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Olympia, elephants eh? That would be pretty fascinating. So you might end up being a veterinarian at a zoo or animal sanctuary? Not a domestic animal vet? That would be really neat to know someone who worked as a zoo vet.

Hahaha, yes, pets don't understand personal space, that's for sure.
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WELL that was my dream. But here's the stats..
Okay, go through all the vet school hoopla. 7 years, let's say $100,000 for education roughly. I can open a small animal practice and make $130,000 average.

Do all the above, go to some crazy zoo vet school in the states and pay MORE money for 3 extra years. Total debt, around $200,000. Then if I find a job, make average $55,000 a year.
It doesn't add up.
Maybe somewhere down the line I could find a loophole to do elephants though.
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i need to rehome the danios anyways, i'm down to three u.u and i don't want them to die...idk

i like fish and piercings and yarn
i <3 snails
55 gallon planted journal

ukuleles djembes and happiness
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Haha, Olympia. Who said dreams were affordable anyway? ;)
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So true, so true. Aw well, there's always the fish around.
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Originally Posted by Sakura8 View Post
Laki, hahaha! Oliver sounds like he had a busy night. :D

Olympia, Mocha sounds so goofy weird. So wait . . . if you don't like dogs and you don't like cats, why are you going to be a vet? Try being a large animal vet?

Bekah, oh, I bet they were fertilized. I think you are just lucky. Or unlucky, depending on how you wanna look at it.

Crabby, I've had Prime for maybe 4 years now and I love it. It's worth it, at least to me.

So my cat Peggy loves attention so much that she didn't mind the vet at all. Purred the entire time. Then I put her in her harness while we waited in the lobby and she sat on my lap. Sat on my lap while my dad was in Starbucks too. And best of all, no ringworm! Just acne.
My old cat, Myrtle the tortie, had this reoccurring allergic dermatitis. When she first got it, we had just gotten Kelly Belle, a cocker spaniel (which I recommend only getting from a reputable and knowledgeable breeder because a lot of the poorly bred ones have a tendency to lash out unexpectedly aka cocker rage). We tried a lot of different things to help prevent the allergic reactions Myrtle was getting. We changed her plastic bowls to stainless steel ones, gave her flea and tick treatments in case they were irritating her skin, vacuumed the house thoroughly to get rid of dust mites, we changed her food to a better quality one, and we even ran her through a course of Prednisone, a powerful steroidal drug, every time she had a brake out.

Nothing seemed to get rid of that dermatitis permanently, or seemed the likely source of her irritation. The only major change we made that her dermatitis seemed to start after was introducing the dog, who loved to terrorize the poor cat as she was a hunting dog with a very strong prey drive. I guess she could have been allergic to the dog, or the constant stress of being in the home with such a beast could have lowered her immune system to the point where she became sensitive to normally non irritating sources.

She eventually started to loose weight and become very very weak and frail. We took her to our vet, who diagnosed her with advanced kidney failure. Sadly, she was so weak and so far gone, that it was more humane just to end her suffering. To this day, I think that cocker of ours contributed to the disease by lowering her immune system through the constant stress, thus allowing disease to take hold more easily. It wasn't the cocker's fault, she merely acted on her prey drive instincts which came from years of perfecting her breed, a hunting breed.


“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
Mahatma Gandhi
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ack came home laid down and fell asleep. forgot about joeys form for take a student to work and no clue if it is fill out so have to pop in laters to see if it is or not. almost done the last book in the fifty shades series i really enjoyed it.

( ) ( )
@( > >)
“ “ ^^ ^^ “ “ “ – Mister Bunny the new voice of reason hee hee
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haha Glad Peggy enjoyed her visit to the vet!! And I'm glad it's only acne, mild enough to handle topically and holistically.

I got 93% on my NL folklore essay of which I wrote 2 pages only. My friend got 63% and the girl on the other side of me got 80%. The one thing in common between the papers? We all wrote the same topic, I was told I need more analysis (then how does that constitute a 93?!?) and both of them had left out the same article for analysis (and there is a 20% difference in their grades) I honestly think this prof needs a new job. This is so unfair. I mean, I'm ecstatic with a 93! But I don't feel I deserved it if the only critical remark on the paper is how I need to include more analysis.

Olympia, the world needs more non-dog/cat vets I think. Especially if you specialise in small animals/marine or specialise as a physio/holistic/ears-nose-throat type of thing. Like if you specialised in senior pet hydrotherapy or pet cancer rehabilitation or something you could be making them big bucks.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -N. Mandela
To my journal!
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Hi Yuuie!

Crabby, oh yes about the cockers. When I was young some neighbors had a pair of them and when they were together they would chase me on my tricycle. When it was just one, it was okay but when they got together they were little demons!

:( Poor Myrtle. I would not doubt that stress had something to do with Myrtle's illnesses. Same with fish, y'know? More stress, lower immune system, more disease.
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Well, I'm interested in herbal because it's extremely popular with exotics.
Exotic animal medicine is seriously lacking in progress so herbal stuff is popular.
I remember the vet I worked with said years ago the only way to do surgery on a reptile was by putting it in the freezer for a while then operating on it.
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