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OMG, I so understand what you went through, not only physically, but mentally too. I have asthma too, and cant do anything in the hot or the cold, or the humid, or the....

Anyway, I came home for a couple hours of shopping one day to find the little dog missing. It hadnt been very long since I put my dobie to rest, and i just freaked out.

It was hot, and my asthma kicked in at once, mostly due to my freaking out. I called, and started running, not far, then walking, scanning all over, no Lacey. I tried to follow some of the paths in the tall grasses, but then I noticed some of the cats, er make that all of the cats following me.

I tried to chase them back home. No luck there, so I made a big circle around the property. I had never seen any of my animals head the direction toward the highways, so I stayed to the other directions.

Then, way way over there, I saw a bit of black bobbing... and headed to her.

I cant recall her every going that far before. Took us a while to get back home. After resting, I closed the cat door, I never knew she could squeeze through it!

Ive done so many of the frantic runs over the years, usually chasing someone elses dog when I entered their home and it escaped. Once it was my moms new poodle, I was only 10, and it got out.

It was the 4th of july and mom sent me running after her. I didnt know I had asthma then. It was so difficult. She was new, and terrified, running crazy, through the kids, over the rockeries, around that house, past that driveway.

When I finally cornered her, with the help of the other kids, she pooooood all over my swimsuit. I took her home and handed her off to mom, and mom wouldnt let me in the house!!!!

Gave me a bar of hand soap to wash the poo off me first in the sprinkler. I just fell down on the porch for the longest time, burning lungs, no air.

Im so glad you are ok and someone finally helped you back home.
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It's been 4 hours since I caught her and my lungs and chest still burn and hurt. My chest hurts mostly in the center where my sternum is, but it still feels tight inside around the tops and bottoms of my lungs. I'm so glad I learned some good breathing techniques from marching band that helped me through both attacks, but ti was still scary only squeaking when I was trying to inhale. I've only ever had one attack like that before and I had to take my albuterol inhaler 4 times and it still didn't affect anything. I did have a bad reaction to using it that much though since half of my face went numb.

This time I didn't have my inhaler on me though, which was also bad. I'm gonna have to get it refilled if silver keeps pulling this crap. I don't want to let her just run because I would feel terrible about giving up on her and letting her get hurt. Unfortunately, if it happens again and I get an asthma attack like it again, then I'm calling it quits on chasing because I need to look out for my health too.
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Do you have a nebulizer? If your inhaler doesn't help, it might be time to get one, if your doctor agrees of course. I have asthma, and sometimes that is what I need.

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I do not have one. I've only ever had inhalers, but the need never really arose since I just watched what I ate and kept to lower cardio exercises with marching band and all. I've never been able to run for a long time, but I can sprint well enough to be invited on my high school's track team.

Timing for her to run away was terrible too. Everything's throwing pollen and dust around and it was dry heat, all of which exacerbate my asthma along with cardio exercise.

I suppose seeing a doctor would be a good idea to see what the best course of action for my asthma would be. I've never been back to the doctor for it since the inhaler always worked except for that one time. It wouldn't hurt to get a check up.
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I have bad asthma too. It's no fun at all. I've had a lot of flares lately because of the weather. And I'm allergic to like everything, which sets it off. If I were to move, I'd be healthier. I hope everyone feels better :)

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Ok, since this is kinda personal, I'm not going to be revealing too much information. I still want and need to rant about it to get it out of my system. I had a friend and things weren't too good for her at home. She ended up getting hit and CPS was called. She had to live with me for months and we sacrificed so much for her. We used our money to feed her, give her clothes, and give her a roof over her head. We got no support from her mom at all.

She had to go back with her mom and they decided to move to New Mexico. The friend didn't want to go, so a friend of her mom said that she could stay here with them and her mom agreed. She had plans to only visit this summer for 2 weeks, but she decides to tell me during my vacation that she doesn't want to come back. Do you know how much that ruined my vacation?

We got into a huge fight over that because I felt so abandoned and betrayed. We gave her so much and she threw it all away like that. The friend claims that she didn't understand how she stabbed anyone in the back and such. She claims that she was only making herself happy. Along with that, she tried to play the guilt trip by saying that she thought I wanted her to be happy. I told her that I wanted her to be happy, but it didn't involve her stabbing me in the back like she did.

