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Yesterday Was Painful...

Well, I went to visit my horse and ride him a little, but my plan was made short when Quinn (my horse) decided to freak out and buck me off. I would've had control over the spook if my saddle wouldn't have come loose and slid under Quinn with me on it. I hit my head, tailbone, spine, and ankle when I fell and I couldn't get up for a few minutes. Tom (the BO) heard the gallop from his house and came running. The rest of my first day on spring break was spent at the hospital where I received several x-rays of the injured spots. I was lucky because nothing was broken. The doctors are watching me for any brain injuries because of the fact that my nose immediately began to bleed when I hit my head on the ground. I don't think I have any brain injuries since I can remember the date, what happened, and other things. Now I'm sore all over my body from how I fell and my dad is freaking out because he doesn't want me to ride again. I'm not going to let a stupid fall stop me from riding. I know that in a way Quinn was protecting me when he bucked while I was stuck in the stirrup. If he wouldn't have bucked at that moment my foot would've never came out of the stirrup and I might've ended up dead. I'm not allowing my dad to take over when it isn't his choice.
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Wow! You're lucky you weren't stepped on. I've had a broken leg, arm & my ear torn in half thanks to horses and all of this happened on the ground, not riding them. In fact the broken leg and ear happend my first day of summer vacation so I know how you feel. I love horses and always will but boy can they mess you up. Anyways, glad you weren't hurt worst.

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When you decide to own a horse you accept the risks that come with it. In my mind getting hurt while riding a horse isn't any different from getting hurt while living your normal life. You can get hurt from anything you do in life. I hope that my damaged bones are healed by the time school starts. I don't want to have to do the things at school in gym class if I'm hurting. I could always ask for a doctor's note though.
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Wow, how scary! I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was! Yeah, the possibility of injuries just comes with the territory but a person can get hit by a truck just walking down the street.
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Ouch! Glad there are no serious injuries. My horse bucked me off a while ago as well- you're lucky you didn't end up with a concussion!

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I know what you mean. Well, when I fell my foot got caught in the stirrup and if my horse wouldn't have bucked at that moment my foot wouldn't have come out of the stirrup and it would've been more severe because then I would've been dragged. In a way I need to thank my horse. I was terrified that I was paralyzed because I couldn't move at first. After a few minutes passed I could get up, but I got up slowly to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself more. After that I started laughing and joking around. I wanted to cheer up the mood and make sure nobody was worried about me.
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Yikes! I always thought horses were scary, still afraid to hand feed one or pat one without it being fenced. I'm a car guy...
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yeh thats a decent fall.
Ive fallen once in 5 years and that was quite recent and my own fault. I got on my 3 yr old UNBROKEN colt. he was standing nicely. second time i got on him (no helmet) and had saddled him just to sit there there was no bucking or freeking out he stood like hed done it a million times, so i asked my bf to lead him off, after a few steps i told bf to let him go and he walked happily and i nudged him a little to get him to bring his rear end under him and not walk stretched out, he trotted off. i went with it hes got a good pace, he got to the top of the hill and i reined him in gently then my split rein was caught under the edge of the saddle, without thinking i puled it out like i would mounted on the other horse. Bandit lept forefeet off the ground to the left dropping his right shoulder and racing backwards, because it was so sudden and my hands were gathering the reins i went over his shoulder rolled as i flew through the air landed on the side of my head narrowly missing a corner of a rock protruding from the ground the horse took off and i rolled to my feet in an instant and chased after him. got close whistled and he trotted right back to me.

ended up concussed and a little bruised. my bones tend to flex somewhat

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Ouch! I'm glad it's not serious. I got bucked off once too, no injuries either but the next day every single inch of me hurt. I hope you're feeling better today! :)

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