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Do you believe in them? Do you? Do you know any psychics? Do you think spirits and all that is complete and total garbage? Tell us.
I want to talk about this because I'd just like to see who believes in this stuff!
Personally, I don't usually talk about this, but I am an actual psychic and I see ghosts every day.
Yeah, this happens every day. For me, I see them dart around, they stand and stare at me, they come to me for help, etc. I see them usually as balls of energy, varying in size and color. I don't like talking to them because they're really scary but they do send me messages (or I empath information from them? I don't know).... When I see them it's not like I see them 100% 24/7, it's usually flashes or slightly blurry and faded. If I'm completely tuned in it's really easy to see them. OK one of them is back in my room now :P
I don't mind them if they don't bother me (but they still scare me)....But when they get too close I flip out and get really angry at them.
No, I'm not paranoid, schizo, psycho, because I've checked every Psychology book I know of and what I feel/see/know doesn't match up....
How about you? Have you ever seen a ghost? Heard one? ARE you sensitive to spirits? Hmmm?
This is starting to get longer than I expected but that's how I flow xD

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I have not seen one, but there is supposedly a ghost that lives in what used to be my home. I personally believe that ghosts are possibly real. I'd have to look it up, but I heard a debate on memory, which said that it is possible for memories to exist not only in our brains, but in air and other inanimate objects.
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I've seen too much, to the point where I won't even look for it or acknowledge anything of the sort lol

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I don't beileve in ghosts/psychics/mind readers/orbs all that jazz. Too much of it has been proven fake. :P

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I am a psychic of sorts, that is I'm an empath. I feel the energy coming off everyone and everything all the time, it's really troublesome. I don't like crowds for this reason it just drains me, once to the point where I became dizzy and had to remove myself from the situation (damn malls). Animals and children are always pleasant to be around but adults.....they vary and some I can feel their malice.

I am also what you could call a dreamer, one who sees time in dreams. Sometimes the past, others the present, and once in a while the future. But these are difficult to understand but especially that of the future, as time exists all at once picking out what may be from what will be is tedious but all are true and false. It's hard to get your mind around, alas the downfall of mortal minds.

Now ghosts, yes I believe in them because I've seen them. They come and go and vary just as people do. I feel them more often than see them but they are deffinatly there. A few I had to tell to leave and while I know how to banish them I have never been forced to. Usually they are benign and I welcome them as guests so long as they do not cause mischief.

I am also a witch or a mage if you want to go by deffinition, mages don't use tools or spells. I have been since I was young, I am natural. I first fugured it out when I called a storm from a blue sky, scared my brother and my self. But I honed the skill and learned all I could, everything from circles to tools to stones to runes.

But all my studies came to an abrupt halt when I delved too greedily into the secret knowledge. I focused by spell and psychy and called upon the devine's aid and asked to see the future and what I saw was death. I will spare you my vision but it haunted me for years to come and still. So sullen and sombre I was that in a dream I believe one of the devine spoke to me a simple message it said, amongst some broken ruins of a once grand city, "it shall be alright". I awoke with a sense of calm and peace afterwards.

So that is my story concerning my study and encounters with the arcane and bizarre.
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I worked as a psychic/ghost hunter for 15 + years.

I didn't -deliberately- set out to do that, I just .. kind of always could see the dead.

I recall being about 4 or 5 years old and going with my mother to a lady's house. They let me loose in the yard while they had coffee. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little white dog zoom around a corner of the house but when I ran around to find it, it was gone.

So I'm yelling, "Here, puppy! Here, boy!" and the adults piled out to see what I was doing. Mum aksed what dog I was calling to. I told her I was calling a little white doggy, but it went around the corner and disappeared.

The lady looked at me rather funny after I said that and we went home shortly after. So I found out from Mum that the lady's little white dog had died months before...

My life is filled with stories like that. I spent my teenage years like a kid from a Freddy Kreuger movie, eating coffee out the jar with a spoon so I wouldn't go to sleep and have a bunch of clearly dead people all talking to me at once.

At times I was scared I was schizophrenic.. but it wasn't like that at all. I too did bulk research on mental illnesses, I was so scared and worried..

In my early 20's I met a lady who became my mentor for a couple of years. She was the same as me, and taught me a pile of stuff, including how to 'switch off' when I wanted to.

In the meantime, I spent a bunch of my free time doing 'readings' for people, on their houses, etc, all word of mouth referrals, until I had no spare time at all. I ended up quitting my job and charging for my time (not very much! I wasn't like a Madam Zora in a gold turban, kind of tosser) and made a basic wage off of that for many years.

I quit when Daughter was about 5 and started having a lot of very, very strange 'imaginary friends', some of whom I could see out of the corner of my eye at times.. I shut myself down and retired -- all but one imaginary friend vanished the same day I quit..

I feel I did the right thing for Daughter's sake. While my childhood was incredibly interesting, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, and being a bit of a spook magnet, I felt it was unduly influencing her.

Daughter doesn't seem to have the same 'gift' that I had, not at this stage anyhow, though she can spot a liar at 50 paces. My mother was psychic in her youth (I only found this out a few years ago), and I think her mother was too, to an extent.

So for me, it's a matter of 'believing' but of living it as a part of my daily life..


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Due to my Christian religion, I don't believe in that sort of stuff......

I believe in fairies though! lol jk XD

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
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I just wanted to say... Billy, I so respect a person from a different faith/mindset/life experience who can openly say 'I do not believe in that', without then going on to trash the beliefs and experiences of other people.

It's really refreshing to come across people who can be respectful that way.

Thank you. :)


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Sorry! I didn't mean to cause offense! I respect others' views etc. I was just stating why I don't, personally, believe in it.

Sorry if I've caused any disrespect to anyone.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
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No, silly goose. I was paying you a compliment!


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