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Are you ok, Sena? If you need to talk you can always pm me.
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you can take pics perhaps at the post office and have verification that way. If they arrived live, then thats it. The purchaser did something, did they inform you within 30 minutes of receiveing them?

Just be straight up with paypal claim, and explain, that no fish seller refunds the shipping cost, thats the liability of the purchaser. You have no control what happens after they are sent.

If buyer didnt let you know they were dead on arrival, then you cannot control how the buyer handled the fish after they get them, that is also out of your control.

Give links to other sellers, showing the above, just like 3. Be patient, give paypal a chance to check it all out, and let them know you did try to help this seller, but what they have described, is beyond your control.

I read elsewhere that shippers shouldnt put live fish on the box, as some nice postal folks will put the package by the heater, thinking they need heat, or by the air thinking they are too hot. Made sense to me.

Is this the same buyer that didnt pay for ever? And did they give you picks of the dead fish in the bag, before taking them out? ANd pictures of the dead fish with fins cut? or whatever it is?

is it possible that the buyer has 'switched' any fish they had with yours?

Im so sorry this is happening.
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They were alive when they arrived. She claims they were sick when they arrived. If she is telling the truth, and just doesn't want free fish, I think something happened on the way there.
I've already cut and pasted the actual auction for the fish she paid for, so they can see that I don't guarantee live arrival on Priority fish. Since all of my other fish arrived OK, even Priority shipped fish, I'm wondering if she is even telling the truth about them dieing.

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And this morning my mom ONCE AGAIN reminds me why if anything I write ever DOES get published (probably not) it will be under a false name, she will never know it's mine, and any and all profit made will be MINE and not be shared. -.- My mom and my aunt were talking about 50 Shades of Gray. They aren't a fan of the book, so I figured it was safe to make a comment on it. First my aunt starts with the "Come on, all you need is one! Just get ONE popular novel published..." Which I didn't mind so much. It was all teasing. Fine, whatever. I can laugh at that.

But then I make another comment on the quality, or lack thereof, of the book and my mom decides to bring up and make fun of a line from a story I wrote in EIGHTH GRADE! When I was still in 8th grade they laughed at it and made fun of it until I cried. And then brought it up years later. It may have even been seventh grade... I don't even remember. But that's not the point. One, it was ONE sentence in the story. Let if ******* go. Two, that was HOW MANY years ago? I was 12 or 13 when I wrote it. Now I'm going to be 20, I'm going into my third year of college.

And she gets mad at me when I stop what I'm doing and walk away if she ever catches me writing and WONDERS why I never tell her about what I'm working on. Now she's convinced I'm just writing lesson plans when she sees me writing... Whatever. Even if it was lesson plans, she harps on me enough about my teaching that I wouldn't show her those, either.

But, seriously? God! This is why I've basically stopped working on the novel I was writing. I couldn't stand being nagged about what I was working on and CLEARLY if anything jumps out at her it will follow me to the grave! For someone who for the LONGEST time was trying to force me into being an English major, she sure does a good job of destroying any confidence I have in my writing. For the longest time, this novel was my baby. I had planned to finish this draft of it in July. That didn't happen. I made my new goal to get it done in August. I've barely written a word.

I barely want to touch the thing anymore. Not with my mom nagging me about what it is and STILL having a ****** good laugh over something I wrote what, seven? Eight? years ago.

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Awww. Agnes, I know how it feels to get your dreams and aspirations shot down by the ones you are related to. My mother refuses to help me get back into college so I can become a vet tech. In fact, she refuses to help me learn to drive. I am 28 years old and still can't drive. I think I am old enough and all that, don't you?


“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
Mahatma Gandhi
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So my car is my baby. I'm constantly checking everything on it and keeping a close eye on all the fluid levels. Today I was planning on vacuuming it out and washing it and possibly waxing it as well.

Plans were shot down. Went to start it up this morning (Drove it last night and it was 100% fine, so issues nothing strange at all) and the engine couldn't even turn over. Called my dad and had him come over and help me look at it. He checked the oil and said that it was dry, but it shouldn't have been since every time I put in transmission fluid (Weekly since it leaks constantly and has already gone through 1 gallon in a month) I check and add oil as necessary.

