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Originally Posted by Tisia View Post
not to mention what telling her she needs botox could do to her self esteem >_<
Speaking of that, it reminded me of this documentary I saw on the Discovery Channel.

This woman was interviewing girls aged 18-25 who were getting botox injections to essentially look younger. The reporter was going on about how, since 2007, clientele of said ages increased by 400% over the past 3 years.

She interviewed this one girl who was there for her 17th monthly(?) visit. When the reporter asked her: "Is there...a large amount of pressure for someone as young as yourself to be getting these injections?"

The girl just started SOBBING as she said yes. It's clearly obvious that these girls have severe body-image issues that SHOULD HAVE BEEN addressed by their parents earlier in their lifetime...

I understand certain social pressures at high-schools these days but ...ugh it was pathetic just watching her sobbing there in the waiting room. She was acting as if her whole family got wiped out by some sort of drive-by shooting. I feel bad for her and everything but this is insanity......

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Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. And the more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have.
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Hmm..Ive never felt that way. I grew up with a good family, albeit a bit sheltered (sadly :c), and always knew that I was fine the way I was, and that no one's opinion but my own was worth anything.

Hey, I still have my omgfeelinfat/gross days, but I know in the back of my head that there's a reason, like Im not feeling well or Im tired, and not that I think it because its true.

Sometimes...People just need to take a step back and realize, hey. You're fine.
You look pretty. If you think you need to look or do a certain thing to feel that way, then dont give into it...That solves nothing. Look inside yourself and in your own head and realize why you feel that way, and how wrong it is!

A step back is all people need, but sometimes, its a hard step to take :C
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if you can't learn to love yourself for who you are, no amount of nipping/tucking/filling is ever going to make you feel beautiful enough (a bit cliche sounding maybe, but true)
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True that.

No one makes you you other
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I had a roommate in college that was Mormon and was raised on a farm. She was going into music therapy. The first semester she found a boyfriend and started sleeping with him. The second semester she moved in with him and stopped going to her classes. She had me lying to her parents when they would call at 6 in the morning to talk to her. I guess her parents were pretty strict and maybe that's why she did the things she did.
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My mom never forbade me either, which I guess is why I have always been so open. I also was taught right from wrong.. I am horrified at many kids/teens these days and how they behave! I am one of those kids you say 'yes sir, no ma'am' people... sure with friends I have a sailer mouth and am free with how I act but around teachers, adults, elders, etc I am SUPER respectful and obey. It was what I was taught to do.

As well I have never rebelled. My bf's sister said her parents were so Nazi strict that she would cut class to be with boys, and once she broke free of their clothes she went wild. Now, in her 20s, she is a very rebellious girl. She is amazing and incredible,but she definitely has that wild side!! (Which makes me like her even MORE!)

Ya, there's a limit...

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My parents never let me do anything... I never went to friend's houses to play, sleep over, go to the mall, I couldnt do anything on the internet (my first real email acccount? I was 17.), which made growing up a bit sad. I hated it and still do, and Im resentful for it. Even now, at 19, they gives me issue, but of course allows me to do what I want, but really only because Im an adult and will anyway.

I never rebelled, but I was certainly aware of what I was missing and wished badly to have it, even just a little bit, of normal :'c

My children will have freedom, yes, but they wont have too much...There's a good medium, a...I dare say..happy medium :p
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I was never rebellious, either. I was too afraid of getting into trouble! lol The worst thing I ever did was go to a bar at the Holiday Inn where I went to college , with 2 friends. I drank 3 margaritas and my friends each had 4, including the girl that drove. I think it was around 2 in the morning when we left and as we pulled out of the parking lot a police car came up behind us and pulled us over. I thought oh, no, we're in trouble now! I started laughing uncontrollably and my friends were telling me to shut up. lol The police officer told my friend that she had a tail light out and to be sure to get it fixed as soon as she could. That was scary! lol
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I hear ya! Too afraid, too smart. I knew Id get in trouble, which meant bad things would happen, which means Id have no TV which would make me sad T_T
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My husbands parents were crazy. They had the most ridiculous rules. His Mom used to stand in the window and watch him play with his friends, like for hours. I call her Mrs. Bates. He was only allowed one friend over at a time. He had to destroy snowmen after he built them. He couldn't leave them up. I know that sounds silly but it was so mean to me. His Mom liked torturing him that way. Like they got him a slinky and then she wouldn't let him play with it on stairs. And again, that sounds absurd but imagine being a child and trying to understand that logic. Or lack thereof.

He wasn't allowed to spend his own earned money. They took it and kept it. Even when he kept it when he was older they told him what he could buy with it. His Mom would read everything of his, check the milage on his car. When I first met his Dad, the man told me: I know Steve lies about everything. The thing is, he was good. He didn't do drugs, drink, or smoke. He was respectful to me, opened doors for me and all that. Compared to me, he was a perfect saint.

I feel for you guys with strict parents. Steve's still affected by it and he just turned 40. We don't see his parents much. He likes it that way. Cause if he mentions any of it they deny everything and he feels like a crazy person.

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