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Usually after I put each one in, I have to sit on the edge of the bathtub for a minute just cupping my hand around my eye so I don't rub it, and blinking uncontrollably until my eye accepts the fact that the intruder is back, then I repeat with the other one. Is this normal? Apparently my lenses don't fit right when they first go on, too, they slowly reshape my eyes overnight, each night.

Also, tips on getting it on your cornea first try? On my right its always the inside (which means I look out, I know) and with my left its either inside, or less ofhen, bottom, or sometimes right on. Also, how do you get it onto your cornea once it is in the wrong place?

ALSO, weird thing, but the right position is the least comfortable position. :/ I get used to it, though.
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SO yeah, wondering if this is normal and stuff?
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What kind of contacts do you have? I have astigmatism so my optometrist tried to give me contacts that correct for astigmatism. They're way bigger than normal contacts and my eyes were NOT having them. I switched to normal contacts because I'm used to consciously correcting for my astigmatism anyways :P

It's hard for me to describe how I put my contacts in, but I find it easier to try to keep my eyes unfocused while I do it. I put the contact on the pad of my middle or 4th finger and just plop it right onto the middle of my eyeball, lowered slightly from the center. I also hold down my lower eyelashes with that finger. Once it's stuck to your eye, you should be able to blink it into place if it's slightly off center. If you can't do that, it's definitely either inside out or the wrong shape for your eye.
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Its supposed to be the wrong shape, they are reshaping my eye and so the contact is the shape they want it to be. My eyelashes are so long, its hard to hold them out of the way! most of the time, they are the reason I cant get my contacts in! :P
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Posted from the other thread...

I've been using those lenses for over 10 years now.
If you just got them, they will hurt a lot.
They are not meant for daily wear and that's why you need to put them on before you go to bed.
If you stick with them you will definitely get used to them.
I don't know what instructions they gave you at the optometrist but what I do is I will put a drop of saline solution in each eye before applying the lens and will fill the lens with saline solution. Then insert the lens directly on the cornea, not underneath like soft contacts (you can scratch your eye if you do that). If I don't use this method my lenses will feel very dry and will stick to my eye to much to the point that they can be painful.
And make super sure they are very clean, any particle will hurt like there's no tomorrow.

I love these lenses but my optometrist friend told me a lot of people don't do well with them. She was actually surprised I have been wearing them for so long without any problems.
They last forever too. I've had 2 pairs in the last 10 years and my yearly exams haven't called for a change in prescription. They are super pricy but definitely less than soft contacts in the long run... and better than getting corrective surgery, IMO.
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I haven't tried contacts since I was 15 and im now 33. I don't recall having issues getting them into my eye though. I do remember that I stoped using them because my one eye produced too many deposits so I could never really get the lens clean and at the time the daily use ones were out of the price range for me.

Are you guys talking about hard contacts? I used to be an optician for sears when I lived in Alaska and I do not recall anyone comming in to order hard contacts.

They are also easy to take care of and are extremely durable. The amount of time needed to adjust to rigid gas permeable contact lenses is longer than with soft contact lenses. To achieve maximum comfort, a rigid gas permeable contact lens should be worn every day. Rigid gas permeable and soft contacts are available as extended wear options. These contacts may be worn overnight. Sleeping in extended wear contacts may decrease the flow of oxygen to the cornea, so it is important to wear them as directed and get routine checkups with your eye doctor.

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I have actually gotten pretty used to them :D I am getting better at getting it on my cornea the first time too :D
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My mom tried contacts and just couldn't get used to them. Me either. She eventually got presbyopia surgery. In fact, they took out the old defunct lenses and put in the corrective ones, one eye per surgery.

She says its the best thing she's done to correct her vision. That and I don't have to be her eyes anymore when she forgets her glasses at home.


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Not at all... although then again, I just use regular contacts, not the kind you use. I pop them in, wait a second for them to adjust, and i'm good to go. I've been using them for years now so I can usually get them in even without a mirror.

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