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I'm sorry about what happened. I've had stuff like that happen to me before and it's very upsetting.
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That's really unfortunate. I've had my fair share of backstabbing friends and it's always hard to deal with. I hope things get better for you and you make it through the year without too many problems. c: *hugs*

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That really stinks. THIS is the reason I have more guy friends than girl friends. Girls are too catty. lol

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I'm so sorry! I've had my far share of thugs before. Let us know how things go!

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I agree with VG, your manager was very unprofessional. Discussing the private opinions of other individuals is not something that should be taken to the workplace.

As for your roommate, I have learned over the years that there are some very eccentric people out there--some of them have serious mood problems, some are very narcissistic, and some just have no faith in the inherent goodness of people and just aren't comfortable with the notion of giving you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps you did something at some point that upset her in a way that you didn't understand, which caused her to inappropriately lash out--this doesn't excuse her behavior but if you try understanding her rather than being angry with her it should be easier to move on.

At this point you're stuck with her, so you're unlikely to benefit from confronting her about it. Do your best to let it go. If you could convince your boss that you're a good reliable individual, you'll be able to convince your roommate too. Everyone has their personality flaws and everyone messes up.
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The thing I don't understand is this girl has known me for 6 years. She KNOWS who I am. She never shows any interest in not being my friend.. in fact she's a little clingy.

The more I think about it the more I think my manager is trying to start something so she has a reason to fire my roommate. My roommate has been copping an attitude at work lately (no idea why) so maybe that's the whole reason behind her trying to start something.

At this point I just don't care. I'm going to live my life and I don't give a crap about what either of them does.

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Could it be possible that her boyfriend or friend was over and decided to play a prank and text the manager? Maybe one of your BF's friends that doesn't like you? I'm just saying, its a possibility right? Since you've known this girl for so long and you say shes nice and everything, why would she have a reason to do something like this to you out of the blue?
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I'm so sorry this happen Jackie.
I want to strangle that manager. I'm a manager myself and she was completely out of line in telling you about your friend and even telling you they planned to fire you before your probatory period was up. You NEVER do that even if it's true, it just drains the motivation out of employees and an employee who works in customer service needs a LOT of encouragement from management to deal with those customers day after day.
I would sit down and talk with your friend. Someone there might be jealous about your close friendship and dislike that you get along so well at work.
BettaLover has a point, someone could've gotten possetion of her phone and text the manager to keep you from getting the job.
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I'm pretty sure that is impossible. This girl has her phone on her person at all times. The only person who ever has access to it besides her is me and I'd have to be really sneaky about it.

Its possible my manager could have fabricated the text messages but I don't see why she would do that.

I have no doubt that my roommate is capable of saying those things. We were raised very differently and my version of normalcy is her version of a pig sty. I live chaotically. I don't clean daily.. I clean weekly. I'm not a stickler about getting the dishes done keeping everything in its place. Not that that would have any bearing on my actions at work. HOWEVER.. I'm the most reliable person you'll ever meet and as far as being a "witch".. well.. I'm brutally honest. I'll tell you what I think you need to know. I never do it in a mean way but if you ask for my opinion I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear just to keep you happy. All of this stuff are things she hates about me.

I'd like to talk to her about it but in all honesty that will just open up an even bigger can of worms.

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I wouldn't really suggest confronting her right now since she has already done this. I might let things cool down a little and see if she does anything else that you can tell she her self has done and then I would confront her. You day tell your manager that you wouldn't talk to your friend about it. That seems a little curious though, if your manager brought up the topic of you not confronting your friend then maybe your manager did this, not your friend.
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