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We have company coming and I need to get off of here, get dressed and walk the dog.
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At least in the fish department you are ALLOWED to say what proper care is--If the bettas were in the reptile department, you could seriously lose your job if you changed things they tell you to say! AND while you can clean betta cups, you aren't allowed to change the substrate used in the enclosures. It's nasty!!

Leopard geckos: They live in the desert, but it is not a sandy desert! It is a caked-earth crackly desert made of mostly flat rocks and hard impacted earth. They are not meant to live on sand, their bodies can't handle it well. Imagine laying on your tummy in the sand and trying to sleep with your face in it..Breathing in would get all that nasty sand in your lungs!! Their stomachs don't digest things well, they can get impacted even if you feed them right, imagine with big lumps of sand from eating crickets in the sand and just simple living on it! Even worse is CALCISAND!!! Never never never EVER buy this for your animal! It is a man made product that might as well be leopard gecko poison. It uses a high concentrated amount of calcium in the sand--while calcium is digestible.. The amount used is considered the highest dosage a human can handle--if you took that much calcium, they actually suggest you stop taking it after two weeks or you could overdose. Now imagine being as small as a leopard gecko and living on it your whole life! :( It is so awful. Yuck!! The other substrate they use is bark, which is meant to retain moisture..Uh, remember, DESERT animals? Even the bark can break off into smaller pieces and it's just an unsafe substrate for them! :( I've seen so many dead leos, breaks my heart!

They mistreat snakes too. I saw a dying little cornsnake in petsmart, the manager said he was 'evil' and was waiting for him to die.. They said he tried to strike. I asked for details--They fed each snake, getting the scent of food on them. They went to his cage last. He hadn't been fed in months.. He smells food, he goes for the food smelling tongs, scaring the manager out of her mind! She then decides to never attempt feeding him again. Awful! Thankfully someone other than me over heard, and he is a trained reptile rescuer. He wanted a children's spotted python anyway, and he was pissed so he took the poor thing off her hands. It is now the sweetest most handle able snake he owns and never tries to do any harm to him, now that it is well fed!

and then IGUANAS.. If you don't know anything about iguanas, here's something you should know: PLEASE DO NOT GET ONE. If you do, get ready to devote your life. They need as much time and effort if not more than large parrots, and they can do SERIOUS damage. They can grow to 5 feet or more(mostly their long tail which is nasty accurate if they choose to tail whip you), they are more hormonal than teenagers, they need a very expensive varied diet(put down those pellets! You need like at least 5 different greens, different veggies, and some fruit, and then balance what you give on what days!) and they need a small bedroom sized enclosure! I bet you didn't guess that from the little hatchlings they sell in 10 gallon aquariums!! Iguanas can live to 15+ years, but the average lifespan of an iguana in america is less than 1 year! >:( It's disgusting. People feed them crickets, they starve them "because if you feed them less they stay smaller", they don't give them UVB, or they put them in mesh cages, scraping and ripping apart their noses. They are one of the most fragile and violent of all the the reptiles. You can NOT touch a male while it is in breeding season! It doesn't matter how friendly you are, you are his ENEMY! Bites can leave nasty scars and require plenty of stitches. And if you have an iguana, say goodbye to vacations. They need to be fed everyday, and maintained..and not many people are willing to put their neighbors at risk of a big iguana bite! Or the iguana at risk of people being stupid :(
Don't get me wrong, they make great pets..when well cared for by someone willing to devote 15 years of their life to the animal. They are money leeches and you'll ask yourself "Why did I buy this thing again?!" But if you love the species you can care for them. But don't expect them to be your bff! And don't expect them to live in a ten gallon with no heat or UVB lights! And don't feed them crickets! >:(

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If you want a big reptile, get a bearded dragon. They are WONDERFUL and funny, they can get to be 2 feet and I've even seen a 3 foot one! Big but FRIENDLY, very easy to tame and enjoy being handled much more! They need UVB too, and a mix of veggies and bugs, but a 50 gallon is different than a small bedroom! They make great pets, I suggest them for anyone looking at reptiles! I want one :)

But yeah, several of my friends worked at petsmart, but they were almost all fired or quit. They refused to sell calcisand, which they are supposed to push at every sale(even of turtles and iguanas!), that got them punished. When they tried to change the feeding schedules of the reptiles(leos getting fed like once a week or less, each getting a single cricket) they got in trouble.. And then when iguanas are bought, they are supposed to sell a 'kit' which includes a bird/ferret cage(made out of wire perfect for getting toes stuck and broken off, tails broken, and faces rubbed raw), a uvb lamp, and iguana pellets(that if you read the label is not safe for iguanas and is made out of crickets and dog food!).. Everything you ever need for an iguana! I would quit too, dang.

