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Can you remember the names & details of your previous bettas?

I've been thinking about the previous bettas I have had over the years and I want to see how many I can remember! Feel free to reuse any of the names if you like them, I only use the names one time.

Shoalin - My first betta, he was pure red
Ice Kube - blue and white, died pretty quick he looked sick
Mordecai - white/pinkish body with red dots - Had him nearly 4 years
Neptune - black with blue fins. I gave him a 20 gallon he got stressed:(
Ink - white with blue ink like dots all over him I think I had him 2 years, we went camping, rving, lived in hotels, went on a winter road trip haha
Graffiti - had him recently until he died from bad ornaments blue & red
Coro - my current betta, he's orange with a black head.
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Here's my little list :) I miss them all!

Angel - female Cambodian veil tail, my first Betta in 2004 (unknown)
Joey - Orange VT, my second Betta in 2005/2006 (windex accident)
Venom - Blue VT, my first Betta in years, May 2011 (unknown, chemical burn?)
Carnage - Red Copper BF HM from CanadaBettas, May 2011 (Stress from ship/Ich)
Yuki - female Cambodian, Sept 2001 (sick from pet store)
Sheldon - Yellow/White Dragon VT, Nov 2011 (sick from pet store)
Yoshe - female Black lace CT, Dec 2011 (columnaris)

Then of course I have my crew now :)

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Thumbs down mmhmm

Pheech, berry and velvet chartreuse, attentive VT male, disco to a ten gallon. very attentive but easily distracted.

Pearl, sunrise yellow with blue rays VT fem, pushy and attentive, liked tucking her head places.
Pug, CT girl, red blue and black, ate carbon and popped. happy flower while I had her. Was PUGnacious, would flare for just a moment in response to others.
Red, Blue (with pug n pearl) blue followed red, eating flaring sleeping hiding. Red died to QT set up with a faulty thermometer. 92°. I check em against the tank EVERY time now. Red was 'normal'
LT Little tiny, failure to thrive and never grew a ovapositor
Blue2, HYOOOGE girl. Healthy but she'd brush the sides of a tp tube if she swam through. attentive and stately. First infection death.
Cambi, cambodian VT calico 5 color (white green red yellow blue w violet rays on green tail) famous for aggression at feeding time, sleeping on the intake, surviving 7 months without swim bladder (Penguin 150b wrapped her up)
Cammie, replacement for cambi, a non cambodian calico, white green red blue, 11 month girl
Clowntail, replacement for cammie, 16 month girl, light green VT bottom fin with a reversed corrigation (grew up at the fin root, curled over, interesting bump)
Moon, sunset moon pink half cambodian, protected clowntail until I had to take clowntail out because she was being battered by moon into the corner. Moon went crazy from lack of sleep over this and had to be put down, she was trying to kill EVERYONE in the tank.
blue blue blue and blue blue betta girls seem to be average
Cherries, a red with green fleck scales, you've seen pictures. died from gram- airborn aquatic.
Purp- little fast swimmer, passed with cherries
Violet- flame colored with asymetric flame shape tail, passed with cherries
Jade- green forhead blue VT, passed with cherries
PinkPink (2) cursed name, both became cat food
Emerald - put to sleep due to infections from multiple lacerations gotten while protecting moon, clowntail, flame and cherries from the cat that ate both pinkpinks. Only ONLY girl I ever brought home that stayed green.

I lost a whole 10 population tank to the Omega One Fry Flake and thankfully cannot remember the names I gave them.

Right now Ive got Leah (leanthshei) pearl with midnight fin splotch fem CT, solo tank.
Cotton (candy) pastel half cambodian VT with a circle of blue on tail
Pink, vt with green rays on tail, very quiet girl
Berries, CT with two black stripes behind top fin... shes cambodian CT with raspberry fins and salmon white body. HUGE fins, scared the top girl when I put her in.
Yellow yup, all black eye.
Goldie exactly, shiney gold ring in eye, very very pretty.
Tealah CT girl, loves her name
Red vt
Spider, VT blue with red fin rim and forhead, even looks like velvet
(blue looong CT, two unnamed baby betta girls)

Glee, true HM blue pom-pom of a boy, so happy he rips his fins doing reversals.
Little Boy, HMDT no separation, 2 caudials, stunted body and growing slowly, very stately and a gorgeous blood red.
Fluffy, CT black blue with green border male, likes to do comb-over with top fin
Noob, VT male walmart, decided I was going to be his owner and spent a half hour watching me talk to people, was always pointed at me when I looked.

