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I go by which fish needs me the most. Like ones that look really sick and obviously need some TLC. But that's just me, cause I'm a sucker for suffering animals, and can't say no to their sad looking faces!

Kindness and respect should be shown to all animals, no matter if they are furry, scaly, big, or small. Be a hero to the animals and GO VEGAN!
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im pretty resilient to such issues as i have specific targets to get. the 2 CT are more impulse along with desired colors. the DT was also impulse but its one of the top color traits i want. id love to get a plakat but a 6th fish is a bit much until one eventuality occurs to lower the number of fish in my care. that and i dont have any space to put another tank.

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sry double post

Kigurumi (F) yellow PK 7/4/13, Kurama VT 9/8/13, Zeydalus Salamander EE PK 21/3/14, Ryuk turquoise dragon DeT 8/5/14----Crested Gecko (8ths old) Sven Cal 27/12/11,

RIP: Osiris copper DT, Nel blue VT, Nelliel turquoise grizzle DT, Zaku red cambo, Blitzkreig Pineapple CT, Halloween orange chocolate DeT, Grimmjow, turquoise green CT
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Originally Posted by Sivan View Post
I have a question. Why did you name your red betta Gyarados? Wouldn't that name be more appropriate for a blue and white one? Unless you're referencing Gold and Silver, of course. :)
Haha, glad you asked. When I first saw him in the store, he would snap his mouth at me whenever I got near and would wriggle around wildly in his cup (but not in a way that would alarm fish owners). I had already made the mistake of finding myself naming him Gyarados because it reminded me of my favorite pokemon as a kid. One of my friends told me that didn't make much sense but I remembered that there's a Shiny Gyarados (red) and back then, he was almost completely red with only a little bit blue (he has more blue now however since I got him!).

And yeah, I tried buying this Purple and Gold King Betta but the store wouldn't let me due to it being sick. It was the only sick fish I have yet to really connect to but he died overnight in the store. I was upset since they said they'd treat his fungus and hold him for me.

And yeah, right now I'm really into copper-colored fish, but I definitely want a short-tailed fin one (such as a Plakat) and am sticking out for that. The reason why the King Betta stuck out to me was because of it's coloring and because he was sick. I wanted to rescue the poor guy.
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I have to see a fish in person or see video of it in order to fall in love. The sickly ones tug at my heart, but I know if I take them home and can't save them I'll feel even more horrible. I have to be able to see with my own eyes that the males will flare if something unfamiliar comes too close, and the females don't stay constantly hid in a corner. Other than that - it's mainly color; if I haven't seen a color in person before, I'm far more likely to do an impulse buy for it. I still live at home - so the income issue isn't a huge one yet, though it still tugs at my decisions.

When I got my most recent Crowntail I went to a different petstore first. The males were quite nice, and I really wanted to replace my Red CT with something different - but nothing really popped out. When I went to the petstore across town the first bettas I saw were two white bodied red finned brothers. Just judging on their interest level in me as I approached is what made me fall in love with one over the other. One ignored me, the other flared and began swimming around his little bowl watching me. So I took the second one home. The color caught my eye first as I'd never see a white betta up close, then the flare/activeness test.
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I go by aquarium maintenance schedule and space for the fish. Right now I have an aquarium that is almost ready for prime time and will be getting stocked soon. I'm already changing/cleaning 3 tanks on water change night and that is soon to be 4. I know this isn't a lot for some people but with my schedule the way it is it can be hectic. So unless I start doing divided tanks I don't see me getting to many more fish unless one unfortunately passes.
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I usually go for the pitiful ones...which can be a lot of them. Of the three I have now, the first was at the store six weeks, looking sad and pale. Now he's a handsome orange guy who's about 50% larger.
The second was supposed to be a VT female- it had lots of personality so I couldn't resist (and turned out to be a round tail...or combtail male.) He's always been healthy.
and the third is an opalescent half moon male who bit off most of his tail and was emaciated...a coworker gave him to me. He still has a big chunk of tail missing, but it's growing slowly. He's the most personable of the three and quite healthy now. I love 'me all, the little imps!

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I used to be the worst impulse buyer. I had tubs of fish on my bedroom and rumpus floor and our electricity bill was just insane. If I saw a fish I liked I just bought it, as I had a pretty decent income and the time to properly care for them. Of course that didn't stop my bedroom from being rather cluttered, inaccessible and ghetto.

Then I started to cut back and sell off some fish and tanks. I got my barracks up and running, and that really took a load off maintenance time. Plus I don't have a job anymore, so I have to be a bit more frugal.

Currently, I'm into killifish, Australian and New Guinea natives and wild bettas more than splendens so I have really condensed tank numbers. I would be set if my fry stopped requiring separate grow-outs!

Nowadays, I only purchase high-quality imported bettas. I have completely stopped impulse LFS purchasing, and I will not buy any wild species unless I have a tank set-up and running at the time.

If I can't make room for a fish or have to put it somewhere other than my bedroom or the rumpus, I don't buy it. If I have to purchase anything but live plants and wood, I don't buy the fish. It would have to be a really special betta for me to take home on impulse. It's hard not to just snatch up every betta I see, but I'm trying to wind back my slightly hoarderish tendencies.

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I will buy when I can afford it, and have enough time and space for a new betta. When there is no more space, I will stop buying a betta even the more truly appealing betta is available for me. Buying betta is very addictive, and keeping only 1 betta is not enough for me as I love many type of bettas. Currently I have 11 bettas and I think it is already more than enough for me :)

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