:( Please, try not to buy your reptiles from Petco/Petsmart. They are over priced, WILD CAUGHT, and are often already beyond saving. Buying from them often encourages people to steal several already endangered or rare animals from the wild, or harvest their eggs.. Wild caught reptiles just don't adjust well to captivity! Plus, they'll come loaded with parasites. Ready to go to a vet? Reptiles can't be fixed with just water changes and heat! Clean cages might prevent most illnesses, but if your reptile has got a respiratory infection..gooo tooo the veeet!! Plus, all reptile supplies can be bought online for cheaper anyway.
Petstore: 30 mealworms for 5 dollars..15cents a worm. That's the best deal I could find. I've seen 15 for 5 or even 8 dollars too.
Online: 1000 mealworms for 29 dollars..Not even a penny each! :O Dang! And that price includes overnight shipping! Haha..

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Oh yeah, just an example of how BIG iguanas get and how fast they grow: (this is my friend btw)

This was two years ago! That lid is from the ten gallon tank she was sold in. As you can see it is ALREADY too small!! She is actually almost as long as the tank, and can't turn around well in it without bending her tail uncomfortably!

And here is how big she is today--In only two years

That is what happens when you raise an iguana right!! What a healthy girl!


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Oh my, what a gorgeous iguana!! 8D <3 shes beautiful!!!
We had an adult iguana about that size at work in a HUGE terrarium.....ended up selling him I think O.o

LOL, I wanted to strangle him for saying those couple of things....mostly because this other chick was totally buying into all that crap, which really irritated me. If it had only been me in the training thing, I wouldn't have been as ticked, because I know better.
But, like I said, hes a nice guy....and for the most part provided decent information on fish care and such, much better then all Petsmart and Petco employees combined, thats for darn sure. At least he knew what the Nitrogen Cycle was, and what a Fish-less Cycle was.
He also said that there's no one perfect right way to do anything in fish keeping....which I don't completely agree with, but it gives me the freedom to give customers information and advice based on my opinions and experiance, so I ain't complainin' ;P
So, I let him go...for now xD LOL

Ugh....Petco and Petsmart sicken me :/ I REFUSE to be any animals from them(....even though I only get to go in every few months or so since we don't live near one xD). I only occasionally get supplies there because they're cheaper and have a much wider selection then at work....though I'm probably gonna start buying online instead now ;P But they are disgusting....I have no IDEA how they ended up as such big popular chain stores -__-;
At work, we don't keep the Leos, or any young reptile, on sand or gravel or anything like that BTW ;)
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Thank you, purplemuffin! I went to petsmart to get supplies to start an aquarium and the lady working there tried to sell me a bearded dragon. They're cute and maybe someday I will get one, but I currently live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. The lady says, "Oh they are so cute and little. You will love it." Yes, I would love it, right up to when it grows to be 2-3 feet long! Grrr! Why don't they warn their customers? I'm lucky I know a little bit about lizards so she didn't persuade me.

At the same time, I'd rather buy everything at Petsmart than Petco. My Petco is horrendous to their animals. Once I saw that they had put the ADFs in the same tank as the balloon mollies. There were over 30 mollies in the tank and they were ripping the ADFs apart. They would grab the leg of the frog and drag it around the tank, as the others would peck it and chase it. Most of the frogs had jumped out of the water onto the filter to escape the fish. They were also some huddled, as squished as they could fit, under a rock. When I found an employee to remove the frogs, she insisted that she wasn't sure if she was allowed to move them to a new tank. So I asked for a manager, who wasn't there. I called the store a little while later and ripped the manager a new one. He promised me that he would lecture the employee and move the frogs immediately. So I felt better until I checked the next week. The frogs hadn't been moved and there were only 2 left (there were about 15 before), still huddled terrified under their rock. I was livid. I'm still mad about it, and it happened over a month ago.

So anything I can buy at Petsmart, I do. I won't shop at Petco unless I absolutely have to. The employees at my Petsmart are relatively knowledgable and take pretty good care of the animals. I just avoid the crazy lizard fanatic who works there.

It's been 5 years...I'm no longer a newbie

20 gal long-otos, glowlight tetra, black phantom tetra, African dwarf frogs
56 gal-zebra loaches, serpae tetra, rosy barbs, bristlenose pleco
2 gal-empty (formerly Mercury-purple veil tail betta
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Beardies are great, one of my favorites yet I somehow never ended up with one..LOL! Someday.. But first I gotta get a brazilian rainbow boa..Hubba hubba!!

