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I think I'll be ending up on the naughty list this year.....

Why you ask?
See, a few days ago I was debating over two bettas. Unable to decide, I made my dad pick, and ended up coming home with Break. But of course, I couldn't get the other guy off my mind....though this started quite some time ago actually. I SWEAR, for the past four months since I've moved here, I've seen him(or a fish that looks EXACTLY like him)on the shelf every time I went in to get Phoenix food....hes been haunting me. D:

Well, today my mom took me to get some fresh Waxworms....
And I went in alone......
And he was still there....
.....So I broke down, bought him, and smuggled him home
Its not like I didn't have the tank and space....I have so much spare fish stuff from all the boys I used to have its crazy...but my parents would be furious if they knew I got another fish I can't wait until I get my own place.....
So, his tank his hiding behind Alois's for now ^^; Until I can poke around and find a better, slightly more concealed spot to set his tank up in.
NOTE TO KIDS: Don't do this at home....xD Seriously, listen to your parents...when they say no more, no more. I'm just a rebellious twenty year old. ;P Lol.

Anywho. On to the good stuff....pictures and whatnot xD(he'll get a photoshoot and such a little later on):

He has, tentatively, been named Ciel, after Ciel Phantomhive from the anime/Manga Kuro****suji/Black Butler(thats what I've been calling him for the past four months xD I may change it, depending on his coloring and temperament). Hes such a tiny little thing, very young, and quite pale still....its impossible to say his exact coloring just yet(I'm guessing Orchid Marble though), or if he will in fact grow out to be a full HM or not. But hes definitely a marble, so that will be interesting. I look forward to seeing how he changes and grows over time.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my story and the reason I'm getting coal for Christmas I'm so horrible, smuggling in fish....
Happy Holidays! ;)
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I know your pain, Dragon! I, too, am a rebellious 20 year old. :p Two weeks ago today I came home with a little girl I just couldn't leave in the petshop. No more, I said, no more. My parents prayed I would listen to myself.

Then I went to the fish club meeting and came home with 3 more cories, 6 Endlers and 12 crystal red shrimp.

Ciel is absolutely beautiful and I could never have left him, so I think you did the right thing. :p Good luck with him!

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Ahhh, yes! XD Haha.Thank you! He's quite adorable, that's for sure. I can't believe I held out for so long.....
Oh, it was horrible when I worked at an LPS....in the fish section...where I got my pick of the bettas as they came in. I lost count if how many fish I smuggled home in my lunch bag...xD
Parents. They just don't get it ;P

Though we're not really supposed to have animals in this rent house....and I now have five fish and a lizard stashed in my room....xD So when im found out ill likely get into a little more trouble then I used to....but oh well. I broke down, I just couldn't leave him behind this time. It happens to the best of us....
This will definitely be the last boy for a while though xD Its much harder, hiding and smuggling fish the less you have for sure.....Ill just have to be strong....xD;

Hmm, a fish club you say though? I should look and see if there's something like that around here.....I can't believe I didn't think of doing that before...xD
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Thank you! <3
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lol. my parents know i have 4 fish (i live alone). they didnt like a 4th one but they werent there with me when i got it. they think he's in a 1g tank when its a large KK. they have yet to find the KK and im also getting somethineg they will love: a gecko. my mom isnt too bothered about it, cant say the same for my dad, hates any reptile no matter how cute it is.

i love the green highlights on the fins, they go very well with the black.

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the name Ciel fits him, almost to a T! he's beautiful~!
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Thank you!! <33 Yes, I thought it fit him quite well ;) <3

Oh my xD If I lived on my own, my parents would have NO say.....I'd have all my tanks set up again, plus a rabbit, a hedgehog, and likely another Gecko or two.
My house/apartment would be FULL of animals....I just LOVE them <3 Fish and reptiles especially. I really enjoy all the care that goes into them too <3333
Then again it'd probably be the same if it was just my dad and brother and I too....my dad is a HUGE animal lover, he got me started with fish. xDD

My mom loves my Gecko though. xD Shes such a cool pet, really chill and sweet, and my mom really doesn't like most reptiles.
Are you getting a Leo or another type of Gecko Nel? O.o
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I think santa should feel obligated to bring you a new fish tank...you are rescuing helpless individuals from misery!

Abba (and Jose)

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xD Exactly!! Lol.
Ahh, if only~
I'm hoping to perhaps sit down with my dad and talk him into letting me get a second 5 to divide soon. Less hassle and water changes, two less tanks, so less room taken up....I think if I pitch it that way he'll go for it xD
Though its not like hes the one thats going to be paying for any of it...;P xD Oh well.
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