My Shoulders and Neck ache SO BAD! I am only 20. Help? - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care
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My Shoulders and Neck ache SO BAD! I am only 20. Help?

Hey everyone! I'm rounding up any and all advice I can get because this is becoming unbearable.

It started maybe around winter 2010. My fingers, wrists and ankles felt strained and had to be cracked constantly. Dr said it wasn't arthritis (thank god) but tendinidus. It has since grown to other part of my body like my knees back neck and shoulders. Sometimes these cravings to crack every joint would be so strong I would attempt but even the successful crackings and stretchings provide no relief. There are times I find myself lying in bed like now because the feeling, which is almost unexplainable, is so strong it is driving me crazy.

The shoulders started to really bother me around January. I would ask almost daily for my boyfriend to massage them but no relief cake from it. I thought I was out of shape; I started stretching them daily to no help. Last Monday and Tuesday I started a work out program on an elliptical to work on heart health. I stopped after Tuesday because my shoulders hurt so bad. I thought it was a good thing: they are getting used. But now its been almost a week later and there is no improvement. It has gone from needing to be cracked to complete consistent pain.

The things ive done for the past few months: I make sure to sit in chairs with backing and ive tried sleeping on my back as oppose to my stomach to no avail.

My neck strains and hurts when I move my head towards my shoulders especially my right shoulder. It hurts my shoulders just to put my hands over my head. My right shoulder blade constantly repeatedly cracks with no relief.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm 20 years old not overweight. I hate taking meds but ive found myself taking an ibprofin a day when symptoms get bad: at night, and when I'm stressed.

My blood pressure is normal but my pulse has always been a little high.

I appreciate any and all suggestions on how to relieve my pain and strain. Every morning my body is stiff and cracks like I'm much older than I really am. Any suggestions? Exercises I'm missing? Directions on where to go? Its driving me crazy and affecting my school and work performance and sometimes my social life.
Thank you again!

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You could have worn cartilage from cracking your joints. I have it in my knees from years back when I was over weight. Or it could possibly be a bone spur.

Either way go to a doctor and have them check you out. If it is a cartilage problem they can inject some stuff in them and it'll fix you right up. A bone spur is a little more complicated and requires surgery, albeit minor. But for the time being I would advise getting a tube of aspercreme or bengay because it helps at least for a bit. It works wonders on my sciatica!:)
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Have you been to an orthopedist?
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I would recommend going to an orthopedic doctor. It sounds like arthritis. Yes, young people can get it, too. There is such a thing as juvenile arthritis. It could be rheumatoid arthritis, too. I hope you can get some answers and some relief. I'm sure you're absolutely miserable.
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Yes, definitely, PLEASE go to a doctor! (a rheumatologist is best, might have to be referred to one by your regular family doctor, like an internist), (I know this is an old thread but it's important) I started having similar problems when I was your age, at 19, I ignored it (denial) only to have it get REALLY REALLY bad, I was almost in a wheelchair by the time I saw a Dr. two years later, when I was 21 (I'm 28 now) I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis..... Are your joints stiff when you wake up in the morning, or sit too long in one position? Thats one sure sign, I hope everything works out for you... I truly hope it isn't RA because it is a fight, chronic pain too
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I am here if you want to talk. I suffer the same condition, whatever it is. I stopped going to the doctor bc after seeing several - they all tell me to exercise more. Exercise is not my problem, like you.

I think my pain started when I was about 11 or 12 and I started going home from school with lower back pain. Everybody said it was growing pains and that it would stop. Well, I am 25 years old now and unless I am still growing but not noticing it, it turns out growing pains was not the answer.

Massage, pills, and heat/ice packs work temporarily. I went to the gym and pool pretty frequently last summer and the only thing which worked was swimming laps. It killed my shoulders but my clbp was lessened.

Ask for bloodwork and xrays on your lower back. I have such a mild case of spina bifida (occulta) you wouldn't know I had it all but the gap weakens one of the key muscles in my lower back. This also affects my knees and feet.

I get crackling in my arms and shoulders daily and sleeping is starting to become affected wherein I cannot comfortably turn or stay in one position for very long.

All I can say, is you're not alone. Chronic pain affects a lot of people. It sucks but a poor attitude makes it worse- body and mind are one.

If you want to talk, I am here.

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Originally Posted by Picasso84 View Post
Yes, definitely, PLEASE go to a doctor! (a rheumatologist is best, might have to be referred to one by your regular family doctor, like an internist)
I agree... I'm 32 and was diagnosed a few years ago with a joint disorder (not RA, though my mom has that and I fear it's only a matter of time) and my rheumatologist has been a HUGE help. Two years ago I could barely function because I was in so much chronic pain due to the inflammation in my joints (it's not arthritis, basically all of the connective tissue in my body stretches "too much" and is in a semi-constant state of irritation). With medication that has for the most part resolved and I feel almost normal most of the time... as long as I stay on my anti-inflammatory meds (mobic has worked great for me) :) Now I only feel really bad when I know I've over done it, but that's more normal and not really a big deal, though it does effect me more than most.
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I have similar problems with my ankles and knees. It's like they need to be cracked but even cracking gives you no relief, and so they just do this sort of cold, dull throb all day long. I also get a similar pain in both of my elbow joints.

The best method I found was using a heat pack and for my ankles, putting several pairs of socks on as the warmth seems to ease some of the pain.

It sucks as joint pain is such a vague sort of symptom to have. Hopefully you can get it worked out soon.

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*** First, let me warn y'all that I revived an old thread! Lol***

Originally Posted by sarahspins View Post
With medication that has for the most part resolved and I feel almost normal most of the time... as long as I stay on my anti-inflammatory meds (mobic has worked great for me) :) Now I only feel really bad when I know I've over done it, but that's more normal and not really a big deal, though it does effect me more than most.
I might have to look into mobic... Yea, I am the same way with needing to know my limits & not over-doing it haha... Just remember to keep the good attitude! :)

And @ LittleBettaFish: that's great that heat helps.... One time, (Lol, I feel like I should say "at band camp" after that... Think thats ok to write seeing as y'all r pretty much my age) I thought that those therma-care heat wraps would help me (didn't take the time to read the fine print on the box... Which says not to use with RA... I read EVERYTHING now! Lol) and I fell asleep, and w/in an hour and a half, I was in the most pain I have ever been in in my ENTIRE life!!! Over the years I have built up an amazing tolerance to pain... But holy cow! I was actually in tears, took me an hour to actually put my feet on the floor... (Another 30min to actually try to walk) I am kinda wondering if that is one of a few dif. ways of telling the dif. btwn RA & osteoarthritis (or other things, I dunno)

Anyways... I try to laugh at many things, I don't remember who said it, but attitude is def. important! Gotta stay positive, and def. def. laugh ALOT!!!!! :)

And like Laki, I am also here if anyone needs to talk! :)
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I have chronic pain too. I am on an awful lot of narcotics, but I find if get involved with something that interests me (pets), that really helps take my mind off the pain, at least for a while.
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