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Wink The Embarrassing Moments Thread

Well, it is what it sounds like

What's your most embarrassing moment????

When I was about five, my parents used to always take me to these Zen Buddhism talks. I found them really boring then, and I used to hate going. Well, one time, we went to this talk of a really, super famous teacher. It went on for hours and hours and it was driving me crazy! I wasn't paying attention to a word he was saying.
Well, while I was daydreaming in the corner, the guy was talking about how kids play. Apparently, he said something like "do you play like this?" to me, because I was the only kid in the room. Of course, I was almost asleep and totally didn't hear a word he said.
"Ooops, guess she isn't paying attention," the guy said, and the whole room laughed.
I was sooooo embarrassed, especially when everyone laughed as we walked out, obviously thinking of me as 'the girl who wasn't paying attention!'


What about you?

Rest in peace, Kenji. I will never forget you.
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Wellll. Without my glasses, I can't see ANYTHING. I was in my best friends pool without my glasses on (this was like LAST summer, I was 15 DOH) and her uncle comes down the steps to get into the backyard. I turn to my best friend and say "Is that your aunt?"
It was her uncle.
(This one I mentioned a while ago in another thread) It was the weekend before fathers day (and my moms birthday) and I thought it WAS the fathers day weekend. So I went to my dad and wished him a happy fathers day. He played along for OVER FIVE MINUTES, sayings things like "THANK YOU. You were the ONLY one who remembered, you are such a good daughter". I was so proud of myself for remembering too :P

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Tee hee! Those are good. I have a few, unfortunately. I'm that clumsy friend everyone has.

When Steve and I were first dating we were playing around in the street on the way to our cars. I was wearing high heeled boots and I tried to playfully high kick at him. He grabbed my foot and I lost my balance and fell on my butt in the middle of the road. He was mortified and I was so embarrassed. Another time he was kissing me and I burped right in his mouth. It's been 17 years and I have yet to live that down.

Finally, I was at a party at someone's house. I was upstairs, coming down, and someone had left a smoke detector on the post at the top of the stairs. Just at the point that I knocked it off the post and it started to bounce down the steps it got very quiet downstairs and everyone watched it come down, breaking along the way. My boyfriend at the time said (into the silence) "That had to be Janine." and everyone laughed. I was SO freaking embarrassed. I hardly knew the people. I paid for it though.

I could seriously go on and on and on.

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Well I was at an amusement park when I was around twelve and the roller coaster (fastest thing in Wisconsin) Freaked me out so badly I was shaking for hours and I couldn't remember barly anything after the roller coaster the next day but I apparently said some really stupid things. They still tease me.To.This.Day.

Another was on the 4th me and my BFF had sparklers and we were bored so we proceeded to act like nuts in the middle of a baseball diamond now I warn you: This thing has been dug in like five inches from the rest of the diamond so my sneaker gets caught and I go falling. Do I shriek? No...Do I grunt? No...Do I start laughing my rear off? Yes. Until I realize I'm covered in dust and had just fell infront of 100+ people and was acting like a total idiot. My parents teased me too and it felt pretty bad. My BFF was right beside me though and they apologized. It was embaressing though but I didn't let it ruin my night.

My most embaressing moment in public next to that? Happened at a Bakugan tournament my friend was filming us for his youtube channel and he goes to our name list and says: "LET'S FIND OUT WHO WROTE THEIR NAMES HERE! Now if only Dakota would move her hand." I told him when the film was running he was doomed if my dad saw it and killed me as I had put my name plus my initials for my second and last name. It was worrying me as my dad is so protective it drives me BONKERS sometimes. He thankfully didn't upload it but I haven't had the guts to face him since then. The guy was kind of an egomaniac. We've known each other since we were ten though so...Yeah we know how to laugh at each other but also know when to not post each others humilliating moments.

Probably my worst embaressing? Some idiot at the card shop left their coat on the floor and it was a nylon coat and I tripped on it I go falling forward and my crush of four years catches me and I felt myself flush and couldn't talk right for a few minutes stammering and stuttering. It was embaressing at the time because I had stopped crushing on him but he was so nice and always insisted on helping me out. He really is a sweet guy and I love him like a big brother now. Just it was embaressing since most of the group are guys and a majority have yes known me since I was a pre-teen.

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I was in a tiny bathroom in the back of a bus to NYC and we hit a pothole so hard that I came flying off of the little seat, crashed through the locked door headfirst, and landed halfway into the aisle of the bus.

Luckily the half of me that was unclothed remained in the bathroom part of the bus. I had a lump on my head for about a week and it hurt every time we laughed about it which was about 100 times a day.

And the hole that we hit was so massive that they had to replace the tire rim.

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I had an encounter with a Japanese toilet at the airport in Tokyo. lol It's like a basin in the floor and I didn't know how to use the darn thing. lol

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My first experience with a Bidet was when I was like 8 years old... my uncle told me it was a sink for children. I used it to brush my teeth.
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omg, that's horrible, lmao

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@ Shimizoki- Eww seriously?
I'm still trying to figure out which one to tell you guys.. I've had so many.. Sigh!
I'll start with this one I guess lol! When I was a kid, I had gone to my grandpa's farm and he had a few goats then. I had seen my grandmum milking one so when she had left, I decided to try myself aaaaand the goat started bleating blue murder
.. Turns out i was trying to milk a billy goat XD!

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Originally Posted by fightergirl2710 View Post
@ Shimizoki- Eww seriously?
I'm still trying to figure out which one to tell you guys.. I've had so many.. Sigh!
I'll start with this one I guess lol! When I was a kid, I had gone to my grandpa's farm and he had a few goats then. I had seen my grandmum milking one so when she had left, I decided to try myself aaaaand the goat started bleating blue murder
.. Turns out i was trying to milk a billy goat XD!
rofl! Many many embarrassing things...

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