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What brings you here?

I'm curious as to how you all got here. Not so much the website, but into keeping happy bettas. At what point did you decide to research the fish you probably had 4 of as a kid that were just lazy and then died? Or did this stem from a general aquarium hobby?

Personally, my mom and step-dad started keeping fish. My mom moved her ADF into a bigger tank and (in her usual fashion) dumped her 1g int my hands and told me to go pick a betta. I looked at some tiny book in the petsmart that mentioned a need for a heater, then argued with my mom over whether or not it was necessary. Now here I am, nursing a little rescued bettas' fins back and anxiously waiting for the opportunity to get everything to set up my 10 gal npt community.

so...any other stories?
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As a kid...well younger kid, I'm fifteen now, I had a variety of veiltail males and one veiltail female. Poor things lived in one gallon bowls, but all of them lived a long time and were very loved. My last betta was named Turquoise, and I was probably about 12 when I had him. My youngest brother saved him from me...I never changed the water in the bowl and he had about two inches of gross algae water. I still feel guilty about that actually.

Around two months ago I went to the petstore and picked up a 2.5 gallon tank and two bettas because mom said I could have as many fish as I wanted, but no more furballs or reptiles. The 2.5 was divided and empty of all decor and I began to have a real interest in my new pets. I found this forum, learned proper betta care, and now I have three CT males and a horrible fish obsession. The boys are no longer in the divided 2.5, and I'm in the process of setting up a divided 20 gallon for them all to live happily in. I'm so thankful I found this forum and have a newfound love for bettas. (:
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Hmm, a book that mentions heaters? I think I like this book already...xD Whats the book called?

Anyway, I'll tell my story xD
Though as a small child I had all sorts of fish, my real journey started about five years ago. My dad bought himself a 50 for his new office shortly after he moved, where he kept a Jack Dempsey for a while(quite the lovely fish to watch; I loved him). Unfortunately that job didn't work out, so when he left he rehomed the Dempsey and brought the tank home, where we kept it as a family community tank for a while with mollies and tetras and a couple Gouramis. We moved a couple of times and brought the tank and fish along with is and just kind of kept it in the family room......this was before any research or anything, though. I always enjoyed the tank however.

Anyway, during a move about three years ago, all of the fish we had had before had either died or we found someone to take and we didn't have room in the family room for the tank....so dad gave it to me for my room and told me to set it up and go do some research on fish keeping, hoping that maybe I could make a job out of it eventually.
So thats when I found Tropicalfishkeeping.com and began my journey of real fish keeping.

However, I didn't get into bettas for several more months.....I went and purchased one lovely Blue/teal veil boy from our local craft store however for my 50 in the beginning after learning they could be kept in some communities, though this was before any in-depth research. All I really knew at the time was that most people kept bettas in bowls(which, thinking back on it, I realized I never really thought seemed quite right)and that they would kill each other. He sort of hopped around tanks and bowls and such as I figured out my fish keeping, started setting up some old tanks I had from keeping Hermit Crabs and such.

Though it wasn't until several months later that I got into bettas really. I'd started to do a tad bit of research on here and a couple other forums while I was deciding what I wanted to do with my 20 gallon long....a small community, or a Sorority like someone had suggested...and then one night I had a dream about bettas.
And that was it.

I then proceeded to do more research, set up my 20 long, and went and snagged the five or six girls they had at my LFS xD
Around that time my mom won a DTHM male from a drawing at out LFS.
A week later I set up a divided 10 for the boy I had, and ended up digging out an old 1.8 gallon for my moms fish.
A short while after that I came home from a rare trip to the Petsmart 45 minutes away with a CT male and female I feel in love with.
Couple weeks later I walked out of my LFS with a lovely marble Delta....
Before I knew it I had eight tanks, 15+ males, countless females, and had started to dabble in breeding.

I'd been bitten xD Lol.

I ended up working at that LFS too. Though we recently made a 2000+ mile move, so I rehomed most of my fish save for three(one who just recently fell ill and passed :( RIP my little Batman)who I couldn't bare to part with and the big tanks are packed up in storage for now. :/ I miss them.
But, I have five happy, healthy betta boys who are lavished with love and attention. xD So I'm very happy.

And thats my story xD
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I just wanted something to do. Currently, life has been pretty mundane; I've been living it without a passion. I wouldn't say owning a betta is my passion, but it's certainly occupied some time (researching, feeding, tank cleaning, etc).

Hector - Male Delta Tail
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I had always thought they were pretty and when I got the chanch to buy one i jumped at it :) that was when I got infected with the obsession :) I was looking at pictures of bettas and I ran across this lovely site ;) Then I was introduced to the world of bettas :) I just love this site ^.^

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Ember-CT red
Opal-CT light blue cambodian
Mariana-HM dark blue dragon
Dawn-HM silver dragon
Sweet Pea-CT red/blue/cambodian

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I had a fish who turned out to be a tail biter.. I searched the web trying to find out why his tail was disappearing and in learning about proper care, etc I sort of fell in love with the fish and fish in general and my hobby exploded very quickly from there.

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