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I wish I could find shirts that fit properly!

I have essentially no breasts (I don't even know why I bothered graduating to bras) and it is impossibly hard to find a small enough size shirt that fits. I can't wear anything that has a low neckline unless it is in something like size XXXS because otherwise it gapes or shows my bra. I hate having to wear my white crop singlet under every single tee-shirt I own but only a handful of stores make clothes that actually fit me.

I own all these shirts and tee-shirts I can't really wear because they just hang too low.

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Hey LittleBettaFish- I am not sure your age, but sometimes breasts continue to grow into your mid 20's, so if you are younger they might grow yet :)

My rant:

I am sooo incredibly tired from studying non-stop for the last 4ish hours, and the chair I am sitting in sucks for support. I really don't feel like I am truly prepared for this test and truth be told, it is really my fault, I should have studied a little yesterday, but I blew it off.. >:/

I HAVE to study for my next test multiple times next week, cus next weekend is finals weekend and I definitely cannot afford to fail my final! I am slightly freaking out and worrying about my grade now. I can't even find where the teacher posted the grades online! And she sent us all an email that she did! -headdesk-


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Have got a pesky head cold, which means I can't exercise and I can barely focus on my tax law reading. Then I have work on Monday, so I can't catch up then! :(

LBF, maybe we should mix the two of us together and get a decent in between. :p I can't wear low-cut tops, bikinis, anything like that because it just looks tarty on me because my bosom is too big.

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I'm 23 and I don't think they are going to get any bigger. I don't know how I managed to get the stingy boob gene.

I want someone to invent something that chooses where you put on your fat. I reckon that would be on par with someone inventing teleportation haha for women at least.

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I hate when people say they'll get back with you and don't. Last weekend I sold an extra ticket I had for my dinner theater to this woman who paid my drama director and now she's supposed to bring me the money and hasn't. It's only $8 but I need it. Then the handyman is supposed to get back to us about repairing a few things before we put the house up for sale and hasn't. We're getting granite countertops for the kitchen and my brother is supposed to sign something and send it to them but he hasn't been feeling well and hasn't done it yet. He's delaying going to Florida for his job because he has a couple of compressed disks in his neck and needs anMRI. Crap.
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Stupid pet store employees. I saw 2 bettas at the PetsMart with the Mycos disease. I brought them to the employee's attention and informed her that they'd likely be dead in atleast 24 hrs. Her response? "Oh if we find them sick we'll take them in the back and treat them. But if your betta gets sick you can bring him or her back and we'll treat it". She ended abruptly with me because I was receiving a phone call.....but she never brought those bettas off the self -.-

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Got a message from a facebook friend last night with a fish question... She has a gold fish (looked like a black moor) in a 2.5 gallon critter keeper with a snail, no filter, and she changes the water once a week... and she wanted to know why her fish wasn't moving around or eating and was just floating listlessly at the surface of the water... ugh why don't people research animals before buying them... ugh!!!

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I'm a very petite person (when I'm in shape). Hourglass shape in size 4 pants at 5'2"(and 3/4 inch!) tall. Clothes shopping is a nightmare. Normal waistline is perfect for me, but the pants are far too long, so I have to buy petite which is either too big or too small by x amount of inches. Shirts? Petite is my only size choice, but my shoulders are too wide.

I used to like shopping. I hate trying on clothes.

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Getting kind of upset. I hate working in retail. I hate working at a cash register. Cash registers are too much responsibility and the lead told me tonight my register was off and so was hers.

I hate the hours I work they make no sense. It is causing my grades to slip and my GPA is so important to me. I got this job under a different manager who was going to let me work twenty hours or less under the impression I was going to work four or so hour shifts. Now my schedule goes as follows for today and the next two days.

3p to close
2pto close
and 6a to 11a

After I close I don't get to sleep until about two in the morning then to open I need to get up at five so I close for eight hours sleep for three then go back in for another shift. I just can't do it with school. They don't pay me enough. I make 8.25 an hour. My first paycheck was a hundred and fifty dollars for twenty one hours of work.

Too make matters worse the two leads noticed today that the new manager gave me more hours than them! Way to make them hate me boss. Give the hours they want and I don't want to me.

I have to quit tomorrow. My electric went out for four days last week and my average went down to a D+ and I missed an important class discussion almost entirely. I have to have a job with a set shift. This stinks. I don't even know how to approach the new manager about this. I really like her.

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$8.25? I knew you got worse wages than us in the US but that's criminal. :S

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