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I typically name my fish a foreign language word. My previous betta was Callius (pronounced Kah-li-us). It was Latin was turquoise. And my betta before him was Azul. Which is spanish for Blue. The red veil tail I had with Azul was named Rojo. Spanish for red.
I've never named any of my animals such "odd" names. However, my current CT is named Spike. For some unknown reason it was the only name that came to mind xD

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My next Male Betta will probably be named Stud.

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Swish Copernicus- the name Copernicus popped into my head when i first saw him. The next day i added Swish because it was easier for my little sister to say xD but it fits.

Reuban...i think it came to mind because he's red, so Ruby popped into my head, but that's girly, so Reuban is his name, and we call him Reubie for short x3

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Zergy, you do know that CAEs can't live in a ten gallon long-term, yes?

All my bettas are named after Greek mythological figures. It started with Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty, amongst other things) because she was the prettiest little girl I had ever seen. Then I got Athena (goddess of wisdom, women and war) because she was so feisty. Apollo (god of music) was named because of his reaction to me playing guitar, and also for his gentle nature.

My sorority girls:
- Circe (a sorceress from the Isle of Aeaeae) because she captivated me with her witchy ways
- Artemis (goddess of moonlight and hunting) because she is green (foresty) and likes to hunt my shrimp
- Medea (sorceress of lover of Jason who murdered her own children) because she seemed like a bad girl
- Hera (Zeus's wife, queen of the gods) because she was the alpha
- Persephone (wife of Hades, god of the Underworld) because she is a dark-bodied mustard-gas
- Psyche (the most beautiful woman in the world) because she was so stunningly beautiful
- Thetis (RIP)(Sea-nymph and mother of Perseus) because she was sea-coloured and changeable

And finally, I also have Odysseus, because he was so scared of his big new tank at first but started to adventure all over it. :) Also, because he is too pretty to be a Zeus or a Hades or something. :p

My rats are all named for literary characters. I'm angling for a Bingley and a Darcy in the future. :D

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My betta is named Toyo, because when I walked out of the pet store I thought my tire was slashed, and my first thought was how I would need a new tire and I just broke the $100 that would have gotten me one, spent on fish supplies.
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I have had a total of over 25 bettas these past years. I will not explain them all, I will just list my current bettas. lol

Hong Ki: He is named after the lead singer of a Korean band called FT Island. I normally do not name animals after people but I just could not get his name out of my head when I first picked him up. :)

Onion: I wanted to originally get a fat white fancy goldfish and name it Onion, but my apartment will not allow a tank big enough for one so when I got this Betta I decided to give the name to him.

Man o' War: I have always liked the name. And I wanted to give him a powerful name, so I thought of the greatest racing horse ever and named him after the horse.

Bettas - Giovanni (HM), Burly (HMPK Giant).
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I named my betta Bob Buttons ... the name came from an episode of Friends, and they were actually referring to a cat (not a fish) ... but when I was in the store looking at him, that just came to mind and it sooooo fits him! Whenever I go over to his tank and call "Bob Buttons!" he swims right up to me and 'flirts' ... I <3 my little guy!
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Haha, creative and funny names. Love 'em all.
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I usually name my fish after very old names that are not common at all or sound super red female is named Cyrillic and my super red male is named Orthodox.

Cyrillic is a form of writing that was used very far back. And Orthodox is a Christian church that was named very far back as well.

The results are in!

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I named my first betta Rosso, which is Italian for red. I named my second betta, Poseidon, because I always liked the sound of the name and Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea.
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