She left pretty much all of her clothes at my house, so when I got back, I took what I wanted out of her belongings. It was there for months. Since we got nothing from her mom to repay us, I felt entitled to her things and we feel that it's fair. The others aren't returning her belongings until she returns the cell phone that they let her borrow and until they get money for what they did for her. I put her stuff outside and told her to get someone to take it or I'd do something with it myself. So, her aunt came and took it. I don't think her aunt is very happy with her either.

Things got calm and we made up, but it wasn't the same. I would never be able to trust her again after what she did. I'm glad that I didn't trust her because tonight she started once more. She asked me about a poem that she made for me and I said that it was alright, not one of my favorites. She got all mad and went into saying that ever since we made up I've been treating her different. I've been treating her like garbage. I'm officially done with her. Honestly, she's hurt me one too many times. I don't care what happens to her. She crossed the line. I didn't treat her any different than I treated all of my other friends. She claims that whenever she was feeling down, I'd just ignore her. If I ignored you, why did I help you? It was a mistake helping her.

Anyway, thank you for reading this long story, if you did. I don't normally approve of posting about personal things, but I had nowhere else to turn. I hope you understand. I needed so badly to just get it out of my system and I think it's good now. One thing is for sure, I'll never be her friend again. Nobody uses me like that.
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That really sucks. There's nothing I hate more than being underappreciated. But I don't think it was a mistake to help. Sure, she acted like that, but your family did a good thing taking care of her when she needed it. Everything that went wrong was completely her fault, and that's out of your control.

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I admit, I'm pretty angry about this. She claims that she appreciates what I did for her and that she'll always be grateful and have no way to repay me, but how could that be true when she's acting like this? I did nothing wrong! I said that I supposed her poem was alright! I even told her that I appreciated that she took the time to make me a poem. Not only that, but I've been having extremely bad family problems for the past week and she knows it. She knows just how stressed and exhausted I am about it.

She's playing stupid when I know she's not. If I knew that she was going to be such a brat to me, I would've thought twice before helping her. I probably would've still helped her, but I would've had more guidelines to it rather than accepting her into the family as if she was our own blood. She's a horrible friend if she really acts like this. She said that I'm making her mad and that she was already mad and I told her that just because she's mad all the way over there in New Mexico, it doesn't give her the right to take it out on me. She thought that I was saying I think it's because of where she is that she's angry which wasn't my point at all. My point is that I'm way over here in Michigan. I didn't cause your anger, so I don't want to be the one that you freak out on.

I just want to go over there and strangle her! I told her that I was done with our friendship if this is how it's going to be. I said that maybe in the future she'd realize what she did and apologize and she told me that she'd never apologize for it. I should've never trusted her. Maybe I should've left her in that house!
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I have this friend who just got a big 29 gallon for their betta, and it's cycling, so it's cloudy. But their putting chemicals in it to try to clear it up, they won't listen to me!
Tis frustrating!
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Originally Posted by tpocicat View Post
Do you have a nebulizer? If your inhaler doesn't help, it might be time to get one, if your doctor agrees of course. I have asthma, and sometimes that is what I need.
yep yep, thats the ticket. I have low blood sugar, and when i take albuteral, it gives me the shakes and I think i need to get some protein, makes me crazy. You can also take a pill at night, it really helps. But cant think what it is called, I ran out a few months ago.

I was was in line and got some second hand smoke, it started an attack that lasted from 2 weeks before tday to march. In the worst of it in dec, it took me 20 minutes to walk 2o feet to my car. Thats when the doc put me on a the neb in his office.

When he came back in, it was the fist time I could almost take a deep breath. I said, 'where do I get one of these?' Thinking he would say I had to come there to use it, but no, he pulled out his cell, and made a call, then said you want one for 49$? I started lol and said YES!

Its so much better then the little things you carry with you. Im to always use it before doing any exercise. I dont though. This last year has been a good year for me. Knock on wood!

Lyz: lol. I found myself doing something similar, well I wasnt adding chems to clear it.. just doing 75, and 100% water changes lol, oh and took out all the sand, hahaha.

Try telling her to read the directions, and it will say on them '... established tank...' may help.

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