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I know I have been more then a little cranky snipping at people (for people that I have snipped at and don't deserve it; sorry), but this kid is being flipping rediculous. He has had the car for over a flipping month this whole it's a rental isn't cutting it, and neither is him flipping me the bird at me. If he doesn't want to deal with me he's going to have to get off his throne get a transponder and hang tags like all the other grown up residents and stop leeching us guards good intentions. Guess what I am trying to say is do not bite the hand that feeds you.

@Freyja I think America's big issue is how screwed up their disability is. I have kidney disease and some joint issues but was turned down for disability when I got really sick for a bit there. Yet my sister hasn't worked in over 20 years just because she's "to fat". My sister only issue is that she refuses to excersize not even a block to check on our dad (who can't get on disability despite loosing his mind to alzheimers). Our dad despite everything still can't retire till 65 and his unemployment ran out. So he'll either freeze to death, or starve to death.

I'm going back into cranky mode, back to crocheting.
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Yea my mom didn't qualify even though she had cancer. I don't mind paying in to disability/social security/welfare for the people who need it but there are too many on it who don't need it. But people should be a little more respectful to people on it though. It can't be easy to be judged by something like that. You also do not know why they are really on it and it's no ones business to find out in reality.

You don't have a job = your lazy.... This is true of some but not everyone. People can work plenty without getting paid. It isn't cake giving up your career options to take care of someone. I was a caregiver and have seen all sides of things like this though.

My rant-Got a baby ferret yesterday after trying to get a better price than petland. They wanted 224 for one adult ferret. The one I bought is 3-4 months old, neutered, descented, and shots for 150. I would have paid 600 for everything he needed at petland and at jack's aquarium I paid three hundred less.
Well back to the rant. He is biting me! LOL.

Keep yourself clean and bright, for you are the window through which you must see the world.
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
My brother is big on the entitlement problem. He says too many people expect stuff to be given to them for free. That's true but there are people out there who really need it. Sometimes I think he's talking about me because I'm kn disability but I'm not drawing off of taxpayers! I'm drawing off of my dad who didn't live long enough to draw social security himself. I hate people who think I live off of my mother.
Don't worry about what people think of your situation. If you feel you need it and you went through all the proper channels it is no ones business to judge you for it. Your dad worked to earn that money for his self and his family. And you are using it for just that. Nothing shameful about it especially if you need it. My husband is ten percent disabled after cutting his hand almost all the way off. He was told he has his dads social security as a back up if his hand gets to were he can't handle it and if he needs it he will use it with no shame. His dad worked for decades to earn that money. Just snub your nose at people who judge you and move on. My sister has been bugging me lately too. She is eight years older than me and had the nerve to tell me I look like I should be thirty five and she should be twenty six. In a nutshell, I look old. I thought, "that's what happens when you do stuff besides sit in front of the computer for fifteen hours a day and sleep the rest of the time". Sometimes I feel like decking her but I try to remember to keep my temper down out of respect for my mom. It is hard though.

Keep yourself clean and bright, for you are the window through which you must see the world.
George Bernard Shaw
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I was going to post something positive but the most screwed up thing happened. A patrol officer (security guard in a car) I talk to frequently has been having issues with his gf (who also can't get on disability despite seviere headaches, seizures, and a useless arm). Recently she was in the ER after having difficulty breathing. Since she didn't have insurance the cut her cold turkey off her epilepsy meds and pain meds (narcodics kind) and admitted her till MSI could come in. Long story MSI comes through but heres the screwed up part. MSI refuses to pay or partly pay for her epsilepsy meds. Instead MSI insists she go the the ER every other day. Since this patrol officer has his hands full scraping on by for the two of them there is no way he can afford to pay for her meds himself. Our line of work does not come with insurance so it's not like he can get better insurance either. I think on his next day off he might be driving down to Mexico to get drugs she needs. Welcome to this county.

Okay I guess something on a positive note since I have venting a lot. I was in the grocery store debating which frozen pizza my co-worker wanted to get. Out of no where I hear "HEY! Watch you doing!" Surprise I ran into one of the residents where i work at the grocery store. She asked if I was walking again then said she'd give me a lift. YAY no mile walk with groceries up a painfully long and steep hill. I run get my water and go to pay so she can take me with her I loose track of her and begin to pay for my groceries hoping I can find her... Then I got bumped into by a cart when I wasn't looking. XD she found me. Sadly though she had to learn months later that our supervisor got fired just before christmas due to poor company politics. Our supervisor did a good job yes, but that means nothing when you won't do slave work like your uppers want.

It's nice to know that some of our residents still care for us guards. There are so many more that think we have doormat written all over us... As is the same for pretty much everyone who deals with the general public.
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_ <--this close to losing my mind...>:/


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Originally Posted by Freyja View Post
Actually yes you are. Your entitlement comes from your father paying enough to become insured or to insure his wife/widow and surviving children or disabled adult children, should your disability have been diagnosed before age 22, if your entitlement is as a Disabled Adult Child. Your money, though, comes from today's taxpayers. It is the money entering social security today, which is what pays for your monthly benefit, comes from current social security taxes, particularly if what you receive is SSI. The issue is that what is used today by social security receipients is much more than was paid into it by them. Same goes for medicare. Social security needs a serious overhaul if it is to survive as a program, and IRS needs to get its butt in gear and collect from all those employers who retain social security from their employees but don't pay their part.
It's money that my dad EARNED serving his country!
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Why is it so hard for my husband to go see my mother and aunt(who is down from Ohio and I haven't seen since I was a pre-teen). I see BOTH his parents WAY more than I see my own FAMILY! It wouldn't hurt him to spend an hour or 2 with them. Is it not bad enough that I already didn't get to see my family(who I actually see only once a year) for CHRISTMAS! Because his own mother acted like church was more important than my family. I'm really starting to feel like this is a 1 way highway.

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I find it ironic that as soon as I embark on a serious exercise regime, a heatwave hits that renders me bedridden and nauseous. Both my grandmother and myself are completely incapacitated -- our arthritis (her knees, my back) has been going nuts due to the extreme weather -- so I'm totally useless to everybody! I keep repeating to myself, "Four more days till it cools down," but even that's going to be hard, because temperature swings also put my grandma and I on our butts! Blahhhh. Of course there's the usual indignation of "I'm too young to have these problems with my spine!" but the most frustrating part is not being able to do stuff, like use that bike that's taunting me in the corner of my room while I lie sweating in front of the fan. >.<

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Storming here and I wanted to take advantage and get my pair to spawn. The male didn't build a bubble nest. Both male and female are virgins, and they're cuddling under leaves. On top of this, the storm is brining me a massive migraine that isn't going away......UGH.

On a lighter note, I stole the entire bubble nest from one of my males. He's notorious for making big ones, so I figured that if any of it was damage during the transportation, there would still be some to spare (and I was right). I made him mad, though, and now he flares at me every time I walk by. Hahaha. I just thought that was kinda funny. I was apologizing the entire time I was doing it, but he doesn't care. :P

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Why does fedex have to take so long to ship things, and tease me by saying it's out for delivery, when i really have to wait till monday? Mer. Also i've become obsessed with possibly starting a planted tank, but everything is so expensive ;-;
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