But I do wish petstores would tell you things! Most of the employees go in with as little reptile knowledge as anyone, and the ONLY thing they are taught is what the managers teach them..and the managers have been taught what the big business men say is good for business and will keep animals ok alive long enough to be bought.

That's the reason why we're starting the mealworm colony, we're hoping to eventually cut out the petstore variable from the equation! It's nice to have food when they need it, and not have to go to the store and buy it.. XD and oatmeal and grains (what they eat) is cheap! Way more economical than continuing to buy more every week!

We have a local petstore we buy everything from! They are pretty knowledgable but have a few things I disagree with, the person in charge of reptiles thinks you should feed snakes live food, but I find that to be too dangerous. Her point is 'at least I know what I am feeding the rodents' which I can understand, but I still don't like the risk of them..er. Fighting back. They can kill the snakes, you know. It's nasty! Other than that one thing they are great! They only buy as many animals as they can house(instead of stuffing 10 leopard geckos in a tiny tank, they'll have one MAYBE two if there are enough hides, and a max of like 7 reptiles total out front, the rest in back have real enclosures where they rest), if you buy puppies you have to wait a few days, continue to visit, and talk about the purchase with family so they aren't spontaneous buys! Parrots are the best--if you buy a baby, you have to go to the store multiple times a week, everyday if possible, and visit with the bird. It will be marked down as 'bought' but is let out for socializing with you. You show up for feeding times, and start feeding the bird yourself, and get the bird comfortable with you before you take him home! It's cool, it helps. Poor birds get so confused when they are taken away from their store 'home'!

Yay for no calcisand! My favorite substrate is TILE! Just wipe it down, clean! No chance of impaction! Woohoo! :)

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God, thats just....just ridiculous. Is it really THAT hard to move a few ADFs? So they WANT their stock killed? I mean, seriously :/ At work we keep our ADFs with guppies and platys....and we feed them live bloodworms. They're all very healthy, active, and happy. I don't understand why its SO HARD for Petco and such to TAKE CARE of their animals. We do it >_>;

I did have a good experience at Petsmart though...a few years ago, before I knew a whole lot about fish, we used to go to this one Petsmart....where the employees were actually kind of knowledgeable(now that I think back on it). They always asked what size tank you had, and gave pretty decent advice....like angel fish were mean, Black Ghost Knifes got huge, livebearers reproduce like crazy....all that jazz. And their tanks were pretty clean as far as I remember.
So, I prefer Petsmart as well....they're cheaper, I've had better experiences there, and I can't ever see the bettas in the blue water...LOL, so I can't be tempted ;)

Edit: I'd read about tile...I might head in that direction when my Leo gets older, it sounds like the best way to go xD But for now I think I'll stick with paper towels....they seem really easy to clean as well, and cheap ;P LOL

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Originally Posted by DragonFish View Post
Edit: I'd read about tile...I might head in that direction when my Leo gets older, it sounds like the best way to go xD But for now I think I'll stick with paper towels....they seem really easy to clean as well, and cheap ;P LOL
LOL I have paper towel too on my enclosures, I've only experienced tile at my friend's house. It was awesome, cause he got 'stone' looking tile, but it was smooth and not porous and didn't absorb the icky poop!

I mainly want to get it because I want to decorate their homes eventually :] so many ideas... Love the idea of making them have phenomenal homes to show them off while keeping them healthy!

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LOL, yeah xD I've read that paper towels are the easiest, safest, and cheapist way to go for substrate for younger guys...makes sense to me! xD I was really happy when I read that, it makes one less thing I have to buy and I'm sure makes cleaning soooooooo much easier. ;)

Oooo, that sounds really, really neat!! Yeah, I might go for that later on too...it would be SO much fun to decorate my little Leos tank and make it look awesome while still keeping it safe and easy!!
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Remember, though, that it depends on the store you buy from... My Petco is great (: I love to buy from them because I know that they take care of their animals, and they treat them very well. The only thing I don't like is they have Leos on sand, but all of their other animals are on Aspen or Reptile carpet. Every buy I make there encourages the good care they give. I bought my second corn snake from them and he's soo gentle and sweet.
There was one INCREDIBLY stupid girl once, saying that a Red Tail Boa was a better beginner snake than a corn snake. LIES. RTBs get BIG, some are AGGRESSIVE, and ALL need big tanks. IF you get lucky you can find a small one, but most get rather large and thick. Her reason why corns were bad snakes? They're a bit flighty when young =/ That's it. I haven't seen her lately (;

Picasso- PK

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