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Question Thoughts on Vegetarians?

I just always wanted to know, since I'm a vegetarian. Please don't try to be polite by holding back any negative comments, I just was never old enough to develop an opinion. Thanks!

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I think to have an outright opinion on a lifestyle choice like diet is the same as having an opinion on someone else's religion.. pointless.
You can be an unhealthy vegetarian, you can be a healthy omnivore. Your vegetarian diet can be worse for the environment than an omnivore's diet and vice versa.. black and white gets you no where...

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Really I am fine with vegetarians as long as they don't get onto me for eating meat. If they start getting mad at me then issues arise.

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No problems whatsoever. I eat meat but I still try to eat healthy. I guess I was raised on a Mediterranean diet all my life before it became fashionable, it's basically comfort food for me. So meat doesn't always have to be on the menu. It's funny because my sister was raised the same way and now that she's married she has become a total carnivore. The only time her and her family have any fresh veggies is when they come to our house for Sunday gatherings. If I make Manicotti or Ravioli is has to have meat in it for them to even touch it. I would prefer it without, so now I just make both kinds to please everyone.

Even know my 12 year old Nephew was raised as a strict carnivore, when he comes over to our house and raids the fridge he always goes for the tomatoes & cucumbers. Maybe the Mediterranean thing is in his DNA or something. It's like he craves vegetables. His twin sister is the complete opposite, she considers french fries a vegetable.

When my Grandfather was alive we always had huge gardens and grew all our own stuff. We had a vineyard and even made our own wine. It's just the way I grew up. It's been difficult to maintain that since he passed away because of lack of time. I'd like to get back to that someday.

I briefly dated a vegan and eating out could be a bit of a challenge at times. I still need a good Italian hoagie or a cheese steak once a week. She really had a hard time understanding this and acted repulsed if I ate something like that in front of her. I really resented that.

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I love vegetarians, corn fed beef is the best stuff around!
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Ok cool :). I don't mind if people eat meat around me. I asked because I'm almost 13 and I became a vegetarian at 9 or 8 years old. I don't want people to base their beliefs on PETA (in my opinion, one of the worst organizations ever.) I'm also just fed up on the "protein" argument. People can't realize that nuts and beans also contain protein. Sadly I get into arguments a loot with other vegetarians/vegans :(. For example; someone posted a picture on instagram of a girl petting a dog while slitting the throat of a pig with the text "I love animals" above it. It was a cartoon, but it still made me sick to my stomach that I could be generalized with people like this. They fail to consider that maybe people with a diet including animal products don't know about the things that go on in animal factories. But PETA put a page up saying that keeping any type of fish is abusive and cruel -.- and that every fish needs at least 10 gallons. I have a betta (Middy) in a 2.5 gallon that is heated, filtered, decorated with lots of places to hide, and has regular water changes. That doesn't seem so cruel to me, given that all she knew was a tiny cup and a breeding farm. PETA also blew up and set fire to an animal testing lab. Sure helps your reputation, the animals inside, and human lives. Some other activists request that everyone burns their fur coats. The companies still have money, and they may go out to buy another one. Some better options are to not buy any more fur or donate it to a homeless shelter/person who really needs to stay warm. I just always feel like a burden because whenever I go to someone else's house for dinner, they almost always have meat. I have to choose between saying no and making them feel bad, or saying yes and have them ask why I didn't touch it. Sorry this turned into a rant, I have a fever right now so that may be why but thank you for reading this.

Also, Tolak, did you seriously just imply that you like your meat vegetarian? Please don't do this, it's mean and upsets me because every time I think about meat I can hear the animal screaming, that was uncalled for. Feel free to post stuff like that in another thread, but that was not funny and it was offensive.

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MiniMango, I think you have some very mature views on this subject, particularly with PETA. Its great to see you have done your research!

I know how you feel about feeling like a burden when you have dinner at someone else's house.. I've finally come around to: if its food with my close friends or family, they know I'm vegetarian and I eat veggie, even if it means me bringing my own meal, whereas if its an acquaintance I won't see again, or I don't see often I'll just eat whatever they give me. It helps me feel better that they're not stressing about what to feed me (although I'll eat anything!). However, its not the optimal solution for everyone! I've become more lax the past couple of years.
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You sound like I did when I was 13 haha... Keep questioning these things as you grow, you'll find your own version of what is true.. Whatever you decide, stand for what you believe in, but don't force it upon others, that will only make them bitter and resentful to your lifestyle...

As an agriculture student it upsets me to no end, people who complain about "factory farms" while eating animal products... they are getting what they asked for. People want to pay $8 for a chicken instead of $18, or $2 for a dozen eggs instead of $6, but they get upset when farmers start overcrowding animals in small spaces... No they certainly aren't pretty, and a lot of farmers agree they aren't ideal, but until people start paying up conditions aren't going to improve, aha... I am paying over $4 for a liter of milk from cows that are humanely raised, even allowed to nurse their own young instead of being separated right at birth. But no, people would like to see that sort of farming and continue to pay $1 for a liter of milk. Not going to happen.

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I don't really have any opinion on vegetarians, not unless they are the pious kind who want to dictate how I should live my life. I had an upbringing where several relatives had farms, and where I spent a lot of my childhood running around on them so I am not blind to what happens to most livestock.

Even though I eat meat, I think animal welfare (different from animal rights which is what PETA pushes) is important, and that there are some farming practices that I personally don't agree with and would like to see changed. With that said, not everyone is fortunate enough to have the financial means to choose humanely produced/slaughtered meat/dairy/eggs. For example, we just paid $9 for a dozen eggs the other day because they were free-range, and from a farm that has very low stocking rates per hectare. People like my father however, are perfectly content to go with the cage eggs because they are about a quarter of the price.

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Since I am one, I hate them... or at least one of them...

(kidding... kidding)

It used to confuse me a lot why people would want to stop eating meat... and then I had some PETA people shoving horrible stuff in my face and that obviously didn't help. Several years later I realize how horrible I felt all the time, and how much hormones are in normal meat... so I started eating healthier meat (organic, hormone free, etc), and then I started thinking more about the energy of the animals that had died probably not being so good in cramped housing, so I stopped eating any factory farm meat and went to cage free also... but that is really expensive, so I just stopped eating meat. I have felt a lot better since then.

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