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Have to be careful with the cars too because many times I let the dogs out the door to go pee and didn't look. The mail lady would be walking up to deliver a package and both of my shepherds loved to dash past her, jump in her truck ready for a ride LOL! She was not amused

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My younger brother texts my mum the other day, talking about getting a German Shepherd puppy. This is someone who has grown up with dogs, but who had no interest in walking or training or any of the other less exciting aspects of dog ownership.

He did briefly adopt a dog from the RSPCA (some sort of pitbull/staffy looking dog), which I said was a bad idea. So it wasn't much of a surprise that after only a very short time, the dog had become my dad's dog.

I have no idea how much experience his girlfriend has with dogs, but I think they've only had smaller dogs, and a German Shepherd is not really what I would call a suitable breed for a first dog. I mentioned adopting a retired Greyhound that has been tested with cats, but that idea was shot down. Then I mentioned looking at older German Shepherds, but they seem to want a puppy.

I just don't know if they realise how much work a German Shepherd is, let alone a puppy. I mean this is the sort of breed that needs to use their brains, and you often can't rock up to the dog park and expect them to be friends with everyone (especially once they hit maturity). Plus the breed can have issues with reactivity and aggression.

I've told my mum if they do get a puppy and something goes wrong, I want nothing to do with it.

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I'm just so done with our internet company. I have been attempting to do something, anything, about our slow speed all day. It has been a long, long ongoing problem that really spans the entire year, if not before. More recently, the last several months have gone like this, we'd call, run a bunch of tests that fix nothing, they'd send a tech to whatever box in our area the internet comes from (the problem isn't at our house), they'd fix something and then we'd have really good (what we've been paying for the whole time) speed for a while before it just gradually goes down again. After spending hours today trying to do something about this I'm pretty much told that yeah they know it's a problem (we've been oversubscribed for a long time) but they aren't going to do anything to fix it. At the moment I can barely stream on mobile quality settings. Mobile. I realize we aren't exactly the big city that makes a ton of money, but we're customers too.

I have run so many tests, tried so many different things, talked to many people, been told different things and I just don't want to do it anymore. It gets better at night since people go to sleep, but I can't be nocturnal my whole life.

Edit: It's working better right now, at least. I hope it lasts!

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I know in the UK that the telecomms network is shared and there are only really 2 networks you can connect to (Openreach and Virgin). If oversubscription in the the cab is the issue, I presume that it will be shared amongst all the different providers I would guess (Telecommunications Act 1996 forced companies to make their equipment available to competitors). That means only upgrading the cabinet is going to fix it and nobody is willing to do it, by the sounds of things. Your provider might not even own the cabinet and just be leasing it, meaning they wouldn't be allowed to perform the upgrade.
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@Aquatail : What company are you using because some like Cox limit bandwidth by area where speeds are dependent on how many people are online. It could also be your router or whether or not you are hard wired or using wifi, the latter being fixed by either hard wiring or boosting the signal with tinfoil. Though it may not be your internet company, have you tried clearing your browser's cache including cookie data? Or it may be a pc problem and you could try compressing old files, running a disk cleanup, and defragmenting your hard drive.

Good luck! :3
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@kanped, I'm not sure how it works, but I am in the US. I guess it is possible they can't fix it/upgrade it because of something like that. It's really frustrating though because who knows how long this has been going on and meanwhile we've been paying for good speed the whole time. I imagine we can't be the only ones either, other people may not even be aware they aren't getting the speed they pay for.

@thekinetic, it's CenturyLink. Thanks for trying to help, I really do appreciate it, but believe me, I've tried just about everything I can think of. Going wired directly from the modem with nothing else connected to the internet makes only a very small difference compared to wireless through the router. We have several computers and devices and they all have the speed problem. I do clear the cookie data on my browser occasionally and I do have a different browser. I think Firefox tends to work a little better, but it's sort of hard to tell because our speed goes so rapidly up and down. The file compression, disc cleanup and fragmentation I haven't tried as it's not a problem with one specific device, but maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

We had a plan set up to try a different provider before the last time they fixed something and it started working really well, but I think we're going to go ahead and do that plan. The only reason we haven't switched long before now is because they have a data cap and we sometimes do have large files to download, but at this point I really just think something needs to change.

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