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You could also have fish that are suitable tank mates for bettas. :D

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Many of my scaly friends from my original tank from 2011 have passed, except for two! I am in the process of re-doing my tank. :)
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Hmmm, i am not sure about that because if i have a store then i will make sure i have a lot betta jars inside with all the colors that no ones will be able to find in their local pet stores and a lot of females different type, wild type betta, giants and all the betta supplies. I will have so many betta that you would stop buying from aquabid. Most of the lfs don't carry females and i do.
You know. That's a lot of work and i would have to build more breeding tanks and get more jars.
100% of the fish stores buy their fishes from a whole saler and me i will sell my own fishes, this make a lot of difference for everything. I don't think i will have time to care for other fishes that get along with betta.
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This is such a great idea. I do agree though, having an internet side of the business would help to support you through low sales periods.

What would be awesome is for there to be 'betta kits' that appeal to various income levels - 2.5 Kritter Keeper/heater/gravel/betta cave kits, just for quick example, and upward from there, and sorority set ups, all in one package. Easy to buy all at once, with info sheets, etc.

I'd sure shop at a betta-only, betta-ethical store (online.. I'm in Australia, ha). I hope this idea grows for you.


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I think it's a great idea and hope you pull through with it.

I would say to make it where it has sections. Like have the pet/"regular" non show types in one part and the high quality show/breeder bettas in the other.

Its a big investment, but I'm sure will have quite a few constumers coming in. I would highly suggest that you get a website as well! It would really be very helpful for people that can't go to California and visit your store in person. It also depends on the size of the store.

I have to ask..have your figured if you're going to breed in the store or at home and bring to the store?

I still support it and I say...dreaming for too long, isnt going to get you anywhere. The people with get the real idea behind bettas and flyers for a few months should get the store recognized.

Maybe we can help a bit. With Facebook and such. Advertisement. I'd be willing to even though I don't live in California. Let us know!

The results are in!

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I think that would be great! We need a betta store that gives out correct information and really cares about their fish!
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Originally Posted by karpediem View Post
I am not really worried about the location of the store, those who like betta doesn't matter if they are pro, semi pro or beginners or totally new, if they know there is a betta store somewhere or close to their city, believe me they will come from all over the place.
One of my retailer that i supply live in L.A and she drive once a month to my place to select the betta she want and i dont mind she does that because she pay for them and some are not cheap.
And believe me, if i have a store, i will sell my fishes way cheaper than petco and petsmart and for choice of colors, i think i have more, dont you think ??. I sell my ct males regular color here to my neighbors and friends for only $2 and i give the female for free cause i have so many of them. Just Compare my price ct to petco and petsmart, it is more than 50% off, it is like buy 1 and get 1 free.
I said 3 closed down because they were not only selling betta, they have other things too. I remember that even i was supplying those store with my betta, customers will keep coming to see me and buying from me because my price was cheaper and i have all the betta supplies they want.
So, a betta store is coming, not sure when but i am working on it :)
Location is VERY important for any business to succeed yes you will get some people to come from anywhere but keep in mind their are alot of younger people getting into Bettas that may not have the transportation to your place, you should look for a place with alot of traffic like a mall or something like that. Also talk to some small Business owners in your area to get an Idea of how much you will pay for rent, utilities, state taxes, permits/ licenses, employee costs, or any other hidden costs you might have.
Definitly think about the Web Store you can reach the entire world on line and will increase your customer base. I'm in New York and would shop online from your store.
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Yes, I am in SoCal, and would defenately come to your store! Go for it and good luck! I would set up a twitter and Facebook profile + a website for people to see and check out. Keep us updated

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
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A good fish store usually get's business, I think a betta only store would have a little trouble though. If you where to combine a large and healthy collection of bettas along with healthy fish it would be a hit.

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You know, most of you are right and i would like to thank you for all your good advices and supports, i will keep those in my minds.

For the location, at the mall, it will be too expensive for renting, i made some researchs and talked around.
It is better to start with a small spot and if the business is good then i can try bigger. Selling betta doesn't need a lot of space just to start.

4 years ago, i use to go to the flea market in SJ and sell my betta for the weekend and the sale was really good but it was 2 hrs driving so man i was so tired when i got home. The first time i went to SJ flea market, because i didnt know if my betta fishes will sell, i only brought the ones that everyone knows such as the vt and ct, males and females, all the colors available and colors you won't find at your lfs. I took 300 fishes with me, 50 vt males, 150 ct males, 50 vt females and 50 ct females. I was selling vt males for $2 any color and females $0.50. Ct males any color $4 and females $1.50. I have colors like white, black, gold, yellow, yellow pineapple, butterfly, mustard gaz, marble, orange and i was selling them for $4, same price like the regulars colors.
At 2pm in the afternoon, i sold all my fishes. I could not believe it, people was keep coming but i have no more fishes for them and that was only my 1st day, so i told them i'm coming back tomorrow and i will be at the same spot. The next day, i took more, but same quantity for the vt and ct. I took 30 hm pairs, 30 hmplakat pairs, few giants hmplakat, few wild type and few fighters 5 stars. I decided to take different tail types because they were asking for those and i asked my brother and my syster to join me cause selling betta at a flea market demanding a lot of works. I also brought betta supplies such as IAL, banana leaves, betta scoops, betta jars. At the end of that day, i only have around 50 females left, all the males have been sold. I was like WOW!!! This is too good to be true, i was surprised that there was so many people who would buy those little betta fishes. I went only to SJ for 2 months and for each weekend then i stop because like i said, too much driving and too much fatigues but business was good, i wish i live just next door. Sometimes, you can't have everything you want.

Then, 2 years ago, i decided to try to let people come to my place and select their own colors and type of betta they want. A lot of people come and go, business was really good. Sometimes, just in a week, half of my betta was gone. But, there was few issues that i need to take care and that was for the safety of my house and his surrounding and also public restroom, my customers wre starting to ask if they could use the restrooms in my house, that is a NO NO, or people was smoking in my backyard which i told them you can not smoke here. So, i closed my doors to them and of course i explained why. Most understood the reasons but they were also sad not to be able to get what they want anymore.
When i opened my doors to everyone, i have customers came from Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton, SF, Oakland, Davis, Burkley, Redding, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego and few couples who was coming from the East Coast such as Tennesse, Ohio, Texas and Oklahoma, but they bought a bunch and they did not flew, they drove so they could take a lot of fishes back with them.
So, i guess i have answered to few of your concerns.
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I just wanted you to think about all the overhead thats involved ,thats all if you think you can pay all the bills and insurances and still make a profit than go for it, I think with those prices you could make a killing on the internet even with shipping costs people would buy from ya.
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