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I'm not really afraid of a lot of things, but I guess if I had to pinpoint it, my biggest fear is a fear of failure. Can't really explain it, I'm just very afraid of not amounting to anything in life like a lot of my family did.
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phobias/fears i guess a few.
making a complete fool of myself in front of people.
the dark.
the water.
empty buildings.
meeting people.
putting my hand in water that isn't clear.
catching a spider in a glass.
driving........stupid because i have a license.
real people statues.
changing a lightbulb.
stairs with gaps,only walking down them.
being chased up the stairs.
drunk people
looking over cliffs
wonder why i don't go out much.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Originally Posted by Torat View Post
Same. Aliens like the kind from "Fire in the Sky." If I EVER wake up nude at a gas station in B.F.E., I'd probably spend the rest of my life in a psych ward. True fact.
That happen to me once... but it was from a wild night of partying!

Originally Posted by Velio View Post
I'm not really afraid of a lot of things, but I guess if I had to pinpoint it, my biggest fear is a fear of failure. Can't really explain it, I'm just very afraid of not amounting to anything in life like a lot of my family did.
Your post failed.... now live in fear!
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My biggest fear is drains. All drains, kitchen sink, bath tub, bathroom sink, the drains on floors in basements and such. *shudder*
I do not think something is going to climb out to get me I just hate being near drains. Because of this, I cannot take baths...too close. If something falls into the drain I just leave it there. I also stare at it obsessively when I take a shower. And when anyone else touches one it really creeps me out.

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(WARNING: If you have a vivid imagination and have nightmares alot don't read #5 thats why I made it small and hard to read... only for people who REALLY want to suddenly get ill)

1. Loosing my friends

2. Loosing my mind *Twitch*

3. My heart stopping (I'm completely healthy yet I just always feel as if I can feel my heart beating and moving when I move... ACK NOW I'M THINKING ABOUT IT AGAIN! I just have this nightmare of it twisting or stopping...)

4. Going Deaf/Blind

5. Nightmares becoming real... I actually did originally post a nightmare I had here... but removed it on the basis that... well... um... it's messed up. I even named the Nightmare... 'The Glass Doll' oh let your mind wander...

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Ohh I forgot about Santa, Easter bunny, and mascots. SummerOJ reminded me of that one. I was told when I was 7 months old I screamed when they put me on Santa's lap. And I've always been freaked out by anything that is "lifesized" that I think should only be in story books or on TV. It was awful at Relay for Life this year because they had the Chick-fil-a tent next to my tent with the cow. I flipped out the whole night!

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I have a phobia of sharp things near my eyes. I hate looking directly at the spike of a skewer if it is near my eyes.

I only have 1 betta left, but he's a cool blue marble!
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Oh! One more! I'm afraid of BIG leaves. Like, elephant ears and such.

I used to be afraid of all leaves, but now it's only the big ones.

"Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less."
~Robert E. Lee
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Some bugs. Millipedes mostly. I can't even get near them. Water bugs too. One night not so long ago a millipede came out from under my dog crate and ran under our bed. While it was hoofing it, my husband was yelling.... Step on it! Get it! Get it!... but I didn't have shoes on and I was paralyzed. I sat in the middle of the bed for a while like a big baby. I eventually ended up sleeping on the couch because I kept thinking it would come crawl on me under the blanket.

I actually have a basis for that. I can't tell you the amount of times in my life I've thought, that bug won't get me, and it's ended up in my hair or under my blankets, crawling up my leg. When I was younger I had a 17 year locust fly into my very thick, very curly hair and get stuck. I absolutely FREAKED out. This past summer I had stink bugs drop into my hair from the sliding glass door frame on TWO DIFFERENT trips through the door. Another time in our apartment a water bug came out of nowhere, zoomed across the carpet and ran right under my legs while I was sitting indian style on the floor.

So ... just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get me.

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I dunno...i figure its cause i grew up next to three very busy

other house
my house.

they were like i cant, to this day, sleep without some kind of noise...i cant do tv because i end up watching it...but i sleep with my iPod every night or lately, since I recently got my little Marbles, im okay with the sound of the filter humming away
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