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Originally Posted by Oiseau View Post
I was simply trying to save you the heartbreak and frustration that comes with a sick and/or dead fish. I'm sorry if I offended you, though I am not sure how I could have, but your response was still inappropriate and insensitive.

Never helping anyone again.
What? Did I miss something here?
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No DQ, that's not directed at anyone on the forum. :) Just someone I was trying to help out elsewhere.

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Ok, good ... I was worried 0-0

What went down on the other forum?

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Originally Posted by Oiseau View Post
No DQ, that's not directed at anyone on the forum. :) Just someone I was trying to help out elsewhere.
Good! I was worried, too.
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My sister has once again managed to upset me greatly. Big surprise I guess.

My dog, who is 16 and arthritic after his hips were shifted from being hit by a car when he was 2, fell today when he was going outside. There's about a3 inch step to conquer both ways for him, which is pretty big considering he has corgi legs. Now, he didn't fall because he was unsteady. He fell because she was too impatient for him to feel his way out since he can't really see either. She pushed him outside, over that 3 inch step and he lost his balance from that. then he was unsure about going in and needed to have a little push to encourage him.

Now, when I push him, I don't force him up or down the step, only enough to encourage him to go forward a bit. She pushes him all the way. She got upset that he needed the push up and a little help to stay steady since his back end is weaker and it's difficult for him to pull his legs up as high as they need to at the doorstep.

Her response to this time today was that I needed to train my dog to go inside and outside. He's almost blind and deaf, old, and arthritic. It takes him some time and it takes me some patience. I guess she has neither for this issue.

Now, tonight is what really pissed me off and gets me to my actual rant.Tonight, on the way out he did wonderfully (She wasn't going out and, therefore, not there to push him out). On the way back in, her dog was crowding the door and it made my dog nervous and a little unwilling to go in, so he stopped and waited for his "momma" to take care of the issue like he usually does. I urged him to keep going in while trying to push her dog back away from the door and got unsteady. He made it all the way up, but his back end was wobbly and he sat down in the doorway.

My sister makes a backhanded comment that I should think about him and that he might be hurt. I understand her concern, but she always puts on this high and mighty, white knight act when it comes to knowing what's best for pets. She has no idea what the position I am in is like. The longest she has ever had any animal ever has been 5 years. I've had the same pet for over 3 times that length. I've had my dog since I was 4 years old and literally do not remember a time without him.

I am so sick of people, anyone who knows that my dog is as old as he is, trying to lecture me on what they think I should do with him. I know he has his bad days, I know he has his good days, and I know that he is still being him. I should know better than anyone and he's not telling me that it's his time yet. I've had people who haven't even met my dog say that I should euthanize him outright, like he's just some sort of object that's served it's purpose and should be disposed of. He's not an object, he's a very well loved living being and I just don't get how no one can see this.
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Wow, im sorry Pat..your sister seems a bit insensitive about the issue.
He is your dog, so ultimately its YOUR decision what to do or not do with your dog.
I hate it when people tell you what to do with your own animals. We just lost out 13 year old beagle to cancer, and when she was diagnosed, people told us to put her down. She acted normal, energetic, her same self, only shed lost a few pounds, thats how we found out. She was her same self right up until two hours before we found her curled up, and we knew it was going to happen. We were judged for not immediately bringing her to the vet, we wanted her to pass in her own home, in her own bed, next to her family. She was not in pain, was aware that we were there, and only cried when my dad left the room. Its not like we didnt know what was happening, or that she was in pain, and crying, throwing up or defecating on the floor, she was calm, and a proper lady, right up until the end.
[Wow, i have tears in my eyes...]
My point is, YOU know what is right for your pet. YOU know your dog, and he knows you, you know what ne needs and what he expects of you. Your sister shouldent put her two cents in. Though, most people dont know when their two cents is needed anyways..to them its ALWAYS needed.
Maybe you guys could work together to teach her dog a spot to sit or go to whenever your dog is coming or going. Im assuming they actually get along? Your sister says to train your dog, tell her to teach hers. Your dog has obviously been going through doors for many years now.

Anyways, good luck with your pooch, i wish you the best, and many more years together. =]

RIP Lilly May, our 13 y/o beagle, taken from us 6.8.12

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Now I miss my dog that I left back home He was just the perfect companion. But lucky for us, we do facetime with him.

