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We have some stuff in common! I have been out of highschool for 7 years and I do not have a college degree. I am working towards a psychology degree but I have no idea what I want to do. My major has changed a few times.

I do not think you pets store/tack shop idea is dumb at all. I have a dream of opening my own business of making my own homemade pet treats, handmade pet stuff (beds, clothing, and collars), and other basic pet supplies. I would love to do that and psychology on the side but I just don't ever see it happening and I wouldn't really know where to start. LOL I do believe that if it is your true dream job then you should do what you can to get it started. It may seem difficult in the beginning but if you work hard enough towards it then you can do it.

I also feel as if I have very few friends. I am married and have a child so I am mainly at home and doing school work. It can get depressing not having many friends. All of mine moved away and I got busy with my own life and we all lost contact.

You are no where near a failure in life. You are a normal person trying to find her place and figure out what she wants. You sound like you are doing fine to me. You are still very young and you have a job that you enioy for the most part (besides the boss). Continue doing what you love and work towards what you want in life. DOn't ever give up just because things get hard.. keep telling yourself that you can do it and you are a strong person. I think everyone goes through some point in their life feeling like a failure. If you ever need to just talk send me a PM. DO you have yahoo messanger?

I wish I lived closer because I think we would get along. :)

*~* Sarah *~*
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Yeah, it was mean of the woman. In a way I was happy she gave me the truth, but she didn't have to go about it like that. It's so hard to get into the Ultrasound program (they accept about 12 people a year) and they base it all on grades. So if 12 people had 4.0's there go the 12 people right away. I would've had to take Physics, A&P 1 and 2 over and I laughed. There is NO way I'm taking those over and even if I did, she didn't say that that would get me in either. I'm really happy with my choice even though it won't pay as much, I'm going to enjoy taking these classes. Oh well, one door closes, another opens.lol

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Does anyone know the movie called "Cool Running", a true story about a Jamaican bobsled team who went to the winter olympics in Canada. This is a perfect example about a dream. There is no snow in Jamaica. Everyone ridiculed the team. But they made it and in the end gained world wide respect.

So, for the fourth time (hope my comp. doesn't hang again) Never let anyone tell you that your dreams are stupid, foolish, senseless or whatever. If it makes you happy, if you want it bad enough, then go for it.

Zenandra, you are still young and have "a life time" to fill. Others may have started earlier, but who knows, you might be more successful, and happier. Think of the years to come, don't look back unless there's a lesson to be learned.

You're not a failure, on the contrary, I think you're doing great. Through out life you will experience unpleasant conditions which you must over come. Sometimes caused by other people, sometimes by chance circumstance. Just believe that you can always stay on top of things. You'll find out later that you'll become stronger and more mature.

And about friends, as you can see you have a lot of friends here. From your threads and replies, I think you are a very nice and pleasant person. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!

We live in different worlds but go through similar things. If you want to know about life in my world (country) feel free to PM me anytime.

Btw. sorry about your grandma.
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Nah, we all wanna share stories. :) I'm glad it helps to hear from others. I quit college to move in with my boyfriend. :/ I'm almost 40 now. I wanted to do biology too. Now I just care for my own guys, watch the birds in my yard, and love my pets. My husband wanted to play bass or draw comic books. He works in Compliance now. Go for your dreams!
haha, I moved awaay from home to live with my BF but I restarted school down here instead. My BF is 33 and he games and is on the comp. a lot playing games or just sitting there for hours reading wikipedia or other sites like that. Sure he has a stressful job, but it takes multiple months to get him to do ANYTHING around the house, so I have to clean up after him, me, and take care of all my pets, the house and his guinea pigs most of the time. Oh, he gets annoyed that I don't have a job too, so now I have to get a job too so I can contribute some money.. :-/ now, don't get me wrong, I can see his point, but I am overwhelmed sometimes with everything and a little help would be appreciated. (not saying your husband is like that vaygirl, it just reminded me of my BF when you said yours reads comics and stuff :P)


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Oh, I should have said, I dumped THAT boyfriend and married a man who doesn't mind if I stay home and pitches in all the time.

I probably game more then my husband. You'd kill ME if I were your boyfriend. But gaming is part of the reason we hooked up. That and a love of Star Wars that borders on unholy! :D

I'll throw it this out there too: Nothing wrong with looking for the right SO either! I was 23 when I met Steve and he was and is, the most awesome guy and I am the most awesome girl and we are most awesome together! (That sounds really snotty, but I think ya'll know what I mean!) Of course, we sometimes fight like cats and dogs, like anyone! :D

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ohhh i hear you in this dept. ive been out of highschool going on 3 years now, i dropped outa beauty school almost 2 years ago cuz it just wasnt for me i just hate school so mutch i cant stand it, i have a deadend minimum wage job @ a movie theatre where ive worked for over 3 years now and wont get any sorta promotion cuz im not a butkiss, i cant seem to get my drivers license, i litterally have no goals in life and dont have a clue what to make of myself and of course my dad has to keep reminding me on how huge of a failure i am, i only have maybe 2 friends left from highschool, i keep getting nagged by everyone that i should go back to collage but i dont even know what i would take

so far all i can think of is if i worked @ a petstore i would be happy there even if its still deadend but despite how qualified i am none of them seem to want to even interveiw me =(

if it werent for my great bf and the friends i have left i guess i technically wouldnt exist =/

just keep swimming just keep swimming =^-^= >D

clicky my eggy pleeease

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I think truthequalslies siggy says it all for all of you guys... :)

"Whoever said fish were low maintenance obviously never owned fish"
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Originally Posted by doggyhog View Post
I think truthequalslies siggy says it all for all of you guys... :)

lol in a way thats my motto i try to keep positive on what i have and not think about all the negetive its hard when your alone with your brain and think too mutch but i try to distract myself after all @ this point im @ the bottom and theres only room left to move up in a way i just need motivation and a real goal...

just keep swimming just keep swimming =^-^= >D

clicky my eggy pleeease
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Thanks so much everyone!! *big hugs* If anyone on here wants to move out to NY when I open my petshop I would be more then happy to employ you!!
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I'm 34, and don't have any of those things either. No degree, job, or girlfriend, and most of my friends moved away, got married and have actual lives. So, you got 11 years before you should feel too bad! ;)

I tried being an outsider once....but I didn't fit in.
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