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Gun Control

First off the rules because this is a touchy subject and deals with politics. 1. Don't take offense because your idea/fact was shot down (This WILL happen a lot so if you can't handle it, please look at all the pretty pictures of bettas and their homes, also learn about plants lol), when someone takes offense that is when it gets bad. 2. Please don't post one after the other it clogs the thread with just you, there is an edit button on the bottom left hand side just in case you didn't know. Or wait for someone else to respond 3. Ganging up is a felony (kidding) 4.Don't have anything nice to say please don't say it unless it relates to the topic. Failure to do these simple things I will have a mod shut it down if the problem persist or a mod will shut it down if need be.

Gun control in the US is becoming a very clear reality. There are talks about banning this or banning that. In this case, it is really hard to be in the middle about things, though of course, you may say banning ___ is going to far. What ever you think please speak up!

(I'll hold off on my opinion for a bit, but please discuss!)

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It's the second amendment so I don't support any type of banning! I own guns and I will carry them because criminals don't care about the law. Banning makes no sense because of that, instead of making a safer place you will only create victims and helpless ones at that.

If you don't believe me look at history, look at prohibition and the current status of the drug world. When you outlaw this or that only outlaws will have it!

The real problem is what everyone, including the government, is too cowardly to admit. You have to take out the crazies! Look at conneticut, look at colorado, look at columbine they were all of them crazy and the same people trying to ban guns now stood back and did nothing. They knew they were crazy and did NOTHING.

Now let's look at guns, what are they? They are tools, no different from my hammer and screwdriver. They are hunks of metal with no will of their own. What is a tool compared to the hand that wields it? NOTHING.

I would understand the needlessness of guns if we lived in a world where there were no need of the military, no need for police but we do not. And no I cannot fight the world with just my few guns but I can protect those of my household and the strangers I pass on the street.

Yall think about this real hard before you even think about what a ban would mean. But mostly think about the consequences of your actions! How long before they come for the rest of your rights when there is no one with the power to defend them!

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thekinetic lol What are you talking about, kfryman talking posting on threads, He's using guns as a simile ( At least i think he is) lol

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I think thekinetic understood it right... This thread is about guns and the current debate about gun control. I for one second the 2nd Amendment... We should not allow ourselves to be made weaker... Everyone has the right to own a gun... Period... Okay, not the crazies, but the common, normal and clear headed person.

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oooooh the last part is about guns, i see now.
Reading the first section confused me lol oops

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Yeah I am talking about debating lol. I still encourage people to express themselves, you may learn something to make your opinion stronger and more thought out or you might change you're mind.

Yeah thekinect that is my opinion and I actually use a lot of you're points as well. Also, the number 1 most used weapon in homocides is a hammer, why don't we ban hammers? Well cause thats not logical. Anyways, the most common gun used is a pistol, and even then it is usually a revolver as they don't leave a casing behind.

So why ban a "type" of gun, it is simply a gun that looks different it still performs the same task, because a shooting comes up that the media covers. Get me covers. Did you hear about the shooting in San Antonio where a man went to his GF's restraunt to shoot up people, days after the CT shooting, and when people fled to the theater across the way and he followed. Following these innocent people, but he didn't kill anyone because guess what? An off duty officer was there and shot him with her (believe it was a lady maybe not) pistol, saving lives yet it wasn't covered. I think one problem is the media making people think guns are bad.

Also, with a gun ban, people with those guns still have them. They can't take them away unless they want 1776 (Which is destined to happen if something does indeed happen in the near future)

The topic comes up, civilians shouldn't have weapons the military have. They are not the same, they may look similar but there is no burst or fully automatic, they are sporter rifles that are customizable easily and many people like that as they aren't forced to shell out a lot of money. A government ban would only single out law abiding citizens, because lets face it, criminals don't care about the law if they are going to break it anyways, especially if they will be going away for life or suicide. A criminal gets what he wants, a citizen is punished by the law. Politicians don't think things clearly.

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I don't recall the mans name-but I want to say he was with the NRA-but he stated-

"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun-is a good guy with a gun"
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
I don't recall the mans name-but I want to say he was with the NRA-but he stated-

"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun-is a good guy with a gun"
I love that quote. I don't feel taking guns out of the hands of good people is the right way to go about our issues. I am a history buff and I am very much into guns. I have a husband that repairs guns and has a concealed carry liscense and used to have an FFL? liscense which he plans to renew. We are law abiding citizens who just want protection. Guns are TOOLS as previously stated. It drives me crazy when people say "guns kill" No gun is going to jump up load itself and shoot you.

And as a history buff, even if there were a ban on guns there are guys out there that can make one out of anything. My brother in law who passed away in 2009 used to make his own bullets. I have seen guns as much as a hundred years old made out of walking canes, put in ladies makeup bags and made out of curtain rods. Banning guns isn't going to stop that type of thing from being resurected.

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I don't think we need to ban guns but who needs assault weapons? Weapons that shoot many rounds? I don't understand that. Maybe someone can explain it. I think what we need is tougher background checks and to try to find ways to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill. Of course, I'm not saying all mentally ill people will kill someone. I don't think there is anything wrong with owning a gun. The people who own them need to be responsible and keep them out of the hands of children and others who might use them to harm people.
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Before you read this, please note that this is my opinion and I do not intend to offend anybody. This is a controversial subject and some people will agree with me, some won't. Yes, you guys have the second amendment, so you can't ban guns but seriously? Why would you need assaults weapons? And now we have the NRA saying that there needs to be a armed officer in every school. No child should have to go to school and worry about getting shot, or wondering why there's a policeman in their school. My great uncle used to teach in a bad part of LA, and he was telling us about how they had "drive by shooting drills". No child should have to participate in a drive by shooting drill. Ask yourself this question- Are children's lives really worth pride?
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