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Thumbs up Bearded Dragon Pics

Israel enjoying a nice soaking in the bathtub...

"Hi mom! I smilez for you!!"

After his soaking, he went back into his enclosure. I re-did it again, putting it back like it was a couple months ago. I had changed it around completely, where I had a different, single large piece of driftwood in there and some mountain rocks, but I think he likes this layout better. He loves climbing on the different branches and rocks, and basking in different area's.

Dad was supposed to be building him a bigger custom enclosure, however it's been pushed onto the backburner for a bit as he's been gone more with work lately, and hasn't been able to complete it. Hopefully soon!

Note his garden turtle buddy in there, LOL

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oh, what a sweetie :D He's really pretty, though aren't the spikey scales on his sides a bit pointy and sharp?

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skinny when i got him

and now :)

messing with his food lol


his viv;

strato multi color CT
edward royal blue HM (at foster home)
henriette blue crayfish

water changing tut thread
dividing tank tut thread
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Wow! Such a cute reptile! About how much do you think (or know) that kind of setup costs? Just wondering. :D

small fry,

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[QUOTE=Neelie;560225]skinny when i got him

and now :)

Wow he has put on some weight Neelie. Must be living the good life with you.

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^^^ thanks. ah he's gotten big alright... measuring 18" atm.
ummm i cant say for sure how much my setup was but my viv was second hand and cost 300$, then decor maybe another 100$, but the lights are the dearest at probably around 300$ too...

strato multi color CT
edward royal blue HM (at foster home)
henriette blue crayfish

water changing tut thread
dividing tank tut thread
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I LOVE your setup!!!!!!!!
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Bearded Dragon setups are pretty pricy.... You need something like a 40 gallon breeder tank or bigger, an expensive UVB bulb, heat source, etc! Plus daily veggies and fruits! But they have great personalities!

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Nice dragons :) I want another one soooooooo bad, but cant afford one nor am I aloud to have any snake, lizards, spiders, scorpions etc... My dragon was fed lightning bugs while I was on vacation...

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wow ok no offence but this is all IMO (in my opinion)
those tanks are too small. I dont have a bearded dragon but my dads a reptile and venomous snake handler with our wildlife group and has been for ten years (my mum did the fur and feathers my dad did the scales and bity things.)
our bearded dragons are kept in enclosures 4 foot and up. AND we are talking animals that need a 2 foot tank really because they are injured but they are given larger enclosures.)
USUALLY our lizards are kept in the "lizard Lounge" which is a large rainforest enclosure (makes finding them to feed and medicate fun I-spy)
our snakes are all kept in decent sized enclosures i MAY have a few pics ill look:

(LOOKING BEHIND THE HORSE AND MYSELF you can see two of the medium outdoor enclosures, the steel door on the rights one door the others to the left)

Another one with the outdoor enclosures in back ground.
The snake in the picture above and below:

Is our pet snake (we bought her from a breeder and were licensed to keep her and any other reptile) shes over 12 foot long and 12 or 13 yrs old. HER tanks 5 foot square and 8-10foot tall and shes never in it any more shes currently residing in an outdoor enclosure.

This is ONE of the enclosures shes normally rotated in, its a hex shaped bird cage, its about 5 foot wide and 9 or so tall

This is one bay of 2 five bay "ER" enclosures. One room at my dads is the animal recovery room, it houses the two 5 bay enclosures, three four foot tanks, a steel topped examination table, scales and all the different gauge needles and all different injection fluids and even chloroform (for the really bad cases) these bays are quite small being only the CRITICAL animals are housed in here (when i say critical i mean anything that is so hurt it onlly wants to curl up and sleep it off) or babies. Occassionally we will get in a pile of eggs or fresh hatched babies

This last pic and these next pics are 11 baby BROWN SNAKES (our most dangerous i think its in the worlds top five most venomus snakes) now each one of these 11 babies carry the exact same venom that the adult snakes carry, the only difference if their fangs are smaller and can penitrate your skin less and the amount isnt as great, it would still hurt like a bitch to be bitten though.
(not the greast pics because i was trying to keep all 11 n my line of sight at once and that is not an easy feat)

This last ones my favorite pic of the babies:

So no offense was meant but in MY OPINION the bearded dragons need bigger tanks and enclosures.

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