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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
Bomba how do you fit that many fish peacefully in there?! :p gee I have trouble with more than one fish in a tank!
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I have what might be referred to as an excess of plants. :p I'll post a photo at some point.

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Goodness... This will be fun. XD

Thirty gallon-
Toothless the axolotl
eight white cloud minnows (purchased as feeders but he wont eat them)
four feeder goldfish (there were ten this morning... XD)
a billion and one ramshorn snails

Ten gallon #1-

Jareth- VT orange dalmation
3 albino and 3 bronze cories
4 black and 2 striped kuhli loaches
2 ADFs
((and before anyone harps on my stocking, i know what i am doing, and this tank has a lot of live plants. ))

Ten gallon #2-
Miraz - HMPK salamander(?)
Zale - HM red and black marble dragon
Frank-N-Furter - DbT multi (( formally Melody, one of the two survivors from my sorority... Switched genders after being isolated. ))

Ten gallon #3-

Diablo - CT silver and red butterfly
Halt - HM blue/black/white marble
Jose - VT multi

2.5 gallon-
Rescued and still unnamed HMDbTpk

2 gallon

Winter- VT multi (( the only other survivor from my sorority, and currently the only girl. ))

♡♡ 2 cats, 3 Bettas, 5 ball pythons, 5 Fancy Rats... and a five year old little girl!! ♡♡

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10 Gallon Community:
I got this as a Christmas present. (: It's my first tank (other than the 2 poor comet goldies in a bowl of un-conditioned tap water. :( Boo you, Wal-Mart!) It originally housed a royal blue betta fish named Hermes. Poor thing was really stressed and had Swim-Baldder. RIP :(

-5 Male Guppies
Flutterby, Mango (Mango is quite aggressive), Monarch, Hermes Jr., and Sunset.
I think Sunset and Mango are brothers!!

--5 Harlequin Rasboras
Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo and To
These fish are so darn skittish. D:< One of them jumped and hit the tank lid then fell down and got stuck under a rock trying get away from me. O.o

5 Gallon Betta:
This has been used for many things. First, it was for Mango when he had a psychotic break. O.o Then for Hermes Jr.'s Fin-rot treatment (Thanks Sakura! :D). I don't think he had fin-rot though. After being in aquarium salt for a week there was only a little re-growth. I think it might just be a birth defect. Now it houses for my betta. :)

-1 Male VT Betta - Pink and Blue Butterfly (:
I LOVE THIS FISH! :3 He is so full of personality. I've found my Mum singing 'Your Beautiful' by James Blunt to him. O.o

-1 Nerite Snail
Usain Bolt
He's a little ball of snaily cuteness. He was originally meant to keep Mango company when he was put in the 5 gallon. When Mango returned to the community Usain did too. On Friday I found Monarch pecking at him like a chicken. D:< On Sunday he was put in the 5 gallon with Velvet. Velvet stared at him for a few minutes when he first came in, but now he acts like Usain isn't there. lol

EDIT: I just realized how long this is. O.o

10 Gallon Tank:
~Countless Pond Snails~1 Espe's Rasbora~1 Harlequin Rasbora~

5 and 5.5 Gallon Tanks:

Avatar by Fenghuang
Many of my scaly friends from my original tank from 2011 have passed, except for two! I am in the process of re-doing my tank. :)
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Currently 50 fish/200snails 8 tanks setup. Used to have 12.

12 gallon with a small breeder colony of wild strain guppies
5 gallon with wild strain guppies and a male Betta
10 gallon - Empty but still set up
16 gallon with 6 Pygmy Corydoras, 6 kuhli loaches, 1 male Betta, 9 neons, and a sparkling gourami. I know it's overstocked but it is heavily planted, the water parameters are perfect, and it's over filtered. And most of the fish are juvenile
15 gallon with 4 platies, and 5 female fancy guppies
1/2 gallon tank not setup
1/2 gallon tank not setup
1 gallon with nothing but plants

Living room
5 gallon tanks divided tank with 2 male bettas

5 gallon tank with wild strain guppy fry

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Hehe mine will look pretty pathetic compared to you lot!