So we got it towed to a mechanic where they'll go through it and see what's up. My dad keeps telling everyone that I probably seized the engine because I didn't put oil in it. He knows how I take care of that car. anything happens to that car and I'm a wreck, even if it's just as simple as a chip in the window from someone throwing rocks on the highway. He's the one that taught me how to read the fluid levels and whether to add when the engine is hot or cold.

So now, I'm a complete wreck right now almost on the verge of tears from frustration because I can't figure out what's wrong and my dad is asking me what I plan to do before I even know what's wrong. Yeah, if I can afford it, I'll pay for it. It's a jeep and it's worth it to fix it up since this one went 20 years with no replacements except for batteries and tires (And general maintenance). If I could afford to put in a new engine and transmission this minute, I would 100% do it. 3 grand for another 20 years of perfect running is a wonderful price in my opinion. The only problem is that I don't have 3 grand, and it would take me 3 months of saving up to get 3 grand (And I would still need to buy groceries and pet food, along with bills).

I'm really hoping it's just the starter and not that the engine is seized. Now I've got to figure out a ride to and from work for the rest of the week as well as hope that I can get the issue fixed before I have to take my sister's car to Kingman for 3 days.
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ACK! Mothers, sisters and fathers can be so rude. Mine is like that... she remembers the craziest things. Sometimes she says I dont read enough, others she freaked out because i read to much. IN collage, one time I was freaking out at the type writer. Every college class I took required a report. I was working on one for I dont know.. I didnt even know i was talking outloud and pacing around the room.

All of a sudden, she said, 'Ahn, you always say you cant do it, and you can always do it.' and walked away. That was the first time I can remember her ever giving me any kind of credit for doing something right! I was like what 34.

They are just cynical, they were raised that way. Just remember this "everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they are wrong". You can say that to them now and then too, They will think you are the one that is wrong, but you will know it is them.

Do you now the 'well isnt that special' story?

I love to write, been writing since i cant recall. In college my prof wanted me to quit computers and be a writer, lol. Writing is a lot of work if you dont have something to say, but much easier if you know what you want to say.

Dont ever stop writing. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO! Learn to give the glare, the one that says, i will rip your head off and spit down your throat, if you dont go away and mind your own business!

RANT: TRUCK, oh and yours may be just fine, and only need a battery, or the starter can be loose to. Or the alt too. Chances are you did not sieze the engine.

Last night my truck wouldnt start, it was fine the last time I drove, it. They started it for me this am and i drove to my guy, I put out 217 for a new battery and install, thats just crazy. labor was 30 minutes, the bat was 128 5 year.

I was so deperate to have that truck working I wasnt thinking, and i was hungry, and tired. I could have got it all for like 75 at walmart, of course thats what i had.

The battery was a replacement for a battery that didnt last its life time. I just bought a new flatscreen too, i am so broke, omg.

But this battery is 5 year, crap I hope i have a new car before that 5 years is up! I couldnt even hook up my batter charger, had it for 2 years and never can use it cause there has to be a charge in the battery for it to work!!!!!

My tow guy said to use a jump start on it, then that charger will work.

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I definitely know it is not the battery. Power came on for the stereo and lights, just the engine won't turn over. I don't know if it's the spark plugs, starter, or something else, but the battery is literally maybe 3 weeks old tops. I watched the guy put it in after my previous battery lasted 4 years before diving.

All the forums I read on this problem say something like o2 sensors, a possible error in a valve, starter, or the NSS. i'm hoping it'll be something easy to fix and not too costly. I only have 1,400 in the bank and have a $144 power bill to pay by the 19th. Not to mention $550 for rent at the end of the month and any groceries needed in the mean time.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was any of those things since it has been 20 years to my knowledge that they have gone without being replaced.
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Hmm, yeah I have about 37 dolls to last 3 weeks, hahahahaha. If you dont hear the starter turning over its probably that, and sometimes they just losen up, it could be a belt too. Keeping fingers crossed.
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I looked at the main belt as best I could and it was nice and tight like usual. It's atleast not the belt in the front since that was trying to turn, but stopped after the engine gave out trying to turn over.

Hopefully it is the starter though. Or the o2 sensors. Just did a look up on the average life span, and if the ones in my jeep are still the originals, then they're at almost 3 times over.
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