will become more difficult when I graduate and leave home, I think...less money, less time, but more freedom to rescue every little critter I see...

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After I put together my 30 gal and spent way too much money on it, I just put my foot down(with myself?) and decided that the number of tanks I had at that moment was as many as I was allowed until I bought a house/somewhere I was planning on staying for more than a year. It kind of worked out because I'm planning on moving out of state as soon as I've got my degree and it's going to be really difficult to move or rehome as many fish as I have right now, much less if I went and picked up all the Betta fish that have caught my eye over the last few months.

Here's hoping my boyfriend's little sister catches the Betta bug and takes my babies when we leave.

Proud mom of Samuel, the red, white and blue VT and Darius, the purple and red HM.

Samuel's Tank Mates:
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