So sorry for your loss.
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My dog doesn't even pay attention to hers. He's not aggressive towards dogs, he just reacts if he gets scared or hurt, like if he gets bulldozed he'll nip out of surprise. He's just so old that he doesn't care to do anything with other dogs. he's still interested in other people, but he's never been big on socializing with dogs.

I'll definitely bring up that she needs to train her dog not to rush the door. Especially since I've already chased her dog down after she got out. We've just got our hands full with this new dog since she also has to learn how to behave around cats as she tries very hard to herd them.

I just hate when everyone doesn't see the bond that's shared between my dog and I. He won't go outside for my sister or my mom, and will sometimes go outside for my dad. Anything I ask of him, he'll do. He'll even take pills straight if I insist that he do so. I don't do that to him since I know medicine tastes nasty, but he's done it for me before simply because I asked him to do so. He's my everything and I'm his everything.

If he gets stuck, he'll wait patiently for me to come help him. That's what happened in my picture. He got his head stuck in the trash can lid, so he just took a nap while he waited for me to get home from work to help him.

I just don't want to here someone gloat about how they know what's best, when they don't and they don't consider how it makes someone else feel. I was having a great day, but her comment about training my dog made me tense and brought me down a bit. I should have confronted her when she pushed him out the door, but I didn't want to deal with her roundabout arguing and huffing about how she didn't do it.

And she completely ruined my night with what she insinuated and she isn't even acting like she regrets it or notices that it really hurt me a lot. It was so hard to not just break down or yell at her. Instead I ignored her, gave her the silent treatment, and went outside to clean my car windows even though it was dark. I really hope that got my message through to her, but I just don't think my sister got it.

The only time she really could really draw any understanding from is when our grandfather passed away since we were both very close. And even then I was more attached to him than she was. I was holding his hand when he passed, she wasn't even at the hospital at that point. I would be going through almost the exact same thing a second time. She wouldn't and she just doesn't seem to understand how significant it was to me. I'm still not 100% my self and it's closer to the 3 year anniversary.

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And the ranting continues, but on a somewhat different topic.

Got a surprise cardio work out this morning at 9. I was planning on deep cleaning the inside of my car since it needs a good vacuuming and scrubbing, but that will have to wait for tonight or tomorrow morning as it is too hot out and I am too exhausted.

The cause for this work out you might ask? Silver bolted out the door the second I left an inch unprotected while I was coming back inside. Now, at 9 this morning it was already 97 degrees out. Silver finds this to be excellent exploring weather and took off as fast as she could. Her path went from down the was behind the apartment to the street right before the highway. She followed that street or a bit and kept inching closer to the highway where the cars didn't even bother slowing down at all. At one pint I was pretty sure she was going to get hit because she was running in the middle of the oncoming lane and didn't even bother to glance at the car coming straight at her at 60.

She veered off and went around the car wash that's a block away and then behind the grocery store across the street from that. She continued up the street and went across multiple yards and almost got hit a few more time. she circled an apartment building, went across another wash, and then continued on the same street.

The street thankfully was a dead end, but there were still open lots she could cross. What stopped her was the pond in someone's yard where she decided to take a quick dip. thankfully it was really cold so she stayed a bit longer and I was able to grab her collar. And thankfully the owner of the pond let me use her phone to try and call my sister, which failed, and then lent me a leash so I could get Silver back home.

I made it about halfway and stopped at my vet's office for Anvil and cooled off a bit there since it was 100 when I finally caught her. Got her some water and myself some water before heading back out. Made it to the hill before my street and I was feeling incredible weak and wobbly since I managed to power through 2 asthma attacks. I knelt down for a little bit and then kept going past a cleaning business, where one of the employees graciously offered me a ride back to my home.

So my morning plans were ruined. I still feel very weak and I can't walk around without being wobbly and feeling dizzy, but Silver keeps eyeing the door and trying to rush it every time I go near it since I had to let Anvil out. So, she's being locked in a room in the mean time whenever I need to go outside since I physically cannot chase her down again right now.

In total, we took a very unpleasant 3 mile run uphill and offroad in weather that could have been deadly if it were a few degrees hotter.
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