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Herbs won't cut it. You need the medications. Just ignore all your mom's ill gotten advice. She clearly isn't a doctor, or she wouldn't be using stupid herbs.


“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
Mahatma Gandhi
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The St. John's Wort was supposed to only be something to try until I was able to see a psychiatrist about actual medication. That was what my mom and I both said. I tried it because I figured it was better than nothing. But my mom started to change her tune right before my appointment with the psychiatrist and now she's completely changed and is pushing for me to stay away from medication.

I fully intended to ignore her advice on this, but now she and my dad have me so afraid of the medication. The side-effects the doctor told me about were all completely tolerable and I wasn't uneasy about it at all, but then they went on their harangues. Now I'm afraid that there's some side-effect she forgot to mention, or I'll get even worse for a few weeks before I start getting better.

I have another appointment with the psychiatrist soon, so hopefully I can talk to her and she'll reassure me that the medicine is safe and tell me I shouldn't be afraid of starting it.

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I take effexor, two capsules of 150 milligrams, and nothing bad happened to me. Stop being afraid. Sure there are side effects, but their occurrences are usually so rare they shouldn't be a concern.


“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
Mahatma Gandhi
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I would discuss the medication with your psychiatrist. I tried St John 's wort too but I needed something else. There may be an adjustment period and some side effects the first few weeks of taking anti depressants but they usually go away after awhile. It won't be like you take one pill and you wake up the next day and everything is all sunshine and rainbows. It will take a bit of time before you begin to feel better. No one knows how you feel but YOU. If you need the meds you need the meds. Period.
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Herbs don't work for most people. I have been treated since the age of 15 and tryed them. They don't work for me either. Family is not the same as a doctor. Doctor's know more about it then they do. I do believe something needs to be done when someone is feeling as low as this and it can lead to some real problems later on down the road. You are too focused on your sister and your parents. You are an adult and you need to focus on you. I had to teach my family that I was an adult and that is what you are going to have to do no matter the outcome.

I take Lorazapam and soon my psychiatrist is going to add an anti-depressant. The only side effect I have is I just don't care anymore. I don't care what other people think. It makes me feel groggy for about 15 minutes when I wake up but I think the "don't care anymore" side affect outweighs the groggyness. lol

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I would definitely quit the herbs ... Most scientists consider it quackery.
Antidepressants do have side effects, but they're mild and usually go away as you adjust to the meds.
Talk to your psychiatrist, they'll be able to help. And if your mom tries to scare you again, just remember that she's not the one with a psychiatry degree on her wall ;)

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

"For when Thou art our strength, it is strength indeed, but when our strength is our own it is only weakness." - St. Augustine (Confessions 4.XVI)

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I have alot of experience with medicines of all kinds...I have bipolar, major depressive disorder, ADD, and on top of all of that, i have Aspergers. I wont give specific drugs, as every ones reactions to drugs are different, and i don't want to scare you away from a drug that might help you the most.
You should know that some symptoms you are feeling are not always going to be there. You may develop defenses against them over time, or they may just disappear. So being on a drug doesn't mean that you will always be on this medication, though theirs a possibility that you may have to me. I am, and Ive learned to accept it.
The symptoms and side affects from the medication are the same way. This first time you take the medication, your going to get a blast of all the side effects. Some will pass, some will lessen, some will get worse. There are even ones that show up after you've been stable and on it for two months. Thats why its important to try new drugs in three month periods.

