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Well, my dad doesn't have a problem with me getting the FREE 4ft tank with cabinet, hood and light that my friend is offering me, but my mum won't budge, despite the fact it would require far less maintenance than the 2ft....and it's FREE! :( It would be so wonderful for my fishies.

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Originally Posted by Sakura8 View Post
I'm not sure. Given the nature of corporate, I doubt it but I might try anyway. Psst, my dad doesn't know but I changed my mind. If they're still there tomorrow, I'm gonna buy 'em. Don't know where I'll put them, though. Looks like the time has finally come to place tanks on the bathroom floor (only other place with an available outlet and there are already two tanks on the counter).
Good for you! That's terrible that the fish were left without any way for them to get the atmospheric air they need. None of the Walmarts around here sell bettas anymore thankfully, or I'd probably have more than the 19 I already have ;)

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Update: I went back to Wal-Mart this afternoon and found that . . . not only did they not cut holes in the lids of the three original Gladware, but they stuck a fourth guy in one too! *tears hair* Before I could say, "I'm getting 'em," my dad whipped out his box cutter and went to work. I can only hope that's enough for them. If they start making a habit of selling them in those Gladwares like that, I WILL take it to corporate.
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Unfortunately, all the parents have realised Kids' Club is back on, so they dumped all their children back with us today. Up until now we've been able to play with the children and it has been more fun for everyone. Tonight, it was yelling, stress and drunk parents. If my boss didn't desperately need me, and if I didn't need the money to keep my animals happy, I would chuck that job in a second.

On the plus side, Hyde's lump is just fatty tissue and the tests came back negative for degenerative kidney disease. He's on painkillers for his arthritis and that's it. :) Hopefully the lump won't grow so he won't need surgery.

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I'm glad Hyde's lump isn't anything serious and that he doesn't have kidney disease. Poor little guy. Arthritis is no fun whether you're a rat or a human.Hopefully the meds will make him feel better.
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I think he's just happy because he gets the medication soaked on bread. He loves bread. :p

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Great. My sister's goldfish now appears to have columnaris. Gee whiz, amazing how things like this happen when you keep a comet goldfish in a 23 gallon tank and clean the water once a fortnight, if he's lucky. He's only just shaken off ich. My mum is protesting that he's been in much dirtier water than before and hasn't got sick. I pointed out that bad conditions add up over time to constantly attach his immune system. She said it's ridiculous, but I'm not sure which bit of "it" she is referring to.

My sister says that she doesn't do the water changes because my mum always does them without telling her, but why can't she take the initiative? She says she loves him and doesn't want him to go, but then why does she not do what she should to care for him? During holidays she has no excuse at all. During term time, she doesn't have much of one - I can care for 5 rats and two tanks, but she apparently can't find time for one tank.
My dad goes on about how the goldfish should be in a bigger tank (still inside, not in the pond like I want), but he won't do the water changes on a 55 gallon, and that still wouldn't be big enough for the fish to have friends.

Ever since I got in to keeping fish and started doing research, I've been trying to explain what is wrong and why he needs the water changes (getting in trouble if I try to do them myself, of course), and I get largely ignored or told that I am being boring for harping on about fish. I have been trying since we moved in here to get the pond set up for him, but there is always some reason it can't be done.

I'm sorry guys, I know I've said all this before, but they act all surprised every time the fish gets sick, and get angry at me for telling them why he is sick. I find it so frustrating. :( If my sister would give him to me, he'd be a much happier fish.

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So my newest heater appears to have cracked. It lasted just over 1 month. I hope the girls will last till tomorrow when I can get to the pet store, everything is closed now, and I'll start work before they open >.<
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Really stupid rant, but my brothers been reading my text -_- he tells me what the people said, and I get pissed and....incapacitate....him, and take his phone, because it seems fair that I get to read his text if he reads mine. Well, my mom walks in right then, and my brother starts spazzing out and acting like he's sick, he convinced my mom that he was sick this morning, but apparently not sick enough to drain the pantry. So I end up in trouble, and he gets off as a "poor, sick victim". I did tell you guys, it was really stupid :/

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Aw, poor Diablo.
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