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antirant: there is a 70% chance of snow on christmas... I'm dreaming of a white christmas, just like the ones I used to know...

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Originally Posted by LikeDiscoSuperfly View Post
Christmas Eve with my boyfriends family is turning into such a dramafest.. no surprise there, but still annoying!
Ugh. I'm sorry. I know how that goes. I wish people would just grow up.

I'm dreading tomorrow with my husband's siblings; they've been a pain in our backsides pretty much our entire relationship. So, um, almost four years. YAY!
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We're going to a cousin's house. Usually her husband's kids and grandkids are there but since he dies last March (my cousin's husband) there will be just my cousin and her son and dsughter and their families. So there will just be 11 or 12 of us instead of 20-21. Her husband's granddaughter has two boys that are total BRATS! I don't have to put up with them this year! YAY!!!
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Demi-rant: I'm starting to lose the buzz I had from my birthday vodka and am too lazy to go get a refill. :P

Anti-rant: I love my kitty, Mysti. This happened no more than half an hour ago:
Daddy told her she couldn't have a cookie, so she kind of pouted. I look in the kitchen after Daddy sat down in the living room, and she opened the box and was taking a cookie. She walked off the table and at this point I'm laughing hysterically (partly because I was buzzed, but mostly because my cat is a genius!) I tried to take her cookie and put it back on the table, but she put her paw on it and started scooting backwards taking the cookie with her. Unfortunately, my little brother's demon dog ran in the kitchen, took it from her and swallowed it whole. How the dog hasn't choked to death from not chewing his food I will never know. But anyway, I love my baby girl and thought you guys would like that cute kitty story. LOL.

Tvarscki - black/blue veiltail - joined the family 12/17/2010
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Arghh!!! my xmas is RUINED! We were originally supposed to go up and spend xmas eve and day with my family and at the last minute my Bf's friend is like "ohhh what are you doing for xmas?" and manipulated himself into coming with us and now we aren't going xmas and my BF only wants to go to dinner on xmas day and so he won't be there to open presents in the AM like we normally do and it's all because his friend is so alone and a snively brat that its like this. all i want to do is cry and wish i could go back in time and had my BF tell him that he wasn't available to do anything on xmas with this dude. And all last night BF kept throwing fits at me. ARGHHHHHHH!!! men!!!!!!!! I threw a fit back at him, i didn't care. I am sick and tired of ALWAYS living my life around his whims!


1 Doberman Mix: Emmy, 2 DSH Cats: Rowan & Jacob, 1 Bearded Dragon: Rainier (aka Mista Lizad Man), 1 Eastern Box Turtle: Greta, Two 5g tanks: Alchemy (Halfmoon) and Custard (Yellow VT)
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I'm sorry, PearlFish, that sucks. You really should put your foot down. I mean you made plans with your family and you guys should stick to them, and the tag-a-long should just deal with it! (ha ha maybe this is why my husband doesn't mess with my Christmas plans)

Angel-That kitty story cracked me up. Thanks!

Anti-rant-It's Christmas Eve! I love Christmas Eve even more than Christmas!

It's been 5 years...I'm no longer a newbie

20 gal long-otos, glowlight tetra, black phantom tetra, African dwarf frogs
56 gal-zebra loaches, serpae tetra, rosy barbs, bristlenose pleco
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Sorry to hear that Pearlfish. I agree, once plans have been made your boyfriend shouldn't mess them up! Especially without consulting you...

Rant: Today I started to set-up my boys' tanks at home. I remembered that I had three tanks here: a 2.5 gallon tank, a 2 gallon critter keeper, and a 3 gallon critter keeper. Except that my 2 gallon tank and 2 of my heaters weren't there! My mom said she hadn't touched them...phoned my dad...turns out he thought the tank wasn't being used, so he gave it away to someone. Was a bit annoyed that he didn't ask me, since it's my tank after all (we're the only two who keep fish). Plus one of my heaters broke when I tried to put it in Octavian's tank...so Octavian is heaterless and other boy is in Albatross' larger cup for now.

Anti-rant: My dad said he'd buy me a new tank to make up for it.
I'm hoping we can go on Boxing Day so I can get a good deal, but I'm not sure...Boxing Day is pretty busy for his cab company so he'll probably want me to help him out.

Anti-rant 2: I'm home! I get to see my cat! Old age is making him more affectionate. He's gotten really chubby too, and I just love chubby cats. Gave me a wicked scratch when I went to feel his belly, lol.
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Unfortunately the reason my BF doesn't want to spend the night up there tonight is because his friend is manipulative (and well not so nice of a friend, i dunno why he still hangs around him grr) and so he doesn't want to start becoming more buddy buddy with him.


1 Doberman Mix: Emmy, 2 DSH Cats: Rowan & Jacob, 1 Bearded Dragon: Rainier (aka Mista Lizad Man), 1 Eastern Box Turtle: Greta, Two 5g tanks: Alchemy (Halfmoon) and Custard (Yellow VT)
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Anti Rant : Me and my family went bowling with some friends then we went to Frankie and Bennys and I had steak and chips (fries for americans lol) also its going to be a white christmas here!!! Whoop whoop!!!

5 gallon,natural planted tank with 1 betta.
20 gallon community tank.
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I've had a cold for over a week. I'm never sick this long! ARRRGH!

Sequin (m), Shortcake (f), Westley (m), and Sir Righty of Walton (m).
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