Sorry for this post being so long winded, but i am passionate about this topic. I believe i was born a certain way, and experiences molded me, and that for those reasons, i require daily medicines to keep me stable.
Some people have heart problems, and they need to take blood pressure pills, or aspirin. Others have skin conditions that require lotions or creams. People with arthritis need to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen, maybe even something stronger. As you get older you need to take vitamins, even little kids take em. If you have diabetes, you need to take insulin, sometimes many times a day!
A mental illness is the same as any other ailment, and if needed, one or two pills a day isn't that different that what anyone else takes for their problems. And in today's age, there are A LOT of people who have been diagnosed, and are being treated with medications, so you are NOT alone.
Ive tried most of the medications out there, in many combinations and to be honest, you gotta keep trying until you find the right medicine, or combination of medicines. You cant be discouraged by one or two medicines that don't work...there are so many medications, one WILL work.
Most side effects from "mental" medications are tolerable. Dry mouth, frequent urination, dry hair, constipation, they are all annoying, but remedied using different products like special conditioner, or Bio-tene for dry mouth.
The side effects you HAVE to worry about is when it changes your head. And by that, i mean cloudy mind, not thinking clearly, aggravated at everything and anything, the same with crying. Unexplained anger is a common one, and can sometimes be controlled, but if i get that side effect from a drug, i like to stay away from it. Anger can quickly escalate to screaming fits, hitting things and/or people. Ive been there, and its definitely not a side effect you want to deal with if the people you live with aren't prepared, or as understanding as they should be. My parents were definitely NOT understanding of a lot of my symptoms.
Some drugs can make you do thing in your sleep, or after you've fallen asleep. I took this one drug, and after twenty minute,s i fell asleep. Only, i woke up about a half hour later, punching walls, and ripping down curtains. I tried starting fights with anyone, and almost drank house cleaner, though i was saying it was Gatorade. I remember none of this, and didn't wake up til the next morning, refreshed and happy. Everyone was mad and i had NO IDEA WHY, until someone told me.
Other drugs induce suicidal thoughts. I was on a particular drug, about five months ago, that within an hour of taking it, i was in tears, convinced the world was better off without me, that i deserved to die, no one loved me, i was never going to amount to anything, ect. It was absolutely horrible. And I KNEW it wasn't real. I KNEW it was the drug, and that it wasn't true, told myself over and over that it would pass, but still i believed the thoughts that were running through my head. As the day wore on, it got better to handle, though when it came time to take the pill, it would happen all over again.
Other drugs hype you up! Certain drugs will only have a mild energy burst, which is tolerable, though not before bed! The others, well, there a reason they are class 1 or 2 drugs. They are addicting, and its REALLY easy to abuse them.
Ive been there.
Ill actually give you a name this time, since i would warn away from this drug, even though its being used for more and more illnesses besides ADD/ADHD. The drug is Vyvanse. I started taking it as an alternative to Adderal, which at the time my insurance didn't cover. I was on another drug which made me foggy and not able to concentrate at all, and coupled with my ADD, I wasn't really a functional person. Though it did stabilize the many other symptoms i was having at the time. Vyvanse was an experimental trial when i was taking it, though when it was approved, the formula went through NO changes. I sure did though!!
I took the pill in the evening 6-8p,m on lets say Sunday, and i didn't sleep again til Thursday in the early AM. I suppose i went down stairs to eat or something, but It was summer, and my mom works two jobs, and since my dads disabled, he sleeps a lot, and i don't really have friends, [lets be honest, i had NO friends], no one really checked up on me. I'm an rather artistic person, but this, this was art fueled by Vyvanse. It was all consuming. And the only thing i wanted was to never stop. I took another when i woke up that morning, and it all happened again. After that first time, it became easier to manage, though the first couple of times my mom talked to me she'd comment on how big my pupils looked, or how alert i was, and how much i was getting done around the house. Well, compared to the sleepy, dazed me, getting out of bed was a plus!
Then the third time i took it, I barely had any energy boost, only a little focused, nowhere near as intense as the past six days! But, it had its hold on me, and you know what i did? I took another. >.<
And even then, by the next afternoon, the feelings were gone. So, i took three.
And within a week of having the pills, i was fully addicted to Vyvanse. I went through that prescription so fast, and was soon counting down the days til the prescription would be filled again.
Me! The one who is always so responsible with her medications, and noticing symptoms, and bad effects. It happened so suddenly, it just swept me up, and i just couldn't get out. I was stuck in a cycle, take as many pills as you can to feel something, and when they are gone, wait, staring at the clock. Eventually, SomethingOutThere saw my peril and my insurance company stopped covering Vyvanse, and i was switched to Adderal. It was tough, and it really sucked at times, but i knew i was in trouble, and i was glad. And now, i am thankful.

Again, I'm sorry it was so long! I am here for you, Agnes. And anyone else that took the time to read my ramble...

Maybe you should sit down and have a heart to heart with your mom. You never know whats going to happen til after you've done it. Medication is not something to be afraid of. Its there to help. You need to trust your doctor, and be able to tell him/her ANYTHING.
Theres currently a side effect that I'm experiencing which is rather troubling, though not too urgent, but sort of a private matter, but i felt comfortable enough talking about it to my doctor, and were working on getting it figured out.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey, and hope you do whatever you feel is right.

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As one who has had severe panic attacks due and some depression due to ocd, I can tell you to try triptophan for the time being. It's a suppliment but helps a little by balancing out seratonin levels, or is supposed to. It really just gives you a general sense of well being.

It'd did help when I was pretty bad off but I stopped due to it doing nothing for my ocd. I wouldn't take herbal remedies if I were you as they often carry side effects and other reactions often taking heavy tolls on other parts of the body and organs, and that's what a doctor told my dad.

Or do what seems to be the cure all remedy, take vinegar. I don't know why it seems to work for everything it just does. O.o
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Hey, kinetic! I have the exact same mental thingies as you!
I got OCD when I was 6, but it's manifested as depression, and now as panic. Just thought you'd like to know that you're not alone because when I read your post, it made me feel like I wasn't :)
And all this talk about medication reminds me that I never took my pill last night ... d'oh! >_<

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

"For when Thou art our strength, it is strength indeed, but when our strength is our own it is only weakness." - St. Augustine (Confessions 4.XVI)

Feminist, Neo-Darwinist, Libertarian, Animal-Loving Christian
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MadameDesu, I actually don't have it anymore. I beat it, it was hell and died hard but it is gone for good.

I can tell you how to beat it though, don't listen to it. It lies, there is nothing it can do to you. Heh it once threatened to take my soul, and I stood there and told it to try. It's best to take on your obsessions one at a time, and never EVER do the compulsions. You will panic and be afraid but that's alright this is normal, use it as your guide that you're on the right track. Just try to remind yourself it can't hurt you!

But there is a downside I noticed afterwards, you won't be who you once were. Like any other traumatic event this changes you but you can rebuild yourself in the way you want. I've always said who I was is a small price to pay for who I am!
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