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Originally Posted by Betta Slave View Post
LTF- I'm actually quite surprised they're suggesting it. XD Apparently he's great for competing. I get along with most horses pretty well, so he should be okay, though I haven't met/seen him yet XD I'll have details next Saturday- that's when we agreed to discuss it, since he isn't for sale yet and they want to keep it quiet.
And I like the big, long-legged horses because of their longer strides... I find them less choppy (though I suppose it does depend on the horse's gait.)

Fawnleaf- Takes practice! Lots and lots of practice... though Learn To Fly is better than me. XD She deserves a horse, after riding 6 1/2 years!! I haven't really done any competitions yet (one or two, but they were just held in the barn for beginners).
Aww thanks BS...although really the only horse I'd want right now (well...probably lol) is the one I'm riding and he's not for sale XD. I understand about being choppy, but I never think as short legged horses as choppy because Louie isn't :P ....but my instructor's 16.1 hh TB is, well, springy, and a big mover so compared to him Louie might be lol. Most of our lesson horses are smaller (under 16 hands) except for one 1/2 draft mare, so I really haven't ridden that many larger horses.

Personally, I think you're ready for a horse not only when you fully understand the responsibility etc but also when you can find your own mistakes when you ride and fix them. I can do that now, but someone could do that after 2 months. It just takes awareness. Like for me, my "mistake" is that I look down, carry my hands too low, dip my shoulder and do something weird with my right elbow...but if I just look up it fixes everything lol. And just today I found out that my left leg is weaker than my right, and so Louie pops his left shoulder out when we go to the right. Yeah...huge wall of text XD

Now, after being off topic (sorry mods and CodeRed lol), ANTI-RANT!
I am FINALLY going to the new-ish Petco, the only one within an hour's drive in Kentucky, tomorrow. I sure hope they have a lot of bettas :D

And a rant-ish thing...I can't bring any fish home from the Petco lol
also I hate when I'm riding, and I am the reason we're doing something wrong or Louie doesn't get what I'm asking him, but I don't know how to fix the problem :/

**Sorry for the long, slightly off topic post!**

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RIP Alexander, Morpheus and Phobos. You are missed :'(
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Well early this morning (like 12am to 6 am) I was with my youth group at a bowling alley. One of my old friends (no longer my friend....he's a jerk) had his little brother (Kyle...easier than desribing the people haha) there (6th grader). Well when you're in 6th grade in my youth group you tend to be kinda shy and quiet. Anyway Kyle was the only 6th grader there and he dosen't know anybody...he's usually shy around people he dosen't know but he was never like that with me...ANYWAY...he was following his brother and his friends and then his brother just yelled at him and made fun of him and stuff and made him leave. So anyway I was bowling with my friends and then I looked over to see Kyle just sittin there all alone...I look at my phone and it was 3 am....he'd been alone for almost 3 hours! So I went and played Laser Tag and when I came back he was still sittin there. I felt terrible about the whole thing so I sat next to him and started talkin to him. So then I played a couple of games of bowling with him and then Laser tag with him again. So I spent the rest of the time hanging out with him...I just felt so sorry for him. I was pretty mad at his brother too because seriously why would you do that to your brother? I mean I get siblings can get annoying but when he dosen't know anyone you just send him away to sit by himself???? Geez.

Who am I? Well I am a Junior Member of the International Betta Congress and a breeder of white HMPKs, red dragon HMPKs, black/red dragon HMPKs, metallic multi HMPKs, blue masked HMPKs, and now multi color HMs. Soon to add black HMs. I will be showing in New Breeder class in fall of 2012.
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It's nice what you did MrV. I've been there, done that. It's not fun to be alone in a group, not fun at all. You probably saved the night for him.

Picasso- PK

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That was a very nice thing you did.
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My noisy neighbors are driving me crazy!!
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Thats awesome, MrV!!! It's really awkward when you are in a group where you aren't wanted. Good for you!

When life throws you lemons throw them back!
I am proud to say I own one fish! He lives in a 14 gallon jungle all to himself PAXTON is my double tail halfmoon featured in my icon :)

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I am very pleased with how some of my juvie doubletails are growing up with perfectly even lobes, deep caudal splits, long bodies, and perfect toplines!
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So - I was at the LFS the other day and they had all of these wonderful Betta's marked down - 2.99 for males and 1.49 for females. Of course I found a beautiful little girl I just knew would be better off living with me. As I'm walking to the register with her, my husband stops me and says, "No more fish, put it back." But, But I sputtered...dragging my feet back to the Betta shelf. I said, "Sorry, hope you find a good home" and placed her back. I have now been sad, and pouty for 2 days. I keep saying, we have an empty tank - what's the big deal? He says - you have enough fish.Hm. I only have 2 Betta's. They are each in 5 gallon tanks. And I have a 125 Gallon with Malawi cichlids in it. I have an extra 3 Gallon that's sitting empty - It would be perfect for 1 more fish. He keeps saying - "but when will it end? It's always just 1 more"...... Grrrr....Just had to vent. Happy Year Years to everyone. May your Betta's be Merry and Bright!
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Anti-Rant: I'm going to get my new sorority girls in a few minutes!! Yay!!!

When life throws you lemons throw them back!
I am proud to say I own one fish! He lives in a 14 gallon jungle all to himself PAXTON is my double tail halfmoon featured in my icon :)

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Fawnleaf -- I'm so glad you're finally able to go get them! :)

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