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I am too young for college.
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Originally Posted by whiskandbowl View Post
I'm a third year Early Childhood Education/ Special Education dual. Still unsure if that's what I want to do LOL
I think the dorms allow 5 gallons max, though most people I see buying bettas for their dorm get tiny bowls.
That's a great field to get into. The special ed teachers at my school were always the nicest people :) And yeah, I went into the LFS looking for some ghost shrimp (what kind of fish store doesn't carry ghost shrimp?) and decided to look at their bettas. They had two left. I asked what was up with their skimpy selection and one of the girls (family-owned) told me, "Oh, all the sorority girls get them. We're almost sold out of those (indicates tiny half gallon bowls that come with dividers) too.

Those poor fish :(

Originally Posted by AngesRadieux View Post
This year when I'm trying to avoid doing a paper: Er... Well, I have... Oh, wait! No homework in that class... But there's that--er... Never mind, already finished. But there's...! Crap. No more excuses... Guess I'll just spin around in my chair for a bit...

As a music major I ALWAYS had stuff to do. Now? I'm not doing much of anything. Guess it gives me more time to stare at my fish?
Me: "Hmm, genetics exam next week, two chem labs due on Wednesday, a speech to give on Tuesday, and... oh my, look how dirty my room is! Why, I just cleaned it yesterday! And my tank! Oh my word, my poor fish are living in FILTH! How could I DO THIS TO THEM?"

Alternatively: "Reddit Reddit Reddit Facebook Reddit Bettafish.com!"

Originally Posted by xjenuhfur View Post
Oh yeah, my major is computer engineering. (I am obv trying to kill myself by having this major Lololol)
Eww, engineering! Started out as a chemical engineer, and I have no idea why... I was destined for marine biology...

Me at age 9 with my science fair project on bioluminescent abyssal fish and invertebrates.

Originally Posted by ThePearlFish View Post
The official title of my major if/when I transfer to the 4 year University (to finish my Bachelors) will be a BS in Biology with a concentration in Environmental and Conservation Biology. (A Wildlife Biologist basically)

...I AM forbidden anymore animals right now though by the BF :P
Worked with a lady this summer who majored wildlife biology and just got her master's at the lab we worked at (it's university affiliated) in some sort of marine field. She really loved her undergrad work. Keep on keepin' on; it'll be worth it (I hope!)

Also, laaaame. My boyfriend already knows that when we move in and get established, I have a goal of a biotope from all corners of the world, plus a cichlid tank (African AND American), plus a riparium, plus a reef tank, plus a native saltwater biotope, plus... he said all that is fine, just as long as he can have a jellyfish tank. Which is okay, cause that was one of my wants, too. Of course, I've never paid a power bill; I'll probably be a lot less wanting of all of these neat things once I start paying to heat them

Originally Posted by RoxieStClaire View Post
5th year of college because I suck and can't settle on a major.

Started in Environmental Science, with a focus on water quality, but switched after I found out I'm number dyslexic and canNOT do math to save my life, even though I understand how to solve the problems.

Tried Anthropology, did well in that until last semester when I got sick and ended flunking out because I couldn't keep up with the work because of it.
College is brutal

Originally Posted by Jupiter View Post
The one time I live in a dorm we weren't allowed any pets AT ALL, including fish.

(But I secretly kept one in my closet ;) )
Ooooh, I'm telling the RA... :P Honestly though, why not a small tank? Unless they had carpeted floors or something... ha... a dorm with carpeted floors...

Originally Posted by ChoclateBetta View Post
I am too young for college.
Enjoy secondary school while you can! Higher education is fun, but a lot harder, and work is boring if you're not in the right field.

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My dorm was carpeted...but who knows why? I don't see how a small tank would hurt anyone.

tbh I dodn't think the RA would have done anything even if she knew, because she was hardly around and did basically nothing anyway. e_e

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Could of switched to ocean engineering. ;)

"I am not afraid, I was born to do this." -Joan of Arc
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I've not yet gone on reddit, but I've recently discovered the procrastinating powers of cleverbot, bejeweled blitz, and zuma blitz. And cleaning my fish tank... But I'd rather just have other assignments to do. That way I could put off doing my paper and not feel so guilty about it because I was doing something productive.

All I have to do is write now and I just don't want to do it anymore! The papers aren't long, but I just revise them to DEATH because I don't have anything better to be doing. This week, I have on paper due that I've gone through five drafts of, another that I have three drafts of, and the one I'm still putting off doing. It'll get done... Maybe at 11pm tomorrow night, but it'll still get done. I'm just sick to death of writing and revising and writing some more and then revising again, etc.

Guess it's my own fault for taking two writing courses. But I wouldn't spend so much time revising if my other classes would give me some work to do, and then I wouldn't be so sick of it!

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I miss college. Only dormed one semester as a transfer student and didn't have pets that year, unless seamonkeys count lol. Majored in Pre-med and minored in English Lit for undergrad and did English Lit for my master's. The only PhD offered in Puerto Rico is Caribbean Lit and *gags*.
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I'm a Senior (graduating in December) History major.

My dorm allows 20 gallons, but unfortunately the dorms are small enough that I don't have room for nice big tanks. All three of my fish are in tanks between 1.5 and 2 gallons. I'm thinking of getting a fourth, because there is room for one more tank on my desk.

I used to be in a dorm with a carpeted floor. It was AWFUL, especially because for some reason we weren't allowed to have vacuum cleaners. Febreeze can only do so much!

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Originally Posted by Irishdancer View Post
I used to be in a dorm with a carpeted floor. It was AWFUL, especially because for some reason we weren't allowed to have vacuum cleaners. Febreeze can only do so much!

How the heck do you keep a carpet clean without a VACUUM?!


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Originally Posted by ThePearlFish View Post
How the heck do you keep a carpet clean without a VACUUM?!
We didn't. Some people used brooms, and I would use the sticky side of duct tape to pick up crumbs and stuff, but nothing worked all that well. I'm SO glad I got into a different dorm this year.

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I'm a second year bio/pre-vet major considering switching to enviornmental science/ecology. My dorms allow a total of thirty gallons of tank space per room, so long as the contents are either fish or hermit crabs. I went from having a single ten gallon last year, to a ten gallon and a five gallon initially this year, to a fifteen gallon and the five gallon, to currently considering setting up the ten gallon and splitting it so I can get a second betta. I also have a dog living with me as and Emotionl Support Animal because of my social anxiety, but I kinda forced the school's hand on that one - it's required by federal law to allow a student to have a service dog/ESA if a medical professional says that it would releive the symptoms of a disability.

It's funnier in Enochian.
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