Gracy, ugly VT girl, Buck the Molly's "mate" in the community tank. She keeps the tetra from breeding. Guppies in there just don't hunt eggs.
Buck, honorary female betta, was a momma's boy to Cherries and Clowntail. My oldest fish, about 26 months. born in my tanks.

Splotch was a half blue delta
Bubbles (there's a pic at noodlyappendagemonster on photobucket)
Both died from being a little sick and eating Fry Flake, its cement I tell you.

Emo: Thought we were sleeping too long and stayed awake the entire time we were asleep out of fear that we were drowning. I got him tetras so he could see it was JUST HIM that had to go up for air. After tetras he slept at night and was awake all day finally. VT male, black violet and blood red with a white deformation "saddle" in his anal fin.

Dart: fish lice and fin-rot, very long vt male with aquamarine specs. darted a lot from the lice until the treatment took. very very very very ME ME ME attentive

Goat: survivor of a 3 way gladatorial at walmart. had no fins when I got him home. Carnation light purple and white body cambodian vt! didn't have to feed him for a week. first apprentice male. (if they see how the big tank boys behave, they learn to be your pet)

Kingsley runt king (peaceful) spent time as companion in girls tank until they realized he was a boy - still wouldn't defend himself. first death from fry flake.. he's the one with teeth showing in my pic.

Dot, black eye yellow VT fem with HYOOOGE fins, more fin than body from the side. spent time with cambi

Star VT cambodian white white with a blue A shape on top fin, very quiet girl

Martin white on white eggshell roundtail rescue, infections from attacking and breaking plastic cup plant pot

I'm sure I'll remember more...
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My first 2 bettas I got at almost the same time.

(I know his name, but it's kinda special and I don't want anyone using it)- First and lived the longest. Blue Veil Tail. Nearly 5 1/2 years old when he died. (natural causes/maybe finrot)
*same as above*- Second oldest. Lived to be 2 1/2 years old. He was I think kinda blue/silver and had a somewhat multi color tail. (at least in my toddler eyes) (Natural causes)
Zappity- Lived maybe a week. I was like, 3 and I liked feeding my fish, let's say, a little too much. xD Mom didn't know I was feeding him like 11 times a day...(Over feeding)
I had like 4 others, can't remember if I named them or not, but they all died from over feeding.
Mr. Bubbles- Current fella. Orange and feisty.

Proud owner of;
1 Cambodian Female CT Betta~3gal
White/Blue Marble SD Betta~3gal
2 Chihuahuas
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Mister: was blue and red VT, lived to 7 years old in a bowl. he was very active til the very end, and came home thinking he was sleeping but found out he was dead...
Finicky: was a blue VT, lived to 4.5 years in a small tank (1.5 gallon) that was heated. He was sick so I used a small amount of bettafix and he died the next day. those were my first two babies!!! rest are in the signature.

