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Originally Posted by Shirleythebetta View Post
Fleetfish. that has to be one of the loveliest females I have ever seen (your avatar)
Actually, that's Waldo, my PK boy. He's a diva though, so it's okay :D

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Mine enjoys current too although last few days he's been exploring more so I guess he got it a little out of his system. For a few days he spent all day just swimming around the back of the tank. Maybe he likes the hand drawn background.
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My female is always swimming in the current of my 10 G community. At her own will. She sees me, then starts doing her waggy-butt-dance and then swims to the filter and starts swimming. Its as if she's in plakat training or something xD My male likes to spit out his food 3 times before eating it. If tried giving him smaller food, soaked food, but he still does it with every kind of food xD

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Originally Posted by fleetfish View Post
Actually, that's Waldo, my PK boy. He's a diva though, so it's okay :D
whoops! sorry waldo....
He is a very beatiful BOY.

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Omelette is a little fish with big personality ♥ He's full grown, topping out at 2 3/4 inch... he's a sweet boy. He is constantly following my ghost shrimp Ash... he already ate Misty, the -biggest- ghost shrimp I have ever When I put on the air pump at night, it's in the right back corner of the tank. Omelette will swim through the bubble stream, under his mug hideout, through the plants, go to the surface, brush the surface with his dorsal fin, flip over, and repeat xD

He's a funny little fish.

Also, I have glass marbles as his substrate (Anacharis does well in it) and it's a single layer of marbles (from the side it looks like it's packed with them). When Omelette poos he can see it under the gravel, so he will just stick his head between the marbles, trying to reach the poo to eat it, and letting his bock end float up vertically :)

And another thing, Omelette won't eat soaked pellets. He only eats hard pellets that aren't soaked. He just chews them. You can actually hear him crunching them :3

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Teehee, Bettas :)

Rosie also likes to play in the filter current.
She has an obsession with bubbles too. If she sees one out of the corner of her eye, she'll follow it around and pop it. If the fresh water is bubbly, she'll pop the bubbles that stick to the side of the tank.
She used to wedge herself between the thermometer and side of the tank, but hasn't done that in a while.
She attacks the outside of her pineapple house. Other times, she'll go inside and then stick her head out one of the windows and just sit like that for a while.
My favorite thing though is when she sees me come into my room and dances around like crazy. She won't stop for anything unless I get close to the tank and stare her in the eyes. I swear she hears me talking to her sometimes hahaha.
She also seems to like when I play music XD

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I'm reading through this thread and remembering all the reasons I love the tiny, crazy little fish we surround ourselves with.

Idaho, one of my two newest boys, has almost no anal fin to speak of-- he came to me missing a huge chunk, all the way to his body, but it's beginning to heal up. It gives him a few problems swimming but he seems to have mostly figured everything out: he'll do this thing where he'll go to the bottom of his tank and just buzz around on the floor, swimming around the bases of his plants, occasionally bumping into walls, just going in circles for as long as it takes to tucker himself out. Then he'll go nap inside one of the plants. Cutest thing.

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I wasn't expecting to get so many replies.

PaintingPintos, I have glass marble substrate as well and Vega will try and dig at the poo he sees at the bottom. I'll hear the marbles clinking and I'll see Vega with his head buried, completely vertical as he tries to reach the poo.

These little fish have so much personality.
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My girls love to greet me and my husband swiming to the front off the tank and trying to get as close as possiable to our fingers, my vt hades does not have a good day until he gives me a kiss in the morning he a re like a grumpy he stays in one spot until I look at him then he purses his lips like a kissing gourmai fish. My halfmoon poesidon does not like my husband cause he will not flare out at my husband but will flare out at me for me. There so funny

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Sky pals around with his ghost shrimp. He has no interest in eating him.

Note Shrimpy on the leaf. They stayed like that for about 3 minutes, haha.

They also follow each other around. Sky will swim across the tank at a leisurely pace, and Shrimpy will follow him. Shrimpy will swim across the tank at a leisurely pace, and Sky will follow him. It's adorable. Haha.

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