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Why Are People So Ignorant???

So as my username suggests, I am a college student. I'm pretty active in house and hall government, and in a week or so, we're participating in Relay for Life, a cancer awareness event. My hall likes to do a lot of fundraising, and comes up with great idea... EXCEPT for one. They want to give out bettas and/ or goldfish as prizes.
I hate when fish are used as prizes. It is downright irresponsible. It's inviting cruelty into the doors. The majority of people in the dorms do not know their lefts and rights, when it comes to fishkeeping. The hobby itself seems simple enough, but most fail to realize that it is a full-time gig. There's a whole lot more than a pretty tank and some fish inside.
I am known as "The Fish Lady" in my house, and people come to me with questions, constantly. Most of the problems they have are as simple as not using water conditioner or not changing the water as often as they should.
People need to do their research! You don't go and buy a pet without first doing some background research. You by no means need to know everything, but at least you should cover all the basics before purchasing any animal, even a fish.
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Fishkeeping sure has changed over the years. When I was a kid we purchased a 10 gallon tank and one of those clear plastic box type bubble filters that you had to fill with charcoal and floss. We set it up, filled it with water and threw in the fish (no bettas.) They lived for the most part as far as I can remember.

So when I decided to get a betta I thought all would be fine as long as I got a filtered tank. Well, the baby betta died and THEN I learned about the tank cycle. How our childhood fish survived is a mystery to me!

It can happen with any animal, that's why so many end up in shelters. People don't do their research first and get caught up in the cuteness and fun of a baby animal, like I did.
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aww noooo.. poor fishies :[

and wow yeah i totally know what you mean about how you have no idea how your childhood fish survived! no idea how mine did either. at one point i think we had 2 angel fish in a bowl. haha.

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My childhood fish.... died..... I was like, why they die? Oh no conditioner!!
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Wow. What student union can afford that many bettas?! Feeder goldfish are relatively cheap and I've kept a few as temporary pets when they decided to be too evasive for my lazy turtles! I managed to keep a 10 gallon fully overstocked for years with corys, barbs, gouramis and a betta... Now, I change too many things and my Lakitu gets dead!
Ugh, is there anyone you can talk to about the fish thing? Maybe you should offer some caresheets. I seriously reccommend the goldfish as a NO since they require so much more than what they're given. Bettas are a little more hardy but they should ONLY be purchased or adoptedby people who WANt them!!!
Let us know how it goes! I feel bad for the potential prizes now :/

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+1 millions to Laki.

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I remember years ago a roommate of mine went to a wedding and brought back a betta in a tiny bowl. I was irritated that she just kept it in that bowl! She said they were on all the tables and people took them home but she could at least have gotten it a decent home. I didn't have the money at the time and she wouldn't give me the fish anyways...
Needless to say it died within a month. :( It's so sad and frustrating to see people use them as party favors.
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If I ever got married, I would decorate the reception room with a pile of 5 gallon tanks fully decked with heaters and live plants. It would change the face of betta keeping for many people there... But then I wouldn't want to part with them all. I can understand going "all out" on 'your' wedding but using a live animal as a party favor is gambling their lives! Oh my.
If I ever attend another wedding as a guest I'll make sure to give them a good lecture and then save them all.. Somehow.
I always envisioned my dog(s) at my wedding. One as the ring bearer and another as the flower child.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -N. Mandela
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The thing I hate the most is when people give bettas (and other animals for that matter) as "presents" Now if someone gave me a betta as a present that'd be different... but like grandmothers giving bettas to their 4 year old grand kids kills me.... It's like "Here, I got you this pretty fish... now take care of it properly and hope it doesn't die soon!" What a great gift... the gift of responsibility at an age where it can't be expected of a child to take care of anything on their own. When I sell pets to people for their kids at my store I make sure I stress to the parents that everyone in the house needs to want the pet and be willing to help out. The kids can have a few small duties for the pet but can't be expected to be completely responsible... Ugh. Sorry that pisses me off to no end. And bettas are such "throw away pets" to most people ignorant to how awesome they can really be! Anyways. Yeah I would try to convince them to get like 5$ dunkin donuts gift cards or something instead... LOL

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I just can't believe some people think to do this. I use to be naive on fish keeping as well. I also used to think that vieltails where the only type of betta. Read book, seriously. This forum and members has been my saviour on betta keeping.
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