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Finals. Eh.

I have my first final in about an hour and a half and it's not even like I can study for it. It's so dumb, but we have to write a paper in the two hours we are allotted, plus categorize some 50 instruments and there is a listening part, too. That's no fun for me because it takes me forever to write papers and I feel like he is expecting a lot out of it. D:

Then tonight I get to write my history paper that's due at 11am tomorrow and study for my organic final tomorrow afternoon. I'll be done by 5pm and won't ever have to worry about organic chem again!
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Originally Posted by ThePearlFish View Post
criminal minds as a show (fictional) about a criminal profiling team who solve cases about serial killers. kinda scary show actually, but very good.
I love Criminal Minds! I also love A&E for being so lazy and having a CM marathon like every other night, lol.
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StUpId TeEnAgE DrAmA

The guy i have been attached at the hip with for 3 months is now dating my best friend....who is living with me. But every night when we are alone feeding our horses, he kisses me and holds me.
Then he tells me we would never work out because we are to alike.

He flipped out becuse i was angry at him yesterday....and i walk out of the garage to see him set his Hat.the spurs i gave him, the belt buckle he took from me and my ipod in my bronco.
Then he got in his jeep and took off...so i got in my bronco...tore out of the driveway and followed him a a crazy rate of speed. (faster then 60...not quite 90)
We get to the horses and he tells me "nothing you can say will stop me".
He said good buy to his horse...he was giveing up on everything.
The only time i have ever seen this man go soft was when i started crying my eyes out and he told me i had 30seconds to convince him to stay...all i could mummble was "please dont give up..." when he asked why i told him that i wanted to break under all this stress...but i didnt...and that i couldnt handle loseing the one person who means the absolut most to me.
Kinda helped that my percheron, charlie, walked into the feed room at an akweirdly silent moment and wacked Matt in the torso with his 3ft long head. all i said was "really...would your life be any better with out Charlie?"

Now he is complaining that my broncos steering is to loose and if he ever sees me driving that fast and passing people again...he is going to kill me.

His problem was stress, he cant handle it. And i guess...when he is stressed out...i have to put on a pokerface and make him think im fine...He puts to much waight on me...with the situation....i dont even want to come home anymore.

But i still have him...in a way.

Betta-less at the moment :(

"Some people are like slinkies... completely useless. But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs."

I is GaB. Blessed Be. (GaB is a girl)
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Originally Posted by doggyhog View Post
If there is an issue with a member, please report it so us moderators can take a look at it.

I just decided to come in here and vent instead of responding to a thread that was frustrating me. No issue that I know of. Thanks :)

My bettas: 6 boys and 8 sorority girls
Making it my mission to have all natural planted tanks!
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OMG! I am sooooooooooooo ANGRY at the lady who waxed my eyebrows!! she took off 1/4 of one eyebrow! and it was one of those things where at first glance you don't notice so you tip them and leave and then come home and THEN notice! I called my mom in having an anxiety attack literally in tears cus it looked so bad! Thankfully since I normally have done my own brows (except for a few times) in the last 11 yrs, I am handy for the most part with my tweezers, cosmetic scissors and black cream eyeliner to fix it up so it looks A LOT better now. I cannot WAIT till the brow grows back. I am so mad and I don't think I can go back and demand a partial refund. I tipped the lady too which makes it even worse! But it was one of those things where it is hard to notice in those little mirrors they give you to look at so I didn't notice till I got home. Now I am not gonna go back to another eyebrow place again for another 1 1/2 yrs. it looks like. I told the lady before she did them EXACTLY how I wanted them EXCEPT the don't take off too much in the middle part which she did! I also told her that I don't trust eyebrow people before she did my brows...>_<


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Ugh!! On Craigslist there is someone selling a 10 gallon with two common goldfish, one picasimus, and a Betta.

Erika | Betta Fish Advocate

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Originally Posted by LionCalie View Post
Ugh!! On Craigslist there is someone selling a 10 gallon with two common goldfish, one picasimus, and a Betta.
ARRRG fools! I really like your SIG btw mind if i copy it into mine?
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Guns, wow. I don't know what to say except thank goodness for Charlie breaking up the moment. Just try not to get in over your head and hang in there, 'kay? *hugs*

LionCalie, no way. Ugh. Is this the Sacramento Craigslist?

PearlFish, once when I was 12, I decided to do my own eyebrows. By using a razor. I took off at least half of one eyebrow. o.O My mom never lets me forget it. Every time I go to have my eyebrows waxed, she tells the stylist about my little experiment. Sigh. But I was 12! Now I have to get them waxed because I can only pluck one side. For some reason, my arm gets in the way and I can't pluck the other side 'cause I can't see what I'm doing.
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Lol, what a weird topic to be talking about... eyebrows. But in case you were wondering :) I am so horrible at tweezing away at my eyebrows so instead I get them waxed.

I have not lost my mind! I just can't find it
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Rant: My betta has Dropsey and people are making fun of me that im upset
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