In my bedroom - 15g heavily planted, over filtered community tank. Kyon the DeT betta, 7 Neon tetras, 4 bronze corys and 1 assassin snail.

8g empty awaiting repairs. Either another male betta, 2 ADF's or a female betta will go in this one.

I've only been fish keeping for little over 2 months.

Gone AWOL....
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nine bettas
nine tanks
smallest is a gallon
biggest is three gallons.
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Currently I have 11 bettas.

Living room
5G - 1 crayfish, 3 tetras, 3 danios
3G - platinum white PK (Pika dragon)
8G - Community tank fish: 1 rainbow fish, 3 tetras, 2 platys, 2 golden barbs, 1 tiger barbs, 1 orange barb (the community tank is setup by my brother)

1.5G - bi-color CT (Donke)
2G - Turquoise butterfly HM (Marco)
2G - Turquoise HM (Danny)
1.5G - Turquiose VT (Jack)
2G - Red lavender HMPK (Prasma)
2G - blue marble cellophane (Mony)
1.5G - Red dragon PK (Fire ruby)
2G - Silver red PK (Huston)
2G - blue yellow marble PK (Kate)

2G - Green marble PKDT (picanto)
2x 1.5G - empty tanks (hospital tank)

Though each of them are living in small tanks, I can feel and see they're always happy and healthy. I do frequent water changes and usually took me more than 1 hours for all tanks (Im actually enjoy doing it)..My bedroom is surrounded with bettas just because I love bettas :D

Pika dragon - white PK
Donke - bi-color CT
Jack - turquoise VT
Mony - blue marble cellophane
Picanto - Green marble PKDT
Prasma - red lavender HMPK
Danny - turquoise butterfly HM
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Oops. I just realized that I have 60 fish

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Originally Posted by bettanova2 View Post
Though each of them are living in small tanks, I can feel and see they're always happy and healthy. I do frequent water changes and usually took me more than 1 hours for all tanks (Im actually enjoy doing it)..My bedroom is surrounded with bettas just because I love bettas :D
Agreed! I actually have a bit of an anxiety disorder, and so water-changes are really soothing and helpful for me. :)

I would never judge someone for the tank size they decided to keep their betta in (I mean, within reason), so long as the fish is happy and well cared for. Different fish respond better to different tanks, besides that: I have one who's currently in a 1 gallon as a temporary home, who used to be very anxious and skittish in his 3.5 gallon, and who now builds bubble nests for me all the time.

rescues: Idaho, VT ∙ Arro, VT ∙ Thistle, VT ∙ Niles, VT ∙ Konrad, VT ∙ Dorian, VT ∙ Oro, VT ∙ Novo, VT
adoptions: Desi, DeT ∙ Ladon, HMPK ∙ Plato, HM ∙ Firefly, HM ∙ Meja, HMPK ∙ Havet, HMPK ∙ Alexei, CT ∙ Gavril, CT ∙ Ilia, CT ∙ Shale, SDeT ∙ Drae, HM
lps/lfs: Taffler, VT ∙ Dove, CT ∙ Corvus, CT ∙ Auton, HMDT ∙ Rhett, CT ∙ Stirling, HM ∙ Vesper, HM
the sorority: Liberty, VT ∙ Saorise, PK ∙ Neith, VT ∙ Ceres, VT ∙ Thegan, VT
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I love this thread!!

Living Room
6.6 bookshelf divided for LuckyBlue and Nebula
1 gallon no name (just got yesterday)

2 gallon LittleBlue

Animal Room (with birds and chins) Most people would have a dining room
2 gallon for Anderson

5 gallon for Ember
5 gallon empty ready for someone

First Betta came home in March this year.

1 Lovebird-Littlebird
2 Dogs- Frisbee (lost Frisbee 7/31/12 age 14) Rose
3 African Greys-Max, Sammy, and Magic
4 Chinchillas- Freckles, Curly, Buddy, Baby
5 Bettas- LuckyBlue, LittleBlue, Nebula, Ember and Anderson

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