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lol small world :P

Feel free to message me any questions, I'll try to help the best I can!
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HATE snakes

Sorry if there is spelling and grammer mistakes above. I am not good with either.
If you have fish or plants you need to get rid of pm me I am always looking for more.
"Its a small world unless you gotta walk home".

I think we're above sarcasm, guys. ~ redchigh
"Speak for yourself!"
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Originally Posted by TheCrabbyTabby View Post
Concord. Home of Concord grapes.
LOL yup...and Henry David Thoreau, Walden Pond, Louisa May Alcott..great place if ya love writers, history etc. I miss it sometimes, but NOT the Winters there!

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I love thunderstorms so much....
Whenever I "feel" the electricity building in the air, it's almost like it charges me. I get this uncontrollable energy and I just go nuts running around outside with my dog xD
And when it finally starts pouring, I love to turn off all the lights in the house and completely light everything with candles.
Blackout? BONUS!!!
Blackouts are so much fun (kind of blah in some ways) but I love going into the basement with my family to cool off and play games with them.
That's usually when I break out all 9 of my Tamagotchi xD
Or I just read or draw....more likely drawing though.

But what am I afraid of..?
That's a good question...
Heights I guess. When I go on a Ferris wheel, I avoid going with my cousin or sister, because if we stop near the very top, they start rocking the little seats and I get really angry. They have no idea what fear I feel. I literally feel like my insides are shriveling up. My eyes water and I start shaking. They think it's hilarious, which honest to God makes me want to hit them.
Rollercoasters are so much fun and the worst part is the top of the highest hill....going up is so terrifying.
Also being upside down is super scary. Even if I lie on my bed and let my head hang off the side, I feel my body clench with terror.....
OH and my biggest fear is deep water.
I want to be a marine biologist, go diving into the darkest, deepest unexplored waters of the world. I want to swim with Blue Whales and investigate underwater caves.
But what I hate more than anything in the world is water when I cannot see the very bottom.
That makes panic rise in me more than heights.
I went waterskiing a few weeks ago with my cousin (coincidentally the one who tries to scare the **** out of me on Ferris wheels) and I was taking my turn attempting to ski (apparently we had tied the rope too low so that's why nobody could ski). Nobody was able to ski, and I was the last person to try. The water was only 30 feet deep, but it was as black as death....Whenever I fell off the skis, I would let go of the tow rope (so my arms wouldn't feet ripped off by the boat) and I would curl up into a ball and try to float on top of my skis.
Every time I did this I reminded myself that nothing could hurt or kill me......not even the most terrifying-looking water weeds that were looming up form the depths a few feet away. Water plants scare me more than anything....I hate the idea of getting tangled in one. Drowning.
I don't like FISH being near me either. The little ones (up to 6 inches) are ok, but any bigger than that and I panic. There is no logical reasoning behind that, they just scare me.
But anyway.....
When the boat towed the rope toward me again, I swam like no tomorrow toward it, panicking that I would never reach it.
What didn't help me was that my cousin kept saying loudly, "HEY DAD, LOOK AT THE BIG GROUP OF PLANTS AND FISH UNDER ANYA"..... they have a Fish Finder sonar....which has a screen that shows you where each and every fish and plant are in the water, and even gives a reading of how deep and how large they are. That thing scared me so much, even though I enjoyed watching the fish swim around on the sonar screen.
Oh, and the last thing that scares me are.....well, look at the thread titled "Ghosts".

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I too used to be terrified of thunder and lightning. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my. wait.. wrong song.

I used to hid in my closet all the time. My family tried to help me, telling me the most ridiculous stories. =) One day, while visiting a friend in fort polk, and by myself, lightning struck the tv antenna and all i saw was white.

I closed my eyes, and didnt breath forever. I opened my eyes to the tv smoking! But you know what? Lol, it still worked. After this, i ran faster to the closet!

Later, much later, hiking in yellowstone, got caught in a storm. The lightning was so close to us we dropped to the ground, and our hair was standing on end.

Im not sure when I decided the storms are absolutely beautiful, but one day it happened. I was just tired of being afraid, and started watching instead of hiding.

I think my closet was too full of dogs! Sometimes the CRACK of the storm is so intense it still makes me jump, but that light.. oh so beautiful.
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I shake during storms. I am okay as long as there is no sever threat but if they say chance of severe I freak out and shake. I cry if they say tornado warning and it can be miles away. I blame this on my mother. When I was a kid she used to wrap me in a blanket and hold me until storms passed instead of making me look out the window like my dad wanted. Bad thing is now my dogs are afraid of storms because of me. My terrier crys and my shepard lays at my feet whining. My basset just snoozes. Oh how I wish I was like her XD

Keep yourself clean and bright, for you are the window through which you must see the world.
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I don't mind storms, but I am terrified of planes. I'm not afraid of the height factor but more the space between me and the ground, it's kinda hard to explain... I hate the fact that I have no control, no matter what. Last time I went on a plane, I sat rigid in my seat, and the turbulence was so bad. I basically didn't take my eyes off they little screen thing. I also start shaking and feeling really like, deathly scared.

I kinda have the same thing with water, and the space between myself and the ocean floor. I feel like being stuck out in the middle of the ocean would be horrid.

I used to arachnophobia, but I slowly got over it. I remember waking up one morning to see a giant spider, throwing the blankets over my head and crying my eyes out.

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I ~love~ storms. The louder and rumblier, the better! I live in New England, so we get thunder storms often :) Ironically, though my dog is afraid of his own shadow, thunder storms don't affect him at all; he usually sleeps through them.

I used to have arachnophobia (sp?), but I've gotten over that. I just catch the little guys in the bristles of my broom and let them go outside.

Have to agree about the clowns though - mad creepy o.O

The only cure for ignorance is education, and bullying or attacking someone is no way to educate them.
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Originally Posted by magnum View Post
I don't mind storms, but I am terrified of planes. I'm not afraid of the height factor but more the space between me and the ground, it's kinda hard to explain... I hate the fact that I have no control, no matter what..
I think this is why I have so many fears. I have a control issue I think. This is why I don't like storms. They are uncontrollable. I am also afraid of spiders, planes, heights in general, riding on a motor cycle, geese (go ahead and laugh), The list goes on and on. I was a little agoraphobic. Still am but I am getting over that.

Keep yourself clean and bright, for you are the window through which you must see the world.
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No that is not weird at all. I'm scared of the dark and of being alone,but my dog andrew stays with me everywhere I go so I'm never alone or afraid.


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