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What happened to no homework on Fridays??

CT - Ares :)
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Oh no...poor kitty....sorry to hear that Codered...I have a cat (out of 29) that pees on my stove and it really pees me off especially when you turn the stove on...pretty funky smell (cooked cat pee)...I tell ya what....laffs.....I have gotten it under control too....water spray bottle...every time I see her jump on the stove she gets hit by water along with a loud "No" "down" and now all I have to do is yell the commands...so far so good (fingers crossed)...no pee on the stove for over a month...next step is eviction and she will have to move in the barn with the other cats........sorry to hear about your cat....has he been neutered...sometimes that helps....but not always...this girl was spayed before she was 3 months old....some cats have bad habits you just can't break..........especially the boys and spraying if you wait too long to neuter.........
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Originally Posted by CodeRed View Post
We might have to give my kitty up... he pees all over the place, and mom doesn't like it.... It's killing me, because I love love LOVE my baby.
Have you tried Feli-Way? Often cats spray because they're stressed out, there's something about his environment that he/she doesn't like and he's expressing him/herself by urinating. If they don't like someone, or something, chances are they're peeing on their things or things related to what's making them upset. Cat appeasing pheromone products sound silly, but they really work. We use them at the cat rescue, and sometimes when I have to take my cat to the vet, the cat appeasing pheromone collar really helps take the edge off the situation. It's definitely not a "quick fix" that you leave on all the time, but it can really help them calm down in some situations. A co-worker of mine almost had to give up her cat for the same reason, and the cat appeasing pheromone stuff allowed her to keep him, surprisingly.

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Aaaah no I just saw o a episode of inside the box or something, they used four betta`s for decoration accessories. Argg that makes me so mad seing betta`s used for decoration accessories

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@ OFL, he has been neutered, but we haven't tried the water bottle yet... could try that. The problem is is that he doesn't really have one specific spot that he pees in, just all over the place, so it's nearly impossible to catch him doing it. We're thinking about putting a litter box in his main place to help lower the damage, but it'll still hard to convert him.

@ Adastra, we'll look into that! He used to be a stray and got very hurt by a dog, so he's a very, very jumpy cat. Something like that to be used when he's stressed could help some.

I'm not going down without a fight on this one (: I'll be setting up litterboxes in more rooms, we might be setting up a cat "kennel" outside (Go through a window and end up outside in a kennel like area...) so he can go outside without getting all burred up, and it'll allow him to "go" outside if need be (: We'll also take him to the vet to see if he's in pain when urinating, causing his reluctance to use the litterbox... and we'll be replacing the litter with something softer, in case he doesn't like the feel of the litter. I'm NOT backing down easily on this one ((:

Also, I'm probably going to euth Vulcan soon. He's having trouble moving, is going blind, and his tumor is curving his spine... He didn't eat today because, while he was looking for the food... he just couldn't see it ): He's my baby, but sometimes it's more humane to let them go...

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I hope everything works out with the cat. I'm sorry about Vulcan. He's had a good life with you.
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How long have you had him Codered? Sometimes mixing dirt,twigs, and leaves in with clay litter and slowly transitioning to all clay littler is easier for stray cats. Multiple litterboxes is a plus as well as trying different type (covered, uncovered, etc), and taking him to the vet is a good idea too, make sure there is no under lying causes like a UTI. I'm sure you already know, but use a cleaner with enzymes that break down urine so he doesn't smell it there and continue going in the same spots.
Feliway is also a great product and helps take off the edge of anxiety. They have little plug in diffusers for around your house. Almost like a glade plug in. XD

Rant: I should be a sleep right now. ;-;

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Codered, do you feed your kitty wet cat food? Indoor cats need a mix of wet and dry cat food. Wet cat food has an ingredient (toluene? maybe, I can't remember what it's called) that outdoor cats get from hunting prey. The ingredient helps cats with their bladder. If they don't get enough, they develop a bladder problem that prevents them from controlling where or when they pee.

Some kitties just need more than one litterbox (particularly when they get older) because they get too lazy to go to it when they need to go.

And some cats (like mine) have shy bladders. They won't use the box because it's in a too public place, but if you move the box somewhere more private, they will use it no problem.

My final suggestion is changing the type or amount of litter used. Kitties can be picky about the smell or texture of the litter and generally perfer a rather full box (with lots of litter) because it is closer to the outdoors where they have plenty of dirt to cover up their mess.

Just some things to think about. Sorry, I don't want to sound like a know-it-all. Just want to help.

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I hope you can keep your cat CodeRed! And i'm sorry about Vulcan too. The last pet that had to be put down for me was the family's (well, more my parent's) dog because she got so sick.......it's hard letting a pet go.

RAAH! >_<
I got bladder snails popping up everywhere in the new tank i'm cycling, apparently ammonia does not hurt them. I've been taking them out and putting them in a separate tank, haha
Don't know what to do with them yet, I actually tried putting one in Thai's tank and he tried to eat it. He sucked it up in his mouth then spit it out a couple times and then flared at it out of annoyance cause he couldn't eat it. It was pretty funny. The snail just kept getting back up and eating off the gravel, I think it was too food happy to be scared of Thai (eating the diatoms, which I think are beginning to dissapear, yay).
I tried putting one of the smaller one's in Autmn's tank and she attacked it right away. It was comical watching her cause she did the same thing Thai did, but instead of flaring she tried sucking the snail out of it's shell, I actually though she'd eaten it because she smacked her mouth a couple times. The snail fell down in the gravel and she looked at it and just swam away like "eh, whateva."
I took it back out and it was just hiding inside the shell from her, after a minute it came back out and started crawling around the tank again.

So bettas can't eat snails and snails are very hardy/tough little critters.
I did find out that if I feed them like ghost shrimp, they dont reproduce so fast, my 2 bladder snails i've decided to keep (Named them Pon & Zi!) have not reproduced and it's been 2 weeks so far. The reason the snails are reproducing all over in the new tank is because I had origionally tossed in a ton of food to start the cycle.
They are funny to see with those tank cleaning mouths. Nom Nom Nom.
Shimmy my newest betta is so cute, he literally dances around when he's excited! Occasionally, haah. He gets really interested in my moving my hand at the corner of the tank and often gets annoyed at the thermometer because it gets in his way of darting over to the corner. lol
He's gotten used to it though and is now darting around it.

Okay, I'll stop rambling. >.>

My bad rant for today is I woke up way too early and to a very bad start! I stayed up really late so waking up early was not my plan. I hate it when days start off really bad. But everything's fine now.

"Life is an adventure full of beautiful things, and a treasure worth more than gold."
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I'm sorry about your kitty, CR :( Hope he gets to stay with you.

Rant- Every Saturday I have to wake up early to go horseback riding. I like doing it, but I wish I could get up later. >.>

In the hobby for 9 years.
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