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Pit Bull Awareness Month!

We all know that October is Breast Cancer awareness month (you should if you don't!) but it is also Pit Bull awareness month. No I did not just make that up... a few Pit Bull education organizations started a National Pit Bull Awareness Day back in 2007 and this year they've decided to take the whole month :)

As such I'm taking it upon myself to celebrate each day by updating this thread with a random fact or story about pit bulls along with lotsa pictures

Feel free to add anything.. just be aware that if you malign or spread false information about pit bulls or any related breed I will correct you so fast it will make your head spin.

Story of the Day...

Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant Stubby was a war dog during WW1. He is America's most decorated war dog. He is a pit bull mix...by looks of it most likely with Boston Terrier (another Bully breed). He saved countless lives and even caught himself a nasty German spy or two





*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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In Australia we had a knee-jerk reaction recently to a Pit Bull that attacked and killed a child. Now I regret any loss of life, but banning and creating a legislation to destroy any Pit Bull is stupidity.

Some say they are more prone to aggression, but I have seen Pit Bulls that will go at anything, and Pit Bulls that are scared of butterflies. Likewise I have seen my fair share of other dog species prone to violence. Like any creature, they are a product of their environment. If treated well, handled well, and taught correctly any dog species will mature towards tolerance of humans big or small. Some say they are more prone to ‘snapping’ suddenly into a violent rage and that ‘lockjaw’ exists within the breed preventing the pit bull itself from releasing after biting. This is a MYTH.

It amazes me how widespread the myths are accepted, but, funnily enough myths exist for almost anything people are willing to remain ignorant about. Betta Splendens case and point. What amazes me further is how willingly government bodies will react to pressure from public minorities who want breeds to be banned.

I don’t see humans being destroyed because of Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader (BTK) or Pedro Lopez.
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Good point, Bbanicks.
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The reason for knee jerk reaction with this breed-is due to the amount of damage they can cause.......true a lot of myths about this breed-but also a lot of facts are left out to suit supporters views....

1fish I am sure knows my feelings about this breed-and until you spend countless hours in the OR trying to reattach a torn limb or in the ER when a child is thrust into your arms with the internal organs ripped from a child from the pet pitbull....you will never understand.....
Once you become a physician or work in the medical field and you have to tell a parent that their child is dead or disfigured because the pet pitbull that- never even so much as growled and cowed from that butterfly.....you would understand why I have negative feelings as strongly about this breed as 1fish has positive feeling toward this breed and a bit disappointed this is even posted on a fish forum-but due to my strong belief in free speech-I am bound by my personal beliefs to let it stand so the issue can be heard....

In my extensive research and lobbying against this breed-I have found that supporters only publish the positive or blame rearing-make excuses-.......and I have found...it is the breed, however, it is also man that has bred this breed that is so unpredictable...in other words its not the dogs fault per se' but what man created...the breed can't help doing what it can do to human flesh and its our job to stop it-protect children and uninformed people to the dangers...this is a powerful animal........true that more people are bit by other breeds-but few die-few have limbs ripped from their body-few have life long disfigurements....and until you can look a person in the eyes and tell them its THEIR fault their child is dead-and in some cases it is-because they chose that breed as the family pet.....you won't change my mind......and Pitbull owners should be held criminally responsible and be required to hold at least 1 million dollars of liability insurance on each pitbull they own......
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I respect your opinion OFL, I'm not in anyway saying your view is incorrect or trying to persuade you. It's hard for me to understand what it would feel like because I have not been directly involved in a negative experience with the breed. I do have a friend who owns one, paid to be mislabelled as another breed to prevent it from being destroyed. This pup is very loving, and well cared for, and precautions taken. For its entire lifetime (getting very old now), it has never shown aggression.

But I find myself agreeing that the right direction is insurance in combination with licensing for the breed. Rather than people hiding the fact they own a pit bull, put the owner through training courses, proper methods of the dog escaping the yard and muzzle on walks like a greyhound. Pit bull licenses.

Any additional requirements and insurance in monetary value to maintain a pit bull would deter those who aren't willing to look after it properly. ie: fenced, trained, and so on. In Australia we have to go through gun training and safety courses to be able to own a paintball gun. This ensures that the ‘wrong kind’ of people don’t have the ability to take out someone’s eye with something I know Americans can purchase at Walmart.

Responsible prevention is a step in the right direction. If we created their personalities and 'killer instincts' we can breed and train it out of them too. I just can't condone putting down any animal because it's become too hard for us to be responsible for our actions. If we can license and train people to drive vehicles which kill more adults and children every year than a pit bull, surely we can move forward in a non-lethal and positive manner?
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I don't know if I want to get in the middle of this or not. lol Let's respect each others' opinions even if we don't agree. I don't want to see any arguements.
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where i am from (ontario, canada), it is illegal to own a pit bull... because of the stereotype that they are vicious... no dog is BORN vicious, they are MADE vicious! D:

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Rip Akemi.
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I believe anything can be changed.......pitbulls are stereotyped, but OFL has a point that even though people are bitten less by them, they still have the strength to rip an arm off if they get pissed. All animals are unpredictable by nature, even I little cihuhua( or however you spell that) is going to bite someone eventually, it's just part of their nature, if they feel threatened, they bite. I think illegal is going a little too far, if the area has horrible incidents with pitbulls I could maybe see a permit, but if it's just paranoia I call BS.

6 Betta Splendens
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I've seen vicious poodles. One of my neighbors had one and she was the most obnoxious dog I've ever known.
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Guys I think what OFL is saying, and I agree, that all dogs are capable of violence and aggression. However because of the interference and aggressive breeding selection undertaken by the lesser nice humans during the pit bulls lifespan, it is capable of far greater damage than a Chihuahua.

Pit Bulls are a favourite of dog fighters and they are taught to be aggressive, starved, beaten, practice fights and so on. This is passed down from maternal mother to pup, and winning dogs are prized like winning horses. The alpha pit bull is then desired for offspring mating, making more money for the owner, and in the buyers eyes their offspring will be just as good, if not better when mated with another female of close to equal aggression. Thus creating a x2 aggression pup. This on folds until we have the pit bull of today.

But, not all pit bull breeding lines share the dog fighting aggression. That is my point, and the entire breed should not be cast of the same brush and put down.

I don’t think there is any heated arguments here, constructive discussion absolutely. :) I’ve said my piece, I shall remain silent now.
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