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.
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Zach: orange dal Veil. lived 4 years with me. started life in a half gallon bowl, ended four years later in a 10 gallon tank.
Cup: blue and red multi. lived 2 years with me, till some nasty bloat took him from me. had swim bladder issues his whole life.
Zidane: orange CT. lived with me 2 years. amazing boy, epic bubble nester. pretty shy, though.
Mister Auron: red and black. veil, i think. only had him a few hours. PetSmart i'll never go to again. EVERY betta there was sick, and most had swim bladder issues he was the healthiest. :T
Freya: multi CT. tiny thing when i got her. thought she was some kinda tetra, honestly. super shy, easily stressed. loved flirting with Cup, though. died mysteriously a year after i got her.
Weiss: my first HMPK, and the betta that drew me to them. almost pure white, hence his name. got sick one day, and never recovered. it sapped his strength till even an inch was too deep. died on the 4th of July.
Hyde: blue, white, and lavender grizzle veil. wanted an HMDT. got him instead. picked him from his tiny baggy the moment they came in. beautiful boy. died from poisoning from a bad storage bin. he was a trooper, though. i had such hope for him.
Gackt: yellow veil. died from the same storage bin Hyde was poisoned with. he was a gift from my mom. started pale yellow, ended the color of a perfect banana. had a small patch of metallic on his 'cheeks'.
Dante: red copper delta. my tail biter. he was an ugly guy in the store, and i made a bet with the fish guy. if i could pick out the HM, i could get him for Veiltail price. i did. was drawn to Dante. made the guy mad. xD he got stuck in his cave and hurt his gill. hid it VERY well. didn't catch it till it was too late.
Caroline: red cambodian veil female. my favorite. my desk buddy. she had the sweetest personality, and the prettiest blue eyes. she helped me out, bringing me out of my depression with her blue eyes. i wanted to help her when she got sick. tried everything i could to help her, but failed. i'd wanted to breed her, but never got the chance.
Purple. a rare treat indeed! he was the PERFECT combination of blue, red, and white to produce a purple betta! he's who i wanted to breed with Caroline, and hoped to make more purples. he somehow caught the same thing Caroline did, and it took him faster.
Theodore: my second white HMPK. he was a sympathy buy. he'd been there almost two weeks. no one wants the white ones. too plain. it was him, or a marble HM. i made the right choice. after bringing him home, found out he was partly blind. he taught me alot about blind bettas. he was Ichi's neighbor, and they lived side by side with no stress or issues. sweet boy, curious about the world he can't see. died from an unknown cause that took him within hours of me noticing symptoms.
Chappy Belle: the hardest loss on me next to Theo's death. i raised her from a fry, got her right after Weiss died... got to watch her grow up and change, from a colorless speck to a beautiful cream girl with blue-green dragon scales, to the olive brown princess she stayed. what i thought was stress from moving, ended up being something else.

i feel like i'm missing some... this list makes me sad, though. seeing all those i had and lost.... :< RIP, my finned babies. mommy misses each and every one of you.
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My first was a red ct called Young Jeezy
Edgar: red VT
Annie: red delta
Loam: marble delta
Pakeha: cello delta
Chesire: turquoise SD
Turnbull: marble RT
Then I stopped giving them names but the odd one will get stupid names like Runty, Reedy and Bladdey

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Wow. I feel so inadiquate. I've only had one before my current ones.

Azura - blue VT bought from WalMart. I kept him in a 5 gal with anubias. He went through college with me.


Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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Don't feel bad, Koimaiden. I've only had one before my current two.

Wheatley: He was a purple/blue VT. I'd had him about 3 months when i lost him due to treating Swimmer's bloat wrong.

My Betta Babies<3
Casper, a male Cellopane VT (11/07/11)
Amerigo, a male Marble DT (11/20/11)

"Bettas are like potato chips: You can never have just one!"

Rest in Peace: Wheatley (11/01/11)
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Philip- blue and red betta. Had him way before all the fancy colors were at pet stores! He liked to hide and float around. He was like my little aquatic puppy dog!

He died at 8 years of age because of old age.

Red- Red male VT with white fins. Best christmas present ever!
Died due to a run in with my devil of a sister. He and Philip were both in this horrid crime, Philip was the only one who made it out alive, though not intact.

Beans- Black and red CT Female. 1 of 4 females in a small community tank. Died of unknown causes.

I miss them all terribly! I feel real awful because Beans and Red were only with me for a short time. I always feel as if I've lost a huge part of myself when one of my fish dies, but I let the way that I love them show by the way I love my current tangle of small tropical fish.

I will always love them and though they are lost, they will never be forgotten.

Tigger- Pink/red male VT betta
Prince Nez-Tan/Blue male VT betta
Dragon-deformed Silver/blue/red CT male betta
Cleo-Red Vt female betta
Annie-Blue/black VT female betta
Shoes- orange VT female Betta
Caspian- Blue Male VT Betta
Lemon-Female(?) SilverTipped Tetra
Tiny-small Male(?) SilverTipped Tetra
Tim-Male(?) SilverTipped Tetra
1 pleco

Philip-male VT betta,died at 8 years old
Beans-Female CT betta, died at age 3.
Red-Male VT, died at age 3.
I will always love you <3
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