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volleyball RANT

So the other day my volleyball team got split into the advanced and the new girls, I've played volleyball for 4yrs so I should be on the advanced team right?
Well my coach decided I should be the on the new girl team because they need a leader... Mind you I'm only 13 almost 14... My coach wanted my to play against and with 11yr olds! Everybody in the room goes silent after she announced what team I was on Because everybody knows I'm the best player on the whole team! I walk out of the gym because in the beginning of the season I'd decided I wasn't going to play on that team again because I was their leader last year...
The athletic director even said I shouldn't be on the new girl team! So the athletic director says she's gonna talk to the coach and make her rearrange the teams. Well The athletic director and coach had a big meeting that night and apparently discussed things and the athletic director decided I should be on the new girl team! WHAT!! I do NOT suck at volleyball!!! So I decided I was NOT going to play no matter what their reason, But I decided I was gonna have a meeting with the whole volleyball committe, all 3 of my coachs, my friend and her parents who also shouldn't have been on that team... My mom was suppose to be there but She got to emotional so she left... We all had this big long meeting almost 4hrs I wasn't aloud in the room the whole time though... I finally got my chance to tell her why I shouldn't be on that team and why she made the wrong decision... I choked due to the 9 committe members, 3 coachs, and 2 parents... I made all the committe members leave and my friend's dad so I could talk and I still didn't say what I wanted to... But They did tell me I was on that team because my ankles are hurt!!! If I have to be on that team because my ankles are hurt then why doesn't the ENTIRE varsity team?? My coaches then go on about how I'm such a good player and that they loved the way I played and blah blah blah...
They then proclaimed that The rotation they were using for the advanced team caused alot of running for the setter (me) which they didn't want because they were so worried about my ankles..I was so flustered and stuff that I didn't realize that they could have avoided the entire event by picking a different rotation!! SERIOULY!! I emailed the coach about 2hrs ago asking her why she hadn't just picked a different rotation, She hasn't replied yet...

extra info that I didn't include:

They put 3 girls who have never played before on the advanced team who don't even know what a ball looks like!

They put the 2 girls that caused drama last year on the A team, Rewarding them for their behavior...

Me and my friend are not playing

My dr said I could play volleyball, He actually encouraged me to play!

They all knew I deserved to be on that team

The committe members are like high school girls, They have a formed a cliche and nobody is allowed in but they acted like they had no idea when they were confronted about it

The committe started this vball team this year so we could all get away from the other lying, betraying, hateful team...

I know that was really long and pretty point less but I can't talk to my mom about it because she to emotional this week I think it's because she was sick so she is on steriods...

The life of a teenager, Why do adults think we have it so easy? I really am good at volleyball I'm not cocky its just the truth! In 3 weeks I start high school at the young age of 13 who's ready for that post... lol! I'm homeschooled so there are just 12 kids in my class and I'm the youngest by 1yr everybody else is turning 15 or 16 during the year while I'm just turning 14... I do plan on being the smartest but I do know some of the kids in my class are crazy smart so I may just have to settle for 2nd or 3rd...


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Ah first world tragedies from Suburbia.
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I would quit, plain and simple. Then wait for them to ask you to come back and then tell them your conditions for returning.
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But don't complain or throw a tantrum if they don't want you back.
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I agree, the best way to get the message across to them now is to have your parents email them saying something along the lines of; My daughter will not be participating in volley ball this year unless she is allowed to play for the advanced team. It is not fair to put her on a team that will only hold her back. I hope you will rethink your planning, as you are about to lose an asset to your future team. Thank you for your time...idk but something like that.

I was in a similar situation when I was your age, only with Softball. The hard thing about being an older player with young kids is that they will learn from you and get better, but your skill level will stay the same. It definitely benefits being younger because you have many older girls that will help you increase your performance. Since you have already taken steps to try and be on the other team you now have two options: 1) Deal with it and play with the younger team 2) Quit and find another team if you aren't accepted into the advanced one
I hope everything works out for you, sports can be a drag :(

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So all of my friends kinda came with me so now they can only have 1 team... The 2 girls that nobody likes will quit after they hear the news so I think that leaves them with 8 girls after they started with a season of 18...

The knews is spreading like wild fire that I quit... Everybody knows I should have been on the advanced team... Apparently they did this to a total of 6 players this year and 1 last year... They DEMOTED a few girls from varsity down to junior varsity! They have senior players on JV! I don't even know what those committe members were thinking, I'm sure I could run a better sports Program than they can!

On another note I've decided to play volleyball for my city this year... Next year I'm gonna try out for a really good club that goes to nationals but they hold their try outs in the beginning of the summer so I'm to late for this season!
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Originally Posted by Freyja View Post
But don't complain or throw a tantrum if they don't want you back.
They wanted me back as soon as I quit but they wouldn't agree to my terms!


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I went to practice last night with my friend who is also not playing. My friend made a deal with the coaches that she could continue practicing with them because she is about to move to Conroe which is about 1hr from where we live. I was just gonna sit and wait for her to be done but I decided I wanted to serve a little while they were serving so I did. Well they had all the players who hadn't played before on one side of the net and everybody who has played before on the other side. I went to the side with my friends who've played before, The coaches had set up a 3ftx3ft box that all returning players had to serve into. I was the only one who could do it! After I had hit the box 3 times and still nobody else could do it the coach told me to stop... But the coach wouldn't talk to me she sent the athletic director who talked to my friend's my mom who then me to stop! The rest of practice I was setting/hitting/passing a ball against the wall, I wasn't in the way or anything. The coaches kept watching me no matter what I was doing they were watching me. I think they have realized that they needed me more than anyone because I can do everything. They actually have 11 girls total playing because I miscounted earlier and the other 2 girls haven't quit yet. They had all 3 coaches playing while they were scrimaging(?) but they didn't come ask me to play with them when they knew I would have...


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it sounds like they still haven't come to their senses yet. I hope it all works out for you in the end regardless of which team you'll join. I do hope the stuck up coaches and director give into common senses and stop playing favorites.

ive never been in one sport team for very long as im not as interested in sports. having athletic directors willingly demote senior players to juniors for 2 years or more would tick me off seriously.

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Sounds like you & your parents need to go above the coaches heads by talking to the principal. If they are not being fair that needs to be brought to school officials attention so it can be addressed.
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