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Help please? =(

Hi guys...been forever since I've been on here but we need help! My little brother, as some of you know, is a six year old with a big tank. His betta, Bubbles, passed on and my parents got him an early christmas gift, a 14 gallon aquarium. This was around the beginning of december. Now it's barely May and we've had something like 25 fish pass in this tank so far.

Okay, now for a timeline:

First time: Set up the tank, rocks, fake plants, filter, etc etc
parents buy eight fish to put in the tank because Petco people say its okay

Within the next couple of days: All eight fish die.

That day: eight new fish

Next day, all dead, including a frog that leapt out somehow onto the floor (it is a covered, lit tank)

That day: go to petco, ask a million questions, find out the thermometer wasn't working and tank was at 94 degrees instead of the 75 it claimed it was. Two guppies.

Guppies live very well for a month and we all deem it safe for them to be named, so they're dubbed Zippy and Glitter, and my parents buy two fancy guppies to go along with them, which we dubbed Mr. Sun and Sapphire

These four live VERY well for a while (like a month), so my parents bought him an albino pleco, which died after less than a week. This is the third or fourth pleco, so my parents decided frogs and plecos are done, no more.

After some time, something happens to Sapphire and he passes, so they buy a swordtail (Swordy lol)

We have Swordy for maybe 3 weeks and this morning my dad found him on the bottom in an odd bent shape...figures he's he gets a net and when he goes to grab him, Swordy moves around. So when I woke this morning my dad had QT'd him in a small, shallow glass bowl with a couple of food flakes.

Swordy seemed injured, but living...he was visibly breathing and swimming about a little...mostly in circles around the bottom of the bowl but he WAS moving. Once or twice he flitted up and nipped at the food flakes. Around an hour ago, he passed on as well.


I can't remember what info you guys need, so if someone wants to post a questionnaire thing I'll happily fill it out. I want my brother to be happy! Poor kid was heartbroken several times now =(

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Sounds like a mess.....

In the 14gal tank-how much and how often are the water changes, filter, live plants, additive used, water temp, type of substrate and how deep, type of decorations...or just post a pic that will help.....have you had the tank water and source water tested, if so, what are the numbers.....
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this may seem like an obvious question, but was water conditioner used?
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OFL: parents don't change the dad changes the filter...but they just add more water when it live plants...just some plastic grass and such...only like little cave...water temp as far as I know is usually around 75...gravel substrate...probably 2 or 3" deep...hasn't been tested yet...

@Bam: I'm not sure...I'll look...they might not use any

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how does this site work im getting confused
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Originally Posted by usmcwife2010 View Post
how does this site work im getting confused
I have responded to your post

Hayride...the problem is most likely water quality related.....the water has to be changed on a regular basis or the fish will suffer....anyway you can take over the care of the tank to help your brother be successful....
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Yes, water needs to be conditioned and aged. I would do a 25-40% water change weekly in that tank. Get a water parameter check kit. Good luck!!!

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I'd do a waterchange and offer to take over primary tank care to keep all the fish healthy. Maybe add some ghost shrimp and get an adjustable heater.

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@OFL: I'll mention it to them...see if they'll allow me to start doing water changes for them while I'm home this summer...unfortunately I'm a dorm-going college student, so it'll have to wait for the weekends I'm home during the winter...

@Neil D: I'll bring some water to Petco when I can to have it tested...maybe...depends on what my parents wanna do...I'll definitely try to start water changes

@Arashi: I can't take over...don't ask why...just how it far as ghost shrimp they aren't willing to get anything else right bro is pretty overwhelmed still...once we keep these last three fish and if we can keep em healthy looking, maybe they'll try another pleco or something...thanks =)

Thanks tons guys, I'll see what we can do to fix up this tank
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success! I'll be starting water changes very soon =D

Decided to wait until we empty a milk jug and I'll be using that to scoop water, so as soon as the current one is empty. We can't afford a vaccuum of any kind but I'll start doing my best to make the tank cleaner =)

thanks